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قرية الشيخ محمد الجديدة image
قرية الشيخ محمد الجديدة
Meat dish restaurant
👍 This was our first time in el sheikh Mohammed New restaurant in the middle of Cairo-Alexandria agricultural road near Al Tawfikia village that is famous for selling meat. As we were a big group we tried many kinds of dishes mostly meat dishes. It was fantastic really it took us many years back to ou...
$$ $$
4.20 (3.3K reviews) (~8.28 km from centre)
مطعم احمد القروي image
مطعم احمد القروي
Barbecue restaurant
👍 An excellent restaurant with reasonable prices and good service on the Cairo-Alexandria Agricultural Road in Kom Hamada, Al-Tawfiqia, next to the Total station before the entrance to the free road towards Cairo. It offers all types of food, including cooked and grilled chicken and meat.
$$ $$
4.30 (202 reviews) (~8.39 km from centre)
قرية مارسيليا ( قاعة مارسيليا بكوم حمادة ) image
قرية مارسيليا ( قاعة مارسيليا بكوم حمادة )
Banquet hall
4.30 (137 reviews) (~1.32 km from centre)
باڤلوڤا ( pavlova ) image
باڤلوڤا ( pavlova )
Coffee shop
👍 Nice place and have many delicious plates but need wide place
$$ $$
4.20 (164 reviews) (~0.32 km from centre)
قناطر بولين.....فم النوباريه image
قناطر بولين.....فم النوباريه
Tourist attraction
👍👍 I had the pleasure of seeing the area not a short time ago, and I was not able to evaluate it. I was amazed by the splendor of the atmosphere and the gentle breezes flowing from the rushing waters of the barrages, and the area has services suitable for the people of the area.
4.10 (220 reviews) (~6.99 km from centre)
كازيون ماركت image
كازيون ماركت
Grocery store
In-store shopping · In-store pick-up · Delivery
4.20 (128 reviews) (~0.36 km from centre)
كافيه ع المريخ image
كافيه ع المريخ
👍👍 مكان جامد جدا تعاملهم كويس جدا اسعار كويسه
4.80 (45 reviews) (~0.34 km from centre)
واحة الرامى image
واحة الرامى
😐 المكان كديكور حلو جدا و خدمة جميل لكن في بعض المشاكل اللي ممكن تأثر جامد على سمعته إن الكراسي في منها كتير مبيبقاش سليم و كذلك الدي جي فظيع بجد انا بقدر مثلا في الافراح الصوت العالي و كل حاجه لكن دا عالي فوق قدرة الإنسان على التحمل حقيقي عن تجربة
4.10 (169 reviews) (~1.26 km from centre)
Fantazya Cafe image
Fantazya Cafe
😐 الخدمة مستواها متوسط.. الطلبات بتتأخر... وساعات يتجاهل طلبك خاصة لو كان حاجة معلهاش فلوس زي المية مثلا طلبناها ٣مرات في ساعة ومجتش
4.10 (155 reviews) (~1.32 km from centre)
كافيه حدوته image
كافيه حدوته
👍👍 شكرا لكم
4.40 (73 reviews) (~1.03 km from centre)
Time out cafe & resturant image
Time out cafe & resturant
👍👍 Nice & calm place Hope to be keep that
4.50 (59 reviews) (~0.74 km from centre)
كافيتيريا الشيخ محمد القديمة image
كافيتيريا الشيخ محمد القديمة
Meat dish restaurant
👍👍 The place is clean, excellent service, upscale treatment, competitive prices for food or drinks, clean restrooms, and a good meeting. My regards to all those in charge of the place.
$$ $$
4.00 (206 reviews) (~7.86 km from centre)
Rozetta coffee store روزيتا كافيه image
Rozetta coffee store روزيتا كافيه
👍👍 My lovely place 🌺❤️
4.30 (80 reviews) (~0.18 km from centre)
سيتي بارك City Park image
سيتي بارك City Park
Resort hotel
👍👍 Wonderful day 🥰 marvelous stuff 💝
4.00 (190 reviews) (~1.28 km from centre)
Disney Land image
Disney Land
$$ $$
3.90 (345 reviews) (~1.43 km from centre)
اللواء محمد صبحي مهنا image
اللواء محمد صبحي مهنا
4.70 (42 reviews) (~6.23 km from centre)
Porto Milano Café image
Porto Milano Café
😠 They play music so load
$$ $$
3.90 (282 reviews) (~0.6 km from centre)
Star Café image
Star Café
😠 كافيه يوجد به خدمه متوفره واسلووب جميل
$$ $$
4.10 (106 reviews) (~0.34 km from centre)
Restaurant Filfila image
Restaurant Filfila
😐 مكان مميز وهادئ .. يحتاج المزيد من التطوير
$ $$$
3.90 (232 reviews) (~7.04 km from centre)
سلسله مطاعم القشيط image
سلسله مطاعم القشيط
Meat dish restaurant
😠 I ordered food from them on Eid for about 310. I swear to God, if it was free, I would not eat it again. Sandwiches and kofta feel like they are cooked and heated 10 times, with no taste or smell I swear to God I will never try this experience again
$$ $$
4.00 (131 reviews) (~0.68 km from centre)
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