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ኣስመራ ካቴድራል | Cathedral Our Lady of the Rosary image
ኣስመራ ካቴድራል | Cathedral Our Lady of the Rosary
Catholic cathedral
👍👍 This is probably the number one landmark of Asmara, Eritrea. Built by the Italian catholic followers during the Italian colonial system, the church still stands new in front of visitors. Situated in the center of the city, it visible almost from all corners of the city. And everybody knows it. Its...
4.80 (129 reviews)
Ghibabo Restaurant And Pizzeria image
Ghibabo Restaurant And Pizzeria
👍👍 I wasn't expected so amazing. Its so outstanding restaurant. Very freindly workers. Specially the Owner of the restaurant Mr Berhane. You can't imagine owner so friendly.
4.80 (68 reviews)
Khulafa al-Rashidun Mosque - ጃምዕ ኹለፋእ ኣልራሺዲን image
Khulafa al-Rashidun Mosque - ጃምዕ ኹለፋእ ኣልራሺዲን
👍👍 God willing, one of the largest mosques in Eritrea
4.80 (65 reviews)
Asmara Sweet Cafe image
Asmara Sweet Cafe
👍👍 One of the best cafe in Asmara. I recently visited Eritrea and I had a chance to go to the sweet Asmara cafe. It was amazing experience I had. Very lively. I had the best Macchiato and cakes. It was truly amazing macchiato.
4.60 (45 reviews)
ሲነማ ኢምፔሮ | Cinema Impero image
ሲነማ ኢምፔሮ | Cinema Impero
Movie theater
👍👍 A very wel known and hostoric cinema in Asmara, built by the Italians.
4.40 (51 reviews)
Albergo Italia image
Albergo Italia
🫤 Heritage Hotel with Spartan comfort While this property is a heritage building and comes with an air of history and lot of character, dont expect a lot of creature comforts at this place. The AC barely works, rooms are a bit tired and service is old school. But it is a great value for money given i...
4.40 (45 reviews)
Dolce Vita image
Dolce Vita
Coffee shop
👍👍 Dolce Vita, with its covered terrace is a great place to have a meeting. The inside area is a little noisy (echoes from the barista area) but the pastries are second to none. The best part of sitting on the terrace is you can see the freshly baked pastries making there way to the front of the cafe....
4.40 (39 reviews)
ክሪስታል ሆቴል | Crystal Hotel image
ክሪስታል ሆቴል | Crystal Hotel
Relaxed rooms in a straightforward hotel featuring a restaurant & a bar, plus free Wi-Fi.
4.00 (68 reviews)
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