Pachi Pizza and Pasta image
Pachi Pizza and Pasta
Italian restaurant
👍 I loved this place! The flavors were so good, a bit pricey but worth the try. Good for a “quiet heart warming meal” type of day. I personally fell in love with Gnocchi pasta 😍 so good! The pizza was a bit disappointing especially with the presentation of it.
4.80 (2.5K reviews)
Imam Kazem & Imam Jawad Shrine image
Imam Kazem & Imam Jawad Shrine
👍👍 The shrine of Imam Musa bin Jaafar and Imam Muhammad Al-Jawad (peace be upon them both) is acceptable and supplication is acceptable in it and it is desirable to pray and supplicate in it, and there are many visitors and visits, especially on Saturdays, Wednesdays and Fridays, And we ask you to pra...
4.70 (6.9K reviews)
Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Jilani image
Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Jilani
👍👍 A very beautiful mosque and religious complex, the mosque has the tomb of the Sufi Mystic Abdul Qadir Gilani, the founder Qadiriyya order of Sufism, which is regarded as one of the most notable figures of Sufism and Islam, the complex is very well-maintained and open to the public, i do recommend vi...
4.60 (1.6K reviews)
HuQQabaz Baghdad image
HuQQabaz Baghdad
👍👍 Very nice setting, friendly staff, delicious food, variety options and smoking is allowed indoors.
4.70 (409 reviews)
Tahrir Monument image
Tahrir Monument
Historical landmark
👍👍 A lifetime's journey and a heroic souvenir
4.60 (857 reviews)
Ray's Fried Chicken Iraq image
Ray's Fried Chicken Iraq
Chicken restaurant
👍 The food looks way better than it tests 😏 Ovar all the food was good 👍
4.80 (223 reviews)
Save Iraqi Culture Monument image
Save Iraqi Culture Monument
👍👍 It's creative, I liked it so much and it was really inspiring for me after 4 days trip in Iraq country and I felt my country needs something like that in people mind. Actually I thought there is no no need to visit ancient places necessarily to take your answers at the time in a trip, you must be ju...
4.50 (1.1K reviews)
Iraqi National Museum image
Iraqi National Museum
Archaeological museum
👍👍 If you haven't seen these civilizations yet, you should! The artifacts are wonderful and you can really feel the value and intelligence of the ancient man! I hope the officials will work to organize the place more and pay attention to the decorations, also working to restore the remaining pieces tha...
4.50 (1K reviews)
Qishla building image
Qishla building
History museum
👍 if you come to Baghdad you should come to this place.
4.50 (937 reviews)
افران ومعجنات الطاحونة image
افران ومعجنات الطاحونة
👍👍 Delicious pastry and nice cake for birthday occasion
$$ $$
4.50 (882 reviews)
Kids Dream City image
Kids Dream City
Children's amusement center
👍 The interior design of the place is excellent. The experiment is exciting and worthy for the kids to try. The place is clean. The prices aren’t cheap nor expensive, however the toys are overpriced.
4.60 (368 reviews)
Al Sayed Eddress Shrine image
Al Sayed Eddress Shrine
👍👍 The Holy shrine of "Idrees" peace be up on him.In Al-Karrada in Baghdad. Families usually come here and bring the Iraqi popular dish "dolema" to distribute it on the other families. Here we pray, listen and read the holy Quraan, ask God to help and protect us and our beloved ones. There were a very...
4.50 (673 reviews)
Liberation Square, Baghdad image
Liberation Square, Baghdad
👍👍 Worldwide known as tahrir square , a larg square of Baghdad , gathering point for mostly protesters.
4.50 (646 reviews)
الامام الكاظم باب المراد image
الامام الكاظم باب المراد
Tourist attraction
👍👍 A quiet place that provides psychological comfort
4.80 (170 reviews)
Babylon Rotana image
Babylon Rotana
😐 Still, I'm staying in the hotel now. It's renovated but still quite old fashioned and all the facilities in rooms are old, cleaning is not high quality. Tap water in the room is not good quality, and I have to use 2 personal water purifiers to take a shower. Location and security are good. Especiall...
4.40 (6.8K reviews)
United States Embassy Baghdad image
United States Embassy Baghdad
👍👍 I've never been to the embassy, however, my parents been for their Immigrant Visa. My parents have nothing to say but giving positive feedback. The person who interviewed them was very passionate and patient, he helped them sort through their documents and collected the required ones. They were trea...
4.70 (218 reviews)
المتنبي مستنصر image
المتنبي مستنصر
Historical landmark
👍👍 I love it cause it have been there for so long and this is my first time visiting it with my two uncles and there wifes and me and my mom
4.50 (555 reviews)
Unknown Soldier Monument image
Unknown Soldier Monument
Memorial park
👍👍 This is beautiful. The air of sadness is amazing, and the view and sunset is exquisite. Would recommend that you go further, but don’t be surprised if you aren’t allowed. The security is quite high, and you can’t blame them.
4.50 (524 reviews)
Kibbeh Al-Baghdadi Restaurant image
Kibbeh Al-Baghdadi Restaurant
Arab restaurant
👍👍 The most delicious and famous Koba restaurant in baghdad , fulfilled with meat amazing soup , pickel, yogurt, Iraqi tea ... wow amazing
$ $$$
4.40 (2.1K reviews)
University of Baghdad image
University of Baghdad
Public university
👍👍 13 years after graduation and it still the same, warm and welcoming environment.. Gropius you did well 👏
4.40 (1.9K reviews)
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