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Experience the best that Madurai has to offer with our curated list of top-rated places. Sorted by average review scores from venues boasting over 30 reviews, these establishments promise exceptional quality and experiences to elevate your visit in the city. This list contains 37 places from Tourist attraction category.

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Arulmigu Sri Muktheeswarar Temple vaayu sthalam image
Arulmigu Sri Muktheeswarar Temple vaayu sthalam
Hindu temple
👍👍 Sri Muktheeswarar Temple, also known as Thirukkollikadu Temple, is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva located in the town of Thirukkollikadu in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is considered one of the Vaayu Stalams, which are a group of eight temples associated with the celestial wind god Vay...
4.80 (838 reviews)
Meenakshi Amman Temple image
Meenakshi Amman Temple
Hindu temple
Ancient, walled, Hindu place of worship with sacred water tank and colourful, sculpted gate towers.
4.70 (65.8K reviews)
Shri Arulmigu Subramaniya Swami Temple, image
Shri Arulmigu Subramaniya Swami Temple,
Hindu temple
6th-century Hindu temple featuring rock-cut icons, plus a colorful entry gate & fish pool.
4.70 (19.5K reviews)
Shri Koodal Azhagar Temple image
Shri Koodal Azhagar Temple
Hindu temple
Sacred temple dedicated to the Hindu god Vishnu, featuring a tower covered with colorful idols.
4.70 (9.8K reviews)
Arulmigu Inmaiyil Nanmai Tharuvar Temple image
Arulmigu Inmaiyil Nanmai Tharuvar Temple
Hindu temple
Long-standing Hindu temple featuring carved-stone pillars & multiple statues of deities.
4.70 (4.8K reviews)
Thirumohoor Shri Kalameghaperumal Temple image
Thirumohoor Shri Kalameghaperumal Temple
Hindu temple
Dravidian temple dedicated to Vishnu & dating back thousands of years, with an ornate entry gate.
4.70 (3K reviews)
Sri Alagar Temple image
Sri Alagar Temple
Hindu temple
👍👍 Alagar Kovil temple is an ancient temple just a few kilometres from Madurai. There are historical scriptures that have put this area under religious context for centuries. Scriptures provide information about a refuge for monks following Jainism and about a holy cow collapsing right where the temple...
4.70 (893 reviews)
Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple ,East Tower image
Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple ,East Tower
Hindu temple
👍👍 Madurai Meenakshi temple can be accessed through East Gate, car parking is only near the north gate. Temple is awesome, you need more than 1 to 2 hours to see the temple. Near each gate there is a cloack room to keep your bags, footwear and mobiles.
4.70 (272 reviews)
Sri Ramana Mandiram image
Sri Ramana Mandiram
Hindu temple
👍👍 SRI RAMANA MANDIRAM is located at Chokkappanaicken Street, Madurai. One can reach this place from South Chithirai Street from Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple. This is the place where Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi got his Death experience at the age of 16 in 1896. This resulted in a state that he late...
4.70 (184 reviews)
Thiruparankundram Kasi Viswanathar Temple image
Thiruparankundram Kasi Viswanathar Temple
Hindu temple
👍👍 Kasi Viswanathar Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is located at Thiruparankundram at outskirts of Madurai in Tamil Nadu, India. The temple is situated at 1050 feet height above the sea level on the top of a steep hill. Presiding Diety is called as Kasi Viswanathar and Mother is called as Visalakshi. I...
4.70 (148 reviews)
Arulmigu Sri Pandi Muneeswaran Temple image
Arulmigu Sri Pandi Muneeswaran Temple
Hindu temple
Small village temple with Hindu statuary & meals, plus devotees making offerings of food & hair.
4.60 (8.2K reviews)
Maariamman Kovil Teppakulam image
Maariamman Kovil Teppakulam
Hindu temple
👍👍 This place is an evening visit relaxing area with exuberant view of clouds during sunset and the beauty of centre situated temple inside the pond. There are many snacks and evening bites shops available around this area which makes perfect pair for the evenings.
4.60 (5.9K reviews)
Arulmigu Park Sri Murugan Temple image
Arulmigu Park Sri Murugan Temple
Hindu temple
👍👍 This Park Murugan temple located at the heart of the city. It always gives positive vibration and best place to visit along with Rajaji Park. Past 25 years enjoying lord Murugan blessings 🙌
4.60 (881 reviews)
Kazimar Big Mosque image
Kazimar Big Mosque
Vast historic blue-&-white mosque, founded in the 1200s by a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad.
4.60 (332 reviews)
திருப்பரங்குன்றம் மலைக்கு போகும் பாதை image
திருப்பரங்குன்றம் மலைக்கு போகும் பாதை
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Devotional place...Thirupparankundram Murugan is considered the first home of the six abodes....Al
4.60 (242 reviews)
Shri Madurai Veeran Swamy Temple image
Shri Madurai Veeran Swamy Temple
Hindu temple
👍👍 Maduraiveeran is one of the family diety. The most important and happy note is that maduraiveeran is a safeguarding God for Goddess Madurai Meenakshi. This temple is located in the east entrance. When we come from Madurai railway station we shall walk for a kilometer to reach west entrance. It us ju...
4.60 (79 reviews)
Māriamman Theppakulam, Vandiyūr image
Māriamman Theppakulam, Vandiyūr
Tourist attraction
😐 I visited that temple and took a boat tour around that small island. Cost for boat ride 40 rupees for a single person. Plenty of bus available in front of the temple cost 10 rupees ( from temple to periyar bus station). Island temples are very few in south India so it's a good try to visit this temp...
4.60 (67 reviews)
Karuppasamy Temple image
Karuppasamy Temple
Hindu temple
4.60 (57 reviews)
Meenakshi Sundareshwarar Temple image
Meenakshi Sundareshwarar Temple
Hindu temple
👍👍 Temple one of the important place in Madurai Note : mobile,bags are not allowed inside the temple
4.60 (52 reviews)
Puthu Mandapam image
Puthu Mandapam
Heritage preservation
👍👍 December 2023: Utterly beautiful 😍❤️
4.50 (1.9K reviews)
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