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Mucumbli image
Eclectic hotel offering rustic-chic rooms with ocean views, plus an open-air restaurant
4.60 (470 reviews)
Casa Museu Almada Negreiros image
Casa Museu Almada Negreiros
👍👍 On my most recent trip visiting Sao Tomé e Principe, inspecting hotels and testing restaurants, my top culinary appreciation goes to this restaurant. The food is exceptional, the service excellent and the view breathtaking. Congratulations to the team at Almada Negreiros
4.70 (196 reviews)
Club Santana image
Club Santana
Resort hotel
Cosy bungalows in a relaxed resort featuring gulf views, a restaurant & a private beach area.
4.50 (342 reviews)
Sundy Praia Príncipe Island image
Sundy Praia Príncipe Island
Upscale rainforest ecolodge featuring refined villas, some with private pools, plus dining & a spa.
4.70 (157 reviews)
Equator Landmark image
Equator Landmark
Historical landmark
👍 Another spot worth hiking to on Rola Island, a two-hour drive and boat ride away from the city. There are no signs leading here, so we needed a local to show us the way. There’s a trader at the top with carvings and coconut water to sip on while you catch your breath, and a box for donations to main...
4.60 (205 reviews)
Monte Mar Restaurante São Tomé image
Monte Mar Restaurante São Tomé
👍👍 Helpful und friendly service staff! The road to get there is quite rough but manageable. Definitely grab a bite after a beach day at the nearby Praia dos Tamarindos.
4.90 (101 reviews)
Roca Sao Joao de Angolares image
Roca Sao Joao de Angolares
👍👍 Had the wonderful pleasure of spending last few days at this old plantation. Without air-conditioning, and an infrastructure unchanged since colonial times this is an amazing place offering True Luxuries like the sound of nature at night, and a kitchen where using only fresh produce from the own est...
4.40 (406 reviews)
Saint Nicholas Waterfall image
Saint Nicholas Waterfall
Scenic spot
👍👍 Fantastic waterfall pretty close to the main road and accessible by car. Still you need a 4x4 though.
4.50 (243 reviews)
Praia das Bananas image
Praia das Bananas
👍👍 Fantastic beach and bay ! Typical and unique “tropical island dream”..... no herds of tourists or big crowds , but instead a feeling of being on an uninhabited island.... sea water is best temp you can imagine ... around the 30-33C / nice rocks to observe fishes and chorals to complete the scenery .
4.90 (88 reviews)
Papa-Figo image
👍👍 The best restaurant I found on the island, nice "tablas" starters and grilled fish, ask for the fresh fish of the day. Thanks to the kind and friendly staff!They accept payment with cards.
4.30 (667 reviews)
Pico Mocambo image
Pico Mocambo
👍👍 An original Sao Tome must-go bar for visitors. (Did not visit restaurant). Atmosphere is great. The passion-fruit rum (local rum) drink is a must. But if you easily get an headache from too much alkohol, don't exceed 4 drinks :-) . Music was in the early evening at a talk-friendly volume.
4.50 (198 reviews)
Miónga image
👍👍 They have a set menu of the day, served us three delicious entrees and a fish, all very tasty. Plus is the view and being able to watch the locals haggle with the fishermen for their catch.
4.60 (147 reviews)
Sao Tome Island image
Sao Tome Island
👍👍 Sao Tome island is one of the most beautiful island on this planet. This country can be called a real natural kingdom due to the presence of pristine beaches, exotic animals and birds, jungles and extinct volcanoes. The environmental situation is very favourable due to the almost undeveloped industr...
4.50 (185 reviews)
Hotel Roça Sundy image
Hotel Roça Sundy
👍 The charm of a historical plantation manor turned into a luxury hotel while still having the working cocoa plantation next door. The likes: great rooms, beautifully renovated building, history lives on. Room for improvement in terms of food and f&b service. It was not bad at all but not to the stand...
4.60 (136 reviews)
Praia Inhame Eco Lodge image
Praia Inhame Eco Lodge
Rustic rooms & bungalows in a lush beachside ecolodge, plus a restaurant, guided hikes & boat trips.
4.30 (428 reviews)
Hellmouth image
Tourist attraction
👍👍 The views from this point are beautiful. Sit back, sip on fresh coconut water, and soothe your soul watching breaks of the waves up, around, and through the blow hole.
4.50 (172 reviews)
Sweet Guest House image
Sweet Guest House
Guest house
Airy quarters, some with shared bathrooms, in a low-key lodging with free Wi-Fi & a kitchen.
4.50 (165 reviews)
Dona Teté image
Dona Teté
Creole restaurant
4.40 (214 reviews)
Belo Monte Hotel and Museum image
Belo Monte Hotel and Museum
👍 This is a place made with a lot of good taste and respect for the nature around. The staff is friendly and helpful. Plenty of activities to be done but don't be afraid to just chill on their beach either. It is a slice of paradise. The should only improve on the kitchen to get to that 5th star, whic...
4.50 (153 reviews)
Praia das Sete Ondas image
Praia das Sete Ondas
👍👍 Very nice beach. When touring the island of Sao Tomé make sur you have your bathing suits and some towels at hand. The sand here is dark grey, almost black. The waters are very swimmable and the place makes for a good stop when connecting north and south of the island. Although there are 2 shy bar i...
4.60 (118 reviews)
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