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Lake Venus image
Lake Venus
Swimming lake
😐 The place was great. I feel they should add more signs especially in areas they don't want people because the lady with the black hair literally yelled to tell others to keep away from the drain area when it's hard to see.
4.70 (361 reviews)
Lake Malone State Park image
Lake Malone State Park
State park
Scenic beginner-level hiking trails & 788-acre lake open for boating & fishing, plus poles for loan.
4.50 (369 reviews)
Jan's Burger Basket image
Jan's Burger Basket
Hamburger restaurant
πŸ‘πŸ‘ My husband and I rode the motorcycle here just to give it a try...about 80 miles...and we're glad we did! They had so much on the menu it was hard to choose and I wish we lived closer so we could try everything sooner!!! The jalapeΓ±o burger and cheese balls were delicious!!!
$ $$$
4.60 (212 reviews)
Buggy Shed image
Buggy Shed
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Just a good old feel good comfort food diner. It seemed that everybody knew everybody and everybody called you friend. My husband's burger and fries were yummy. The ketchup tasted homemade, that's still up for discussion, but the ranch they served was homemade. I really enjoyed the deep fried mushro...
$ $$$
4.50 (247 reviews)
West KY Labs image
West KY Labs
Dog breeder
4.90 (70 reviews)
Gregory Lake RV Park image
Gregory Lake RV Park
RV park
4.40 (184 reviews)
Lake Malone State Park Camp Ground image
Lake Malone State Park Camp Ground
State park
πŸ‘πŸ‘ I like to congratulate my cousin Terry Lindsey and his beautiful bride. Thank you for inviting me to your wedding. The Park is an absolutely great place to have a wedding. This park is beautiful and quiet.
4.60 (109 reviews)
Luke's Town & Country Flea Market image
Luke's Town & Country Flea Market
Flea market
πŸ‘ Luke's is still good but not like it used to be. The quality of the items offered has gone down and some of the booths are so disorganized they look kind of like a heap of trash. It's still good for flowers, produce, animals and the occasional antique find. I used to find great furniture, books, and...
4.40 (164 reviews)
Food Giant image
Food Giant
Grocery store
4.10 (242 reviews)
Lake Malone State Park Beach image
Lake Malone State Park Beach
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Grew up going to Lake Malone and loved it! Now it's not exactly like it was then, now no lifeguards and freshly raked sand....but it's nice. Restrooms open, garbage cans available and security/park ranger come by often. Highly recommend for a family day or any day at the beach.
4.20 (135 reviews)
Farmstead Butcher Block LLC. image
Farmstead Butcher Block LLC.
Butcher shop
4.70 (45 reviews)
Bryan Lake Campgrounds image
Bryan Lake Campgrounds
πŸ‘ As of 2023, I've lived here 8+ years..year round. They have a Facebook page too. So do I if you have any questions
4.30 (68 reviews)
Beechmont Community Center image
Beechmont Community Center
Community center
4.40 (31 reviews)
Horseshoe Acres Campground image
Horseshoe Acres Campground
4.10 (44 reviews)
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