Worst rated places in Yakima

Steer clear of these locations to ensure a positive experience in Yakima. Our list highlights the least favorable places to help you make informed choices and enjoy your time in the city. Ratings are based from 45 places in the city.

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Sagewood Apartments image
Sagewood Apartments
Apartment rental agency
😠 No one ever picks up the god damn phones and no one is ever in the god damn office.
1.20 (9 reviews)
Red Lion Inn & Suites Yakima image
Red Lion Inn & Suites Yakima
😠 The worst Hotel to stay at save your money. We originally had gotten our tickets on priceline for two bedrooms. We arrived the guy said that he only saw a reservation for 1, fine okay. we paid for another room. It was upstairs and the other one down stairs. Upon arriving to the upstairs room one thi...
1.80 (40 reviews)
Astria Health image
Astria Health
Business administration service
1.80 (13 reviews)
Memorial's Imaging Services image
Memorial's Imaging Services
Medical diagnostic imaging center
1.80 (5 reviews)
Buchanan Lake image
Buchanan Lake
Fishing lake
πŸ‘ Beautiful place. Though it said it was a "swimming lake" theres no swimming allowed.
1.80 (5 reviews)
Jevons Property Management image
Jevons Property Management
Apartment complex
😐 It's alright.. not to bad..
1.80 (5 reviews)
Comprehensive Healthcare - Crisis Triage Center (Detox) image
Comprehensive Healthcare - Crisis Triage Center (Detox)
Rehabilitation center
😠 Always was a negative experience for me the multiple times I went and ended up leaving within 24 HOURS. Now that my partner is there, can't get any info on how he's doing although he signed a release of info. They don't medicate like other detoxes I've been to. He had to go to the E.R. because of hi...
1.90 (8 reviews)
Yakima Gastroenterology Associates image
Yakima Gastroenterology Associates
😠 EDIT: In September, I left a message at this clinic asking if there were any consultation appointments available and I'd be willing to see a different Dr in case there were. I received a call early January regarding my appointment, which I already had, and "would I like to schedule it now?". I told...
2.10 (34 reviews)
Pro-Action Family Martial Arts image
Pro-Action Family Martial Arts
Martial arts school
😠 I find the owner to have major integrity issues.
2.10 (9 reviews)
Oaks Apartments image
Oaks Apartments
Apartment building
😠 My husband and I lived at The Oaks Apartments for about two years. The rent was too high for a one bedroom. The last month we lived at The Oaks, our rent was raised illegally with no noticed at all. Then when we moved out, we deep cleaned out apartment with our in laws help. Then two months later we...
2.20 (9 reviews)
Super 8 by Wyndham Yakima image
Super 8 by Wyndham Yakima
2.20 (5 reviews)
Canal View Apartments image
Canal View Apartments
Apartment building
😠 This is by far one of the worst places I have ever lived at. If you enjoy high costs, trailer trash scenery, a one vehicle limit, and frequent arguing matches with managment than this place is right for you. Along with those items, you are consistently paying for damages that are out of your control...
2.30 (15 reviews)
Maple Leaf Townhouses image
Maple Leaf Townhouses
Apartment complex
😠 No one every answers phone or call back
2.30 (6 reviews)
Red Apple Motel image
Red Apple Motel
😠 The most disgusting place I think I've ever seen in my life. The bedbugs had a good meal, ME. The people were very noisy, people constantly knocking on my door for cigarettes and things to do drugs. I would recommend to my worst enemy. O yeah, and the owner (LADY) SHE'S A COMPLETE DOUCHEBAG... Would...
2.40 (163 reviews)
Connections Apartments image
Connections Apartments
Apartment complex
πŸ‘ It's not all bad, but it is starting to feel like a prison
2.40 (20 reviews)
MultiCare Yakima Memorial Hospital image
MultiCare Yakima Memorial Hospital
😠 I was contracting for 2 hours in the waiting room, puked a few times, becoming more dehydrated as time goes on before finally being sent to a small backroom in the emergency room where I continued to contract for another 3 hours ALONE with my husband, on top of that it took 2 different nurses an hou...
2.50 (304 reviews)
Economy Inn image
Economy Inn
😠 Altercation in lobby when we arrived, guests & staff. Between allegations of burglary and room conditions, plus how it was handled, wasn't impressed with customer service so canceling reservation. Edited to add: to further prove the lack of customer service we never got our money back after bookin...
2.50 (233 reviews)
Holiday Lodge Yakima image
Holiday Lodge Yakima
😠 This place is disgusting. The bed was awful and the bed sheets was dirty. The woman at the reception told us junkies with no reason and when all the other people do whatever they want. They don’t respect the smoke areas (all nights we saw a man smoking next to our door) and talk too loud in every ho...
2.50 (126 reviews)
Memorial's Valley Imaging image
Memorial's Valley Imaging
Medical diagnostic imaging center
2.50 (61 reviews)
MultiCare Orthopedics Northwest image
MultiCare Orthopedics Northwest
Orthopedic clinic
😠 Impossible to get an appt. Love Dr Chang & Blair bit, their scheduling and reception are ridiculous. Have left 4 messages in over a week to no avail. They don't return phone calls ever. Blair wanted to see me after a epidural injection. They are very unprofessional I wish I could get away with this...
2.60 (153 reviews)
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