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Experience the best that Sweden has to offer with our curated list of top-rated places. Sorted by average review scores from venues boasting over 30 reviews, these establishments promise exceptional quality and experiences to elevate your visit in the city. Ratings are based from 38.9K places in the country.

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Swedish Souvenir Haga image
Swedish Souvenir Haga
Souvenir store
👍👍 Nice service with cute stuffs, the owner is really friendly
5.00 (1.6K reviews)
CK Trafikskola AB - Södertälje image
CK Trafikskola AB - Södertälje
Drivers license training school
5.00 (941 reviews)
Skydive Syd AB image
Skydive Syd AB
Skydiving center
5.00 (932 reviews)
DOCTOR_K image
Health and beauty shop
👍👍 I had a great experience, the service was spectacular and I felt super comfortable doing my very first filler appointment here! Antonia was super sweet and Dr.Hadde did a great job! I’ll be back!
5.00 (664 reviews)
Rainbow Tours Stockholm image
Rainbow Tours Stockholm
Sightseeing tour agency
👍👍 I joined two tours with them, and both were absolutely fabulous! Their in-depth knowledge of local history, architecture, and neighborhoods truly enhanced our tour experience, making it incredibly memorable. Our guide, Piotr, led us through Gamla Stan, unveiling hidden gems we would never have disc...
5.00 (622 reviews)
Chillax Massage Göteborg image
Chillax Massage Göteborg
Massage therapist
👍👍 Hands down, THE best sports massage. Davut did a terrific job loosening my super stressed and hard knots. Davut is rated top star in Sweden and apparently is rated 4th across the globe with 5 star rating. I am not surprised as his work speaks for itself. Highly recommend and will for sure get an app...
5.00 (593 reviews)
White Tandvård - Tandläkare i Malmö image
White Tandvård - Tandläkare i Malmö
👍👍 I am very satisfied and happy with my treatment today.I am a person who dreads dental treatments but Dr Olof was very patient, kind and understanding, I didn't feel any pain and the treatment was really smooth. Honestly, White Tandvård will always be the clinic I will visit as long as I live in Swe...
5.00 (537 reviews)
Beauty salon
5.00 (373 reviews)
Luxadent Malmö image
Luxadent Malmö
👍👍 I got my Invisalign there, with Marie Mahlberg as my dentist thought out the whole process, and I am super happy with the results! Everything went according to the plan and the she and the staff at the clinic are really nice, professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend the clinic and Invisili...
5.00 (357 reviews)
Active Dental image
Active Dental
Dental clinic
👍👍 After having a number of problems with my teeth, i can now thank Dr Sam for fixing them. The service was super professional and the work done on my teeth was even better. For a non swedish speaking customer it was easy to book an appointment, the service i received was world class and Dr Sam is incr...
5.00 (319 reviews)
Optimal Dental i Malmö AB image
Optimal Dental i Malmö AB
Dental clinic
5.00 (301 reviews)
Tandvård image
👍👍 Alltid bra och trevligt bemötande och proffsig hantering. Kan rekommendera Team Bergström!
5.00 (289 reviews)
Tandlyftet Jönköping - Tandläkare Jönköping image
Tandlyftet Jönköping - Tandläkare Jönköping
Dental clinic
👍👍 Fares heter jag och är från Jemen. I flera år har jag varit utan tänder och haft svårt att äta. Jag är så tacksam att jag träffade på bröderna på Tandlyftet. De lovade att hjälpa mig, gav mig ett bra förslag och fick tid direkt. På väldigt kort tid fick jag implantat och tänderna var klara inom en k...
5.00 (272 reviews)
Tandkompaniet image
Dental clinic
👍👍 När jag bet sönder en tand, fick jag en akuttid hos Tandkompaniet. Jag är så tacksam för att de ordnade en tid samma dag och för det lugna fina bemötandet. Tack Tamara, Kajsa och Aref, bästa teamet! ❤️ Liselotte stamkund
5.00 (269 reviews)
AM Hijama Kliniken - Sport rehab - Koppning - Massage - Göteborg image
AM Hijama Kliniken - Sport rehab - Koppning - Massage - Göteborg
Health counselor
👍👍 Amazing experience for body and soul to say the least. Big ups to the owner, hijama.master, for the welcoming, as well as professional, treatment from beginning to end. I’d highly recommend Hijama Kliniken a good experience. No regrets, fully appreciated!🙏🏽
5.00 (251 reviews)
Marc Mirren image
Marc Mirren
Jewelry store
👍👍 Disclaimer: I was gifted this product for the purposes of review but this is my honest opinions I loved the look of the whole pearl collection on their website and settled on this necklace. I will definitely be getting more pieces. It deliver was very quick. The box is elegant and sophisticated. Th...
5.00 (250 reviews)
Bellevue Dental Clinic image
Bellevue Dental Clinic
👍👍 Mycket vänliga bemottande. Bra förklaring till problem och be handling. I was done the best teeth extraction ever. No pain at all and no bleeding. Dr. Ragnar and all the other staff are all very friendly. The teeth hygienest is does a superb and painless work. BRAVO!
5.00 (233 reviews)
Sandin Dental Clinic AB image
Sandin Dental Clinic AB
👍👍 Har blivit av med en del tandläkarskräck. Man får förtroende för deras sätt att ta hand om en även när det är jobbiga ingrepp 😊 Efter några tandoperationer var det idag dags för tandhygienisten (Karin). Lugnt och varsamt med bedövning fixade hon överkäken. Absolut bästa stället att fixa tänderna på...
5.00 (233 reviews)
H Barber image
H Barber
Barber shop
👍👍 Great service, plus, most importantly, a professional barber. You have the hand of an artist
5.00 (229 reviews)
Faraos Falafel image
Faraos Falafel
Fast food restaurant
👍👍 Really good falafel!! Been in Uppsala before and remembered the spot. Strangely enough there are 3 Foodtrucks with falafel next to eachother, and we choose the best one 🤩 Very nice lady that sells them, I think she was the owner. I had a wrap with falafel with Haloumi, nice combo.
5.00 (220 reviews)
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