Láserum Segovia | Depilación Láser Diodo image
Láserum Segovia | Depilación Láser Diodo
Laser hair removal service
👍👍 100% recommended clinic, the treatment of the incredible staff makes you feel very comfortable throughout the treatment process. They explain everything to you in great detail with complete sincerity. I've had 5 sessions, and I'm very happy with the noticeable results I'm getting in a short time. If...
5.00 (439 reviews)
AM Fisioterapia Deportiva image
AM Fisioterapia Deportiva
Physical therapy clinic
👍👍 I had an injury and due to recommendations at work I went to this clinic. Professionalism of 10, very good work team. It has state-of-the-art equipment and is in constant training. It has become my reference physiotherapy clinic in Segovia. Jaime helped me!! I recommend it!!!
5.00 (153 reviews)
Javi Plaza Peluqueros image
Javi Plaza Peluqueros
Hair salon
👍👍 Exceptional hairdresser and better person. A 10...in treatment and haircuts. Without a doubt the best hairdresser in Segovia by far. It cuts your hair the way you really want....magnificent
5.00 (117 reviews)
Joyería Parati Plata image
Joyería Parati Plata
Jewelry store
👍👍 Very friendly and attentive. I went with my daughter and they treated her wonderfully. The shop assistant helps you find what you need and advises very well Very good assortment of earrings, rings, bracelets, etc. in silver. Ideal for any styles. I will repeat
5.00 (97 reviews)
Clínica Dental Dr. Pompeyo image
Clínica Dental Dr. Pompeyo
Dental clinic
👍👍 Wonderful treatment received from day 1! I have had the full treatment with Invisiling and the result is incredible. Due to root problems, I had ruled out braquetts and my only option was invisiling. They adapted the treatment to my problem. I couldn't be more delighted with the follow-up and attent...
5.00 (81 reviews)
Elite Kebab y Taco Pizza Restaurant Segovia image
Elite Kebab y Taco Pizza Restaurant Segovia
👍👍 El kebab buenisisimo,con mucha carne,con salsa buenisima y ademas te puedes echar en cualquier momento...muy majos ademas y atendian muy bien .10/10
5.00 (69 reviews)
Pilar Gómez Gil image
Pilar Gómez Gil
👍👍 Without a doubt one of the best decisions I have made, going to Pilar. Very close and affectionate, and above all, a great professional. In a short time we have achieved great results, he is very involved and knows how to give and guide you with the necessary tools to get ahead. A person you have to...
5.00 (64 reviews)
Clínica Dental Ortodoncia Mar De Grado image
Clínica Dental Ortodoncia Mar De Grado
Dental clinic
👍👍 Es una gran profesional, con mucha dedicación y un trato excelente! Dedican el tiempo necesario con cada paciente y te hacen sentir muy a gusto, como en una pequeña gran familia!!! Se nota que lleva mucho años en esta profesión y está a la última en todos los adelantos!! Ella y Esther son encantador...
5.00 (64 reviews)
Ana Paula Arribas | Psicóloga Segovia image
Ana Paula Arribas | Psicóloga Segovia
👍👍 Ana a mí me está sirviendo de gran ayuda. Me encanta ir a las sesiones, está muy preparada y rápido notas mejoría, ayuda un montón. Ella desde el primer día que llegas, es una persona muy cercana, discreta y no te sientes juzgada en ningún momento, además tiene gran paciencia y delicadeza cuando ha...
5.00 (62 reviews)
Laser hair removal service
👍👍 Gran profesional y productos de tratamiento de excelente calidad-precio. Siempre un acierto!
5.00 (61 reviews)
PerioCentrum Segovia image
PerioCentrum Segovia
Dental clinic
👍👍 I have been attending the center for years, I always recommend it, I am delighted. The treatment is very close and professional. Nice space, bright and practical as a patient. Very clean and hygienic. It gives me confidence in the different treatments that have been performed on me. Thanks for your...
5.00 (60 reviews)
Ecox 5D Segovia - Especialistas en ecografías 5D image
Ecox 5D Segovia - Especialistas en ecografías 5D
Pregnancy care center
👍👍 It is a great experience, seeing your baby how he moves, how he opens his mouth, his gestures... Our baby, due to the position of his hands and feet on top, has not been seen as well as we would like, but it is incredible They also do everything possible to get it installed and they dedicate a lot o...
5.00 (56 reviews)
Cafetería Paloma’s image
Cafetería Paloma’s
Coffee shop
👍👍 Great food and welcoming atmosphere. Definitely recommend!
5.00 (50 reviews)
Sightseeing in Segovia image
Sightseeing in Segovia
Sightseeing tour agency
👍👍 The visit with Leticia was wonderful. She is a charming person and a professional from head to toe, you can tell that she likes her job and is very prepared. He adapted to our needs at all times. He made our visit to Segovia an unforgettable memory.
5.00 (46 reviews)
ACUPUNTURA SAKURA salud y bienestar image
ACUPUNTURA SAKURA salud y bienestar
Acupuncture clinic
👍👍 I am being treated by Ismene and she is a great professional. I have greatly improved my rheumatic pain due to my spondiolitis and above all that feeling of dizziness that I had which is very unpleasant and apart from that I had a lot of apathy and lack of energy that I have recovered but above all...
5.00 (44 reviews)
Segovia Imperdible. Visitas guiadas en Segovia y Palacio Real de La Granja. image
Segovia Imperdible. Visitas guiadas en Segovia y Palacio Real de La Granja.
Sightseeing tour agency
👍👍 We have done two guided tours with them, on Tuesday with Leticia through the palace and gardens of the Granja de San Ildefonso and on Wednesday with Eva through Segovia where we visited the aqueduct, the cathedral and the Alcázar and both have been very good experiences. We learned a lot and enjoyed...
5.00 (44 reviews)
Centro DespertarES image
Centro DespertarES
Pilates studio
👍👍 The Despertares Center will not disappoint you. You will find there a great professional who will guide and help you on your path with love and understanding. In addition, Lola is a therapist by vocation who has a lot of knowledge and experience in various related fields. So much so that I have been...
5.00 (42 reviews)
Beauty Blue - Centro de estética image
Beauty Blue - Centro de estética
Beauty salon
👍👍 Violeta is super professional. She couldn't have been more attentive and careful. He is very friendly and offers everything he has to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Super happy with the work (eyelash lift) and with her. Highly recommended and thank you for your dedication.
5.00 (39 reviews)
Aly Tejedor Estilistas image
Aly Tejedor Estilistas
👍👍 Aly es una profesional increíble. La contratamos para mi boda y fue una suerte dar con ella. Es puntual, cercana, atenta, creativa, intuitiva, que sabe captar lo que le pides rápidamente... La comunicación con ella fue genial, y al conocerla en persona y hacer la prueba de maquillaje sabía que había...
5.00 (32 reviews)
Alia centro estetico image
Alia centro estetico
Beauty salon
5.00 (31 reviews)
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