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Experience the best that Aleppo has to offer with our curated list of top-rated places. Sorted by average review scores from venues boasting over 30 reviews, these establishments promise exceptional quality and experiences to elevate your visit in the city. This list contains 13 places from Tourist attraction category.

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The Umayyad Mosque image
The Umayyad Mosque
Ancient mosque with a large courtyard, fountains & a minaret rebuilt over the centuries.
4.70 (663 reviews)
Al-Rahman Mosque image
Al-Rahman Mosque
👍 Very beautiful with a lot of art in it But there is a lot of kids running around when they shouldn't And there is not enough space for shoes I don't know what is the abandoned tall building behind it
4.70 (335 reviews)
Aleppo National Museum image
Aleppo National Museum
Local history museum
Syria's ancient history is on display at this national museum specializing in archaeological finds.
4.60 (120 reviews)
Khan Al-Shuna image
Khan Al-Shuna
Archaeological site
👍👍 Khan Al-Shouna: This khan was built in the year (1536 AD) during the reign of Khosrow Pasha, and it, along with a group of buildings, formed the endowment affiliated with the Khosrawiyah Mosque dedicated to financing the expenses of students of knowledge. Following the famous Aleppo earthquake, the...
4.60 (59 reviews)
Al Adeliah Mosque image
Al Adeliah Mosque
👍👍 It was built in 963 AH, corresponding to 1555 AD, and it was said in the year 965 AH, corresponding to 1557 AD. It was built by Muhammad Pasha bin Ahmed Pasha during the reign of Suleiman I the Magnificent, and it was restored by the guardian of the endowment, Fuad Bey Al-Adli, in the year 1342 AH,...
4.60 (41 reviews)
Public Park image
Public Park
👍👍 Best place to sit in
4.50 (356 reviews)
Bab Al-Faraj image
Bab Al-Faraj
Archaeological site
👍 Bab Al-Faraj is located in Al-Faraj Square, which is the center of the city of Aleppo. It contains Bab Al-Faraj. It was established in the era of King Al-Zahir Ghazi. It was demolished in 1904. Only its southern tower remains. In the middle of Bab al-Faraj Square stands the Bab al-Faraj Clock Tower,...
4.50 (144 reviews)
Red Gate image
Red Gate
Archaeological site
👍👍 It is a fine dining restaurant
4.40 (42 reviews)
Zaki Pasha Mosque image
Zaki Pasha Mosque
👍👍 Building the Zaki Pasha Mosque Abd al-Rahman Zaki Pasha built Dars bin Husayn Pasha in the year 12 AD on a large plot of land in Mahatta Al-Jamiliyya was monopolized by the lands of the Al-Buqi Mosque in Sharjah, and the building was in the style of the Al-Ridhaya Mosque The Jamiliyeh station had e...
4.40 (42 reviews)
Armenian Forty Martyrs Cathedral image
Armenian Forty Martyrs Cathedral
👍👍 A church for traitors to Christians
4.40 (34 reviews)
Bab Al-Nasr image
Bab Al-Nasr
Archaeological site
👍👍 Bab al-Nasr is one of the gates of the city of Aleppo. It was known in the past as the Jews’ Gate because the Jews’ places of residence were inside it and their cemeteries were outside. King al-Zahir Ghazi found it disgusting that this name was given to him, so he called it Bab al-Nasr.
4.30 (63 reviews)
Sabil Park image
Sabil Park
👍👍 Because it is so good
4.20 (225 reviews)
Paradise Gate image
Paradise Gate
Archaeological site
👍 🎇 From the gates of Aleppo Al-Shahba... Bab Jinan and its general pronunciation (Bab Jenan)... It was called so because it leads to the western gardens of Aleppo, where the pistachio orchards and fruit trees (where the Queiq River flows) were a center for money transfer, shipping of goods and ge...
4.20 (65 reviews)
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