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Crystal Lake Park image
Crystal Lake Park
👍 Playground is not much of anything. Equipment is old and beat up. But park and camping area is nice. They offer 3 or 4 cabins to rent overnight. I think you half to rent for minimum of 2 days. And its 65.00 a night. Air-conditioning heat fridge bunk beds and stove available. Outdoor fire pit p...
4.50 (159 reviews) (~0.73 km from centre)
Three Fingers Campground image
Three Fingers Campground
4.60 (76 reviews) (~9.3 km from centre)
World's Largest Bullhead image
World's Largest Bullhead
Historical landmark
👍 I lived in Crystal Lake for years, and so has this bullhead! The town does a good job of taking care of this monument. Bullhead Days is the party of the year. However, I think the town could really work this historical statue a bit more to bring in more consumers and increase local support. A store,...
4.40 (65 reviews) (~0.28 km from centre)
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