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Trilha Praia do Gravatá image
Trilha Praia do Gravatá
Hiking area
Pretty hiking trail leading to a small sandy beach popular for otter-spotting & paragliding.
4.90 (5.8K reviews)
MATRYOSHKA Sabores do Leste Europeu image
MATRYOSHKA Sabores do Leste Europeu
👍👍 Tastes just like home 🇺🇦 Lucky to have such tasty Eastern European food in Florianópolis, Brazil! Highly recommend. Amazing borscht and vareniki for lunch. The chef even rubbed garlic on the bread served with the borscht which is just like my grandmother serves it. Small cafe with limited seating, a...
$$ $$
5.00 (733 reviews)
Caminho da Costa da Lagoa ao Canto dos Araçás image
Caminho da Costa da Lagoa ao Canto dos Araçás
Hiking area
👍👍 Excellent hiking, the trail is easy to follow. It's long but it's not difficult. You can stop to admire the view. At the end you can take the boat to return as well.
4.90 (2.9K reviews)
Trilha Lagoinha do Leste - Pântano do Sul image
Trilha Lagoinha do Leste - Pântano do Sul
Hiking area
This remote beach surrounded by green hills features a stretch of sand for swimming & sunbathing.
4.90 (2.2K reviews)
Trilha do Morro das Aranhas image
Trilha do Morro das Aranhas
Hiking area
👍👍 Relatively short hike for great views. Glad we hit this quick hike one afternoon in Floripa. A bit tough to access if you're not familiar with the area. Probably best to park at the nearest beach access and wall along the beach enter. Google drive directions take you to a private resort road access...
4.90 (1.9K reviews)
Pico Top Crown / Lookout image
Pico Top Crown / Lookout
Hiking area
👍👍 What a great hike. If you want to go to the flatiron rocks that jut out with the amazing view then take a right at the top of the hill. The beach is my favorite with such clear water. You can take a different way back by walking thru the opening near the back of the beach. It’s got a ton of steps bu...
4.90 (1.6K reviews)
Da Praça image
Da Praça
Coffee shop
👍👍 Nice atmosphere, attentive staff and good price. The food was very tasty and well served. I ordered the dish of the day, which was very tasty and delicious! Ah, their Syrian pie was divine! I noticed the little sign encouraging Google reviews and, as I always do because I think it's very important,...
4.90 (1.2K reviews)
Chic hotel featuring a restaurant & a gym, plus a rooftop pool & a poolside bar with ocean views.
4.90 (1K reviews)
Morro Lampião image
Morro Lampião
Nature preserve
👍👍 The trail is short, about 20 minutes, but it can be a bit tiring, cause the climb is steep. The main view point is hidden, after reaching the top is necessary to enter a narrow path with a lot of bush, when you see a falling log blocking the way, take a small climb to the left and you will reach the...
4.90 (1K reviews)
Praia de Naufragados image
Praia de Naufragados
Sweeping white sandy beach known for its historic shipwrecks & 19th century lighthouse.
4.90 (909 reviews)
Ponte Hercílio Luz image
Ponte Hercílio Luz
Traffic bridge opened in 1982 to link the island of Santa Catarina to the mainland.
4.80 (20.1K reviews)
Praia Barra da Lagoa image
Praia Barra da Lagoa
Public beach
👍👍 Beautiful beautiful beautiful beach. Superb views when you are in the blue bridge looking down. A cute giant turtle 🐢 statue that is actually life size they can be 4x the size of a human being. Lots of rocks and activities happening in ybjd town, come here to watch dor an hour and walk or relax fo...
4.80 (11.6K reviews)
Trilha Praia do Matadeiro - Lagoinha do Leste image
Trilha Praia do Matadeiro - Lagoinha do Leste
Hiking area
👍👍 The highlight of our stay in Florianópolis. Great 2h 2h30 trail to the secluded Beach. Médium to hard level for regular people. Offers gorgeous landscapes toward the beach and the coast. It brings you up and down from a beach to a forest to a mountain.
4.90 (826 reviews)
Northern Lagoinha Beach image
Northern Lagoinha Beach
Public beach
Low-key beachside inn offering 12 rooms, an outdoor pool & breakfast, plus free Wi-Fi & parking.
4.80 (8.5K reviews)
Santinho Beach image
Santinho Beach
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Beautiful beach, clean, big and with lots of sand. Very interesting historic place with two paths to do among the hills, great waves for surfing... One of my favourite places on the island.
4.80 (8.4K reviews)
Small beach of Barra image
Small beach of Barra
Public beach
👍👍 Access to Prainha da Barra is next to Barra da Lagoa Beach. As its name says, it is very small, it should have about a 50 meters long. There is no structure of bars and restaurants on this beach, as it is really small. To get to her need to go walking across the pedestrian crossing bridge has in Ba...
4.80 (8.3K reviews)
Armação Beach image
Armação Beach
Public beach
Scenic fishing village beach with clear, cool waters offering island boat trips.
4.80 (7.4K reviews)
Praia dos Açores image
Praia dos Açores
Public beach
👍👍 Not too busy, somewhat remote in regards to proximity to Florianópolis (Floripa). Super strong under tow in places, best to swim when the tide is coming in. Small to medium sized waves. Large waves are rare in good weather.
4.80 (6.3K reviews)
Ademir Rosa Theater image
Ademir Rosa Theater
Performing arts theater
👍👍 Ok
4.80 (3.8K reviews)
Mirante Morro das Pedras image
Mirante Morro das Pedras
Vista point
👍👍 Awesome view, yummy "pastéis" and delicious sugar cane juice. Nice spot for pictures, only parking can be an issue at times. Just be a little patient and it will be very enjoyable! Will come back!!!
4.80 (3.4K reviews)
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