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Hilton Kinshasa image
Hilton Kinshasa
😐 Very nice welcome at the reception. Especially Mr Zakaria and Mrs Imane they been very professional and available. Room of course very nice and new. Unfortunatly the breakfast is not at the same level, you can see dishes on the buffet turn around days/days, somethink is not fresh and the quality is...
4.60 (118 reviews)
Firengui Resto-bar image
Firengui Resto-bar
👍👍 Great ambiance and excellent food. Had Thai Green curry with buttered rice. As good as any where else in the world. Others in the party had Indian curries and all enjoyed. Service couldn’t be faulted either. About $40 per head with drinks. Guess normal for Kinshasa
4.40 (145 reviews)
City Market image
City Market
🫤 They have a lot of products but kind on the expensive side and with poor customer service. The employees needs to be trained on how to be respectful to customers.
4.20 (180 reviews)
Hotel Memling image
Hotel Memling
👍 In the heart of the city , very well appointed rooms , clean , spacious with good and wide windows . Every where was clean and tidy . Good linen . The front desk staff , only one person was well behaved and smiled all throughout , the other person was just grumpy and unwelcoming . The same thing a...
4.00 (410 reviews)
Wabi Sabi image
Wabi Sabi
Pan-Asian restaurant
👍👍 Loved it! Would definitely recommend 👌🏽
4.40 (83 reviews)
Leon Hotel image
Leon Hotel
👍 Need little bit more maintenance & renovation as seems due for long. Services and breakfast if one of the best!
4.00 (324 reviews)
Ville Nice Cream image
Ville Nice Cream
Ice cream shop
👍 Very nice
4.40 (74 reviews)
Al Dar image
Al Dar
Lebanese restaurant
👍👍 Hot chocolate is good and enough for two people if needed. They need to sell the fried pita chips as a side order sooo good. The beef shawarma is good too and they deliver. They serve the biggest burger I've ever seen in my life.
3.90 (188 reviews)
Grocery store
👍 Nice supermarket. Very good collection of products. Get almost all the things you need. Grocery, household, kitchen utensils, soft drinks, beer, wine whisky, rum, and many drinks plus packed food too. Next to GG mart, UAC is there, where you will get all computers and IT products, Electronics, hom...
4.50 (42 reviews)
Cafe Roots image
Cafe Roots
👍👍 Very calm environment. Good connection with nature, that can pull you completely out of the urban concrete jungle. Good company of fish and many species of birds. Menu full of light and cool options that helps cool down from the 35*C of the city !
4.20 (66 reviews)
GG Mart image
GG Mart
Grocery store
👍👍 Hi I have been there many times. Super store. Almost everything is available here. You can find good quality there.
3.90 (145 reviews)
Eric Kayser Ville image
Eric Kayser Ville
👍 A modern cafe in one of the busiest parts of town. They have a decent menu. Seating is a bit cramped. The fresh bakery section is mouthwatering. Service can be a bit iffy, even when it's not rush hours. The tasteful & clean interiors make up for it though.
3.90 (127 reviews)
Kinmart Super Marché image
Kinmart Super Marché
👍👍 The market is the best for DRC, it is the number one for DRC what I Don't see en RDC
4.00 (81 reviews)
Kiros image
Lebanese restaurant
👍 This place is popular for it's Lebanese cuisine, but also serves Congolese options. They are popular for their shawarmas. They are small, yet they are juicy and delicious. They have a rather large menu, with multiple options. The service is lackluster, and despite having many waitresses, it's hard...
4.00 (73 reviews)
Arome image
👍 "African dishes revisited in Europe" as they say. We feel it well. The starter, the main course, everything is well presented. Unfortunately, the fufu and chikwange side dishes are missing from the menu. If not it was perfect.
4.10 (56 reviews)
CONGO Trade Centre (CTC) image
CONGO Trade Centre (CTC)
Shopping mall
👍👍 Good work
4.20 (44 reviews)
Coco Jambo Lounge & Lounge image
Coco Jambo Lounge & Lounge
Bowling club
👍👍 I had a great time here. The DJ was very good and played Nigerian music at some point. There was also songs for basically all nationals at the club. Security too looks good. Then they have cabs that help take people home incase you are not driving which is a good one (Avoid driving after drinking)
4.10 (51 reviews)
Patisserie Nouvelle image
Patisserie Nouvelle
👍 One of the best places to hang out for breakfast in Kinshasa
4.10 (49 reviews)
Fatburger RDC image
Fatburger RDC
Hamburger restaurant
👍👍 Fatburger did a marvelous job recreating an American fast food experience. The customer service was on point, the burger and fries were excellent, and the atmosphere was great.
4.20 (41 reviews)
Newlys Supermarche image
Newlys Supermarche
Shopping mall
👍 Nice supermarket. Good products and price is ok.
4.30 (35 reviews)
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