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Hypershoe Lotus Bukit Beruntung image
Hypershoe Lotus Bukit Beruntung
Shoe store
5.00 (1K reviews) (~9.3 km from centre)
Machines AEON Rawang Anggun Apple Reseller Store image
Machines AEON Rawang Anggun Apple Reseller Store
Electronics company
👍👍 Nazmie: Very nice and caring sales person..very good service👍👍
5.00 (913 reviews) (~4.4 km from centre)
Grand Senheng Rawang image
Grand Senheng Rawang
Electrical supply store
😠 inform lah in Google Business. I come very far to make payment and order for the confirmed item. Not very professional Store
4.90 (701 reviews) (~0.44 km from centre)
Templer Park Rainforest Retreat image
Templer Park Rainforest Retreat
Modern quarters in a tranquil hotel offering views of the rainforest, plus an outdoor infinity pool.
4.80 (1.3K reviews) (~7.2 km from centre)
Shoe store
5.00 (323 reviews) (~1.95 km from centre)
Taekwondo Rawang Hypermax Academy image
Taekwondo Rawang Hypermax Academy
Taekwondo school
👍👍 Grading day Hypermax on 23rd July 2023. Terbaik Hypermax
4.90 (275 reviews) (~4.35 km from centre)
Masjid Perodua Rawang image
Masjid Perodua Rawang
👍👍 The name Masjid Perodua it just gives us the impression that it is inspired by people from the automotive industry. It is. Practical with the location of the wushu area wide area around the main solat hall, water dispensers for thirsty musafirs. I can’t help it but there’s a lot of signage in areas...
4.80 (314 reviews) (~5.91 km from centre)
Vivo Pizza AEON Mall Rawang image
Vivo Pizza AEON Mall Rawang
Pizza restaurant
👍👍 Great meal with lovely services. Waiter Dayana was very helpful with serving me and my family. Food portion was good as well.
$$ $$
4.70 (469 reviews) (~4.4 km from centre)
COURTS Rawang image
Appliance store
👍👍 Excellent customer service. I was thoroughly assisted by Ms Mullai. She even gave feedback on which brand is best for small houses and its efficiency . I bought a fridge and washing machine. My request for delivery on my preference date was also done by Ms Mullai. When buying appliances in Courts Ra...
4.70 (445 reviews) (~2.98 km from centre)
壹间steamboat在rawang image
Steamboat restaurant
👍👍 food was great with many fresh and frozen choices to choose from, ala carte style which might be very pricey for some but worth it in my opinion. place is spacious and hygienic. staffs were very helpful. pork bone broth and tomyum was good. many sauces and condiments to choose from as well. worth...
4.80 (225 reviews) (~4.28 km from centre)
Masjid Nurul Yaqin image
Masjid Nurul Yaqin
👍👍 Cozy mosque with easy acccessible. Not so crowded and very comfortable for friday prayer.
4.60 (516 reviews) (~9.31 km from centre)
Kantin Jepun, Sumomo image
Kantin Jepun, Sumomo
Japanese restaurant
👍👍 Food overall nice,limited seats but you can choose to takeaway too
4.80 (209 reviews) (~2.49 km from centre)
Richiamo Coffee - Bukit Beruntung image
Richiamo Coffee - Bukit Beruntung
👍👍 Loved the ambient vibe. Suitable for date. Alas...skipping the lengthy details.. 1. Coffee-price:taste ratio, excellent. 2. Salted Egg yolk croissant: superb!!!!!!!try it out. Cant find it elsewhere in similar-themed restaurant. Enjoy!
$$ $$
4.60 (454 reviews) (~9.54 km from centre)
Restoran Az-Zuhdi (Nasi Arab Al-Yemeni) image
Restoran Az-Zuhdi (Nasi Arab Al-Yemeni)
Yemeni restaurant
😐 First visit today and suprisingly everything ordered was scrumptious and above expectation. Place is easily located and can be seen from the main road of Bukit Beruntung@Sentosa. Parking was a breeze as there was more than ample spaces available in front of the place. Sitting area was quite limited...
4.60 (445 reviews) (~9.03 km from centre)
Gamuda Gardens Experience Gallery image
Gamuda Gardens Experience Gallery
Real estate developer
🫤 Kudos for Gamuda and the event team for planning such an amazing event for the neighbourhood's family to experience a long lost feeling of family bonding time. It's not a new thing since, in my personal experience, every single developer is doing similar event to pull crowds into their yards. Howev...
4.50 (824 reviews) (~5.79 km from centre)
Selera De' Abang image
Selera De' Abang
Malaysian restaurant
👍👍 Closed when we here..but this place the best ever..
$ $$$
4.60 (356 reviews) (~0.71 km from centre)
Pop Meals @ Aeon Rawang image
Pop Meals @ Aeon Rawang
👍👍 Tried the salted egg chicken with rice and the mac n cheese. So goooood! Altho the price is a bit tad pricey, you get delicious and high quality food which are not restricted to western ones but local fav as well. Also the portion is huge! Super recommended. Usually grabfood and will try dine in so...
4.70 (216 reviews) (~4.52 km from centre)
Jing Loong Shan Wan Fo Shih image
Jing Loong Shan Wan Fo Shih
Buddhist temple
👍 Lovely Buddhist temple out in Rawang ~ huge in size with with multiple complexes. Very serene and great place for prayers or a shoot. Parking is abundant here and very spacious. The place will also be lighted up during the Chinese New Year period and would be wonderful to visit during the evening.
4.50 (570 reviews) (~4.04 km from centre)
Xien Xia Bakery image
Xien Xia Bakery
👍👍 Superb delicious food 😋 The coconut sambal was so tasty 🤤 very satisfying ✌️ The staff was great🤩
4.60 (293 reviews) (~7.62 km from centre)
Coffee shop
😐 the restaurant has a nice and cozy atmosphere, but unfortunately, there was limited seating available under the shades. considering the scorching hot weather, it was disappointing not to find a comfortable spot to sit and enjoy the meal without being exposed to the relentless sun. i ordered the Agli...
$$ $$
4.50 (374 reviews) (~2.61 km from centre)
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