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Experience the best that Ivory Coast has to offer with our curated list of top-rated places. Sorted by average review scores from venues boasting over 30 reviews, these establishments promise exceptional quality and experiences to elevate your visit in the city. This list contains 37 places from Tourist attraction category.

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The Basilica of Our Lady of Peace of Yamoussoukro image
The Basilica of Our Lady of Peace of Yamoussoukro
Completed in 1990, this large, ornate Catholic basilica can house 18,000 worshipers.
4.60 (2.6K reviews)
Sanctuaire Marial image
Sanctuaire Marial
👍👍 Beautiful, super, calm, clean .... Prayer, meditation. Ideal to pray alone with family or friends (prayer groups etc ...)
4.60 (181 reviews)
St. Paul's Cathedral image
St. Paul's Cathedral
This contemporary, landmark cathedral features unique architecture, regular mass services & events.
4.40 (3.7K reviews)
Plateau Mosque image
Plateau Mosque
👍👍 Huge, beautiful structure. Reminds me of the holy mosques in Makkah and Madinah. People are very friendly. Was surprised the imam had a secrion of the khutbah to speak english. This is a wonderful experience.
4.40 (2K reviews)
Galerie Cécile Fakhoury image
Galerie Cécile Fakhoury
Art gallery
👍 Quaint and interesting. If you're in II Plateaux area and are looking for something enjoyable and quick to do, then head to the Galerie Cecile Fakhoury to indulge in some local art. You'll rarely find the same artist's work displayed twice. They're always changing the artwork on display, which is ex...
4.40 (261 reviews)
Splash Park Yopougon image
Splash Park Yopougon
Tourist attraction
👍 Great space😘😘 but there are too many swimming pools and on top of that there are too many children and if someone gets lost it will be hard to find their parents 🤔🤔🤔 the ​​child will cry 🥺🥺🥺🤧🤧🤧 😭😭😭🥳
4.40 (36 reviews)
Domaine BINI image
Domaine BINI
Ecological park
👍👍 One of my favourite things from my time in Abidjan. It takes around 1hr to drive here from the city centre. If you’re a tourist I would recommend hiring a driver for the day instead of a taxi. We booked and paid online. The day went from roughly 10:30am until almost 4pm. This included a forest walk...
4.30 (307 reviews)
Espace femua image
Espace femua
Tourist attraction
4.30 (43 reviews)
Taï National Park image
Taï National Park
National park with West Africa's largest rainforest & various primates, such as western chimpanzees.
4.20 (275 reviews)
Chutes de la Nawa image
Chutes de la Nawa
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Rien à dire. Il faut le vivre trop beau
4.20 (33 reviews)
Botanical Garden image
Botanical Garden
Botanical garden
🫤 Quite a pretentious name for what it really is. I would really really really call it PARC DE BINGERVILLE. Good for gatherings, family reunion and meetings. You have a wedding? Want to walk with your dog? That's the place. Don't expect seeing lots of flowers or trees like in through botanical garden...
4.10 (1.9K reviews)
Man's Waterfalls image
Man's Waterfalls
Tourist attraction
👍 One of the most beautiful places in Man. It's a must-see! Go early if you want to fully enjoy because it gets crowded fast
4.10 (619 reviews)
Grande Mosquée de Yamoussoukro image
Grande Mosquée de Yamoussoukro
👍👍 Nice Mosque,located in Downtown Yamous.
4.10 (429 reviews)
International Club & Paintball Park image
International Club & Paintball Park
👍👍 Endroit agréable pour passer du temps en famille ou entre amis. On s'est bien amusé en jouant au paintball.
4.10 (175 reviews)
Mosquée de Bouaké image
Mosquée de Bouaké
😠 Cette adresse n'est pas celle de la "MOSQUÉE DE BOUAKE" ( sous entendu la grande mosquée) mais celle de la "PETITE MOSQUÉE DE DJAMOUROU". Merci de corriger.
4.10 (73 reviews)
Autoroute du nord image
Autoroute du nord
Tourist attraction
😐 Bel ouvrage Retraçant la vie du pays, un tronçon vieux et un autre moderne.. Signalisation correctement mise Centre des secours installés 2 péages qui alourdissent les trajets
4.10 (34 reviews)
Parc National du Banco image
Parc National du Banco
Tranquil old-growth forest in the heart of Abidjan featuring a variety of plants & animals.
4.00 (5.5K reviews)
National Museum of Costume image
National Museum of Costume
Art museum
👍👍 International Independent Artist promotion agency
4.00 (568 reviews)
Bouake Central Mosque مسجد image
Bouake Central Mosque مسجد
👍 Great places of prayer and not far from the market
4.00 (299 reviews)
Comoé National Park image
Comoé National Park
National park
National park & world heritage site known for its expansive, diverse landscape & native wildlife.
4.00 (265 reviews)
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