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Experience the best that Tuscaloosa has to offer with our curated list of top-rated places. Sorted by average review scores from venues boasting over 30 reviews, these establishments promise exceptional quality and experiences to elevate your visit in the city. This list contains 25 places from Apartment building category.

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Hillside Commons image
Hillside Commons
Student housing center
😠 This place is nothing but a MONEY GRAB! They take advantage of students and young people! I helped my son get this apartment for his first job. After you sign your initial lease you have to sign another lease 2 months later in order to keep the apartment which is a full year in advance! Additionally...
4.70 (166 reviews)
High River Apartment Homes image
High River Apartment Homes
Apartment complex
😠 Unfortunately, since living in the High River complex, our crazy downstairs neighbor has been yelling and noisy every day and every night, day, night, midnight and whenever she is awake. She is always smoking. Also, when our upstairs neighbor walk in his apartment especially in the middle of the nig...
4.50 (93 reviews)
Crimson image
Apartment complex
😠 Although I could write an entire article on why you should never live at The Crimson, I will attempt to keep my review succinct. As an out-of-state graduate student beginning at UA in the fall of 2022, I had no choice but to select housing based on web searches and online photos. I selected the Cr...
4.40 (469 reviews)
District Lofts image
District Lofts
Student housing center
😠 Beware they will not return phone calls. No one answers the phone. They have not returned the Security deposit since checkout in August. It is now 60 days and per Alabama law they are no liable for additional fees. Contacting an attorney today to get our $3000+ deposit back.
4.40 (41 reviews)
Ion Tuscaloosa image
Ion Tuscaloosa
Apartment complex
😠 ION has a LOT of problems, first of all the reviews on google are definitely faked, or the bad one’s deleted by Ion , checkout the reviews on yelp for a more accurate description. The staff is probably the only good part about Ion , it’s not their fault or their decision to decide what happens and...
4.30 (155 reviews)
The Cottages at Lake Tamaha - Student Housing image
The Cottages at Lake Tamaha - Student Housing
Student housing center
4.20 (796 reviews)
Yorktown Commons Apartment Complex image
Yorktown Commons Apartment Complex
Apartment complex
😠 Yorktown Commons is a very nice, clean, privately owned, small complex. The manager I’ve had the experience of talking to the most is Rich. He is a very nice, no-nonsense kind of guy. He is very helpful and answers all my questions quickly. I haven’t had any problems living here that weren’t rectifi...
4.20 (55 reviews)
Tradition on the 50 image
Tradition on the 50
Apartment building
🫤 Current resident, apartments were absolutely discussing upon move in. Clearly have never been cleaned. Unsure what they were doing during the turnover process but they clearly weren’t cleaning or getting anything set up. Parking is stupidly expensive and the lot is a mess. Packages are continuous le...
4.20 (49 reviews)
Eddins Estates Apartments image
Eddins Estates Apartments
Apartment building
👍👍 About a week ago I went to look at apartments and I was helped by Amber. She was very informative and answered all my questions. She made sure that I was fully informed about all the amenities that the apartment complex has to offer. I definitely will be going back and recommending this apartment co...
4.10 (87 reviews)
Vie at University Downs image
Vie at University Downs
Student housing center
🫤 Absolutely horrendous. The people at the front desk are nice, but there is one particular man who is rude as hell to every single person that enters this residence. I’ve only been here for one year, and I am very disappointed. The man’s name is Daniel white middle-aged, yells at people who live here...
4.00 (312 reviews)
Water Oak Apartments image
Water Oak Apartments
Apartment rental agency
🫤 We had major administrative issues living here that I primarily blame on the management company, Hawthorne, and the rough transition from Delview to Hawthorne: 1: saw our rent increased 10 percent with less than two weeks notice 2: saw our water bill doubled when our lease specifically said it woul...
4.00 (116 reviews)
My House on 13th image
My House on 13th
Apartment complex
😠 I lived at my house for almost 2 years. Our unit was brand new and it was constantly having problems with the A/C and Wi-Fi. The A/C would break every month, during my last month of living at My House the A/C broke and the unit got water damage on all three floors. The maintenance staff is very swee...
4.00 (80 reviews)
The Preserve at Tuscaloosa image
The Preserve at Tuscaloosa
Apartment building
😠 New update: they also tried to charge you lots of money when you move out. A very basic cleaning can charge you hundreds of dollars. The most unprofessional manager said she hoped the apartment can be as new as when we move in. Are you sure? Very unprofessional manager (other stuff members are okay)...
3.90 (121 reviews)
Lark in the Woods image
Lark in the Woods
Apartment complex
😠 We were very disappointed in the move out process of this apartment complex. The management is very unprofessional in how they handled all of our final charges. After trying to reach out to them 2 times, with no response, to discuss some charges and after sending an email, with not response, to try...
3.90 (88 reviews)
French Quarter Apartments image
French Quarter Apartments
Apartment complex
3.80 (39 reviews)
The Reserve at North River Apartments image
The Reserve at North River Apartments
Apartment complex
🫤 I have lived here since April 2021, and when moving in, everything went great! The staff was extremely helpful and supportive. Our AC went out mid-July, and it was very difficult to get maintenance to fix it. After 3 days, it was finally fixed, and they only agreed to pay half of my hotel bill (afte...
3.60 (136 reviews)
Lark Tuscaloosa image
Lark Tuscaloosa
Apartment complex
😠 Honestly, if you signed to live here in the fall I would recommend getting an attorney or something to get out of it. I have been stolen from. I have had to purchase new tires due to the nails and screws from construction. There is no safety. The office employees and managers are never available to...
3.50 (176 reviews)
Here Tuscaloosa image
Here Tuscaloosa
Student housing center
😠 Terrible communication and pathetic management. Elevators broken. Doors inside apartment don’t shut properly. Apartment was so moldy they paid for commercial dehumidifier that drained moldy crud into the kitchen sink. Of course we paid for the electricity. Parking gates always broken. Paid for...
3.50 (111 reviews)
The Oakley image
The Oakley
Apartment building
😠 6 Months Lease. Bugs aka ROACHES. Foundation issues on 1st floor causes flooding during heavy rain. In reality it’s Expensive for the GHETTO. Sorry not sorry. I wish someone had told me. Over 900 to move in and over 800 per month…you see the pictures. I’ll say less. Yes the rent office workers are...
3.50 (103 reviews)
Redpoint Tuscaloosa image
Redpoint Tuscaloosa
Apartment complex
😠 Today 08/12/2023 was my move in date. I went to take a look at my apartment and I was disgusted. It was VERY unsettling to see things that I did not see during the showing. It was mold in the air vents , a couch that didn’t belong , scratches, dirt everywhere, residue from marijuana and not to menti...
3.30 (235 reviews)
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