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Mount Batulao image
Mount Batulao
Tourist attraction
👍👍 This is my first hike with my daughter. We did a dayhike climb. The path are open grassland. Prepare for the heat when you climb during summer time. I recommend to start early. There are "Kubos" along the way where you can buy water. Bring your own if you're in a tight budget. Bring trail snacks. G...
4.50 (349 reviews)
Canyon Woods Resort Club image
Canyon Woods Resort Club
Resort hotel
Relaxed quarters with balconies in a tranquil resort offering a golf course, a spa & an indoor pool.
4.20 (1.2K reviews)
Lomihan sa Madalunot image
Lomihan sa Madalunot
👍👍 We went here but no lomi is available.
4.30 (208 reviews)
Twin Lakes - Domaine Le Jardin image
Twin Lakes - Domaine Le Jardin
Residents association
👍👍 The view on this place will gonna take you to heaven, it is for you to find out the best view on this site 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
4.70 (58 reviews)
Yabut River Resort image
Yabut River Resort
Resort hotel
4.20 (144 reviews)
MountainMist Garden restaurant image
MountainMist Garden restaurant
👍👍 Nice view, delicious food, best service crew...
4.70 (50 reviews)
Canyonwoods Residential Resort image
Canyonwoods Residential Resort
Resort hotel
😐 Nice and rustic. Actually a member and homeowner here so it literally is a second home. Nice heated pool for the kids. I like the short and challenging golf course.
4.30 (93 reviews)
Mount Batulao Peak image
Mount Batulao Peak
Mountain peak
Verdant, rugged mountain with a day hike to the top, offering dramatic panoramas of the region.
4.60 (54 reviews)
Calaca Seaport image
Calaca Seaport
Real estate developer
😠 Can I rate this 0 star? The guards in the calaca seaport was so annoying and no respect to incoming visitors.. we have trucks to deliver scrap in that area and the gate 1 guards are disrespectful and the worst is that guard that is wearing white polo shirt.. it happens on November 15,2022
4.20 (86 reviews)
Aqua Farm Hotel and Resort image
Aqua Farm Hotel and Resort
👍 Had a great time, owing to the fact that we were practically the only ones in the resort. The place looks great, very "instagrammable"... rooms were clean and better than most places we've stayed in... and they issue keycards for room access! Wish the ground-floor rooms by the pool were available t...
4.30 (65 reviews)
Jollibee image
Fast food restaurant
Philippines-based chain known for its burgers, fried chicken, spaghetti & Filipino dishes.
$ $$$
4.10 (62 reviews)
4.10 (36 reviews)
Filipina Beach Resort image
Filipina Beach Resort
Resort hotel
😐 There is only one pool for adult and 1 for kiddos. It has a kind of kubo style cottage. It is seaside. But black sand. Not too good to swim at the sea area. You can also enjoy boat hopping . When you get there, just enjoy the moment and relax.
3.70 (68 reviews)
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