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Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library, Abeokuta, Nigeria




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4.30 (236 reviews)

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  • 5adetola o. 3 years ago
    A lovely place for both adult and children, very spacious and neat, lots of groovy spot around the place, beautiful rocks and nice landscapes, if you visit in evening you might not be allowed to see the animals but there are other side attractions like the bamboo groove corner.

  • 5Kehinde T. 2 years ago
    there are lots of animals to see with great customer service

  • 5Michael O. 3 years ago
    Very good place to be. At least, I spent 3days and it was fun

  • 5Joseph A. 3 years ago
    It's just fantastic. I really enjoyed my self

  • 5Temitope B. 3 years ago
    Try visiting, you won't regret it.

  • 5segun a. 2 years ago

  • 5Ibraheem K. 2 years ago
    Very Lovely environment and a very good place to enjoy peaceful atmosphere with your family.

  • 5Ackin �. 3 years ago
    OOPL Wildlife park is a wonderful initiative that has done what it was intended for and more. Though the park could do with the addition of more animals, the animals at the park are a great source of exposure for both adults and children. The first of its kind. The park is well laid out, neat and the guides and security are well trained to assist visitors. If you visit Abeokuta or you reside in Abeokuta, do not hesitate to seek out a time out here.

  • 5Kayode O. 3 years ago
    Cool and fun

  • 5Oluwasegun Samuel A. 3 years ago
    OOPL. Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library wild life park is located in Abeokuta.

  • 5Mayowa M. 3 years ago
    This is a Classic Wildlife Park to View Various Kind of Animals, it's Located inside the Chief Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library in Abeokuta. Please Check it out

  • 5Oladipupo Kolajo K. 3 years ago
    The park is okay.

  • 5omisakin b. 3 years ago
    Serene environment

  • 5OGUNTOYINBO E. 3 years ago
    I like the environment, I really enjoyed myself

  • 5Ademola A. 3 years ago
    Wonderful place for relaxation

  • 5Juwon O. 3 years ago
    Good place to relax

  • 5LAWAL M. 3 years ago

  • 5tola s. 4 years ago
    Green Legacy Resort is a place to be. I will patronize it again and again. I was particularly thrilled by what I saw in the Presidential Library.

  • 5Folake S. 3 years ago
    In term of good traffic the car park is well organized

  • 5ahmad s. 4 years ago
    Good to be there

  • 5taiwo m. 4 years ago
    Located inside federal university of agriculture, abeokuta

  • 5tee l. 5 years ago
    It's really fun to be in FUNAAB

  • 5Abiodun A. 3 years ago
    Beautiful campus environment, very spacious car park

  • 5Oyeyinka S. 3 years ago
    Nice ambience with great landscape. The site is simply welcoming and can inspire creativity.

  • 5Mary T. 3 years ago

  • 5Wasiu A. 3 years ago

  • 5ADEYOKUNNU O. 3 years ago
    This is my beautiful school. The most beautiful federal university in Nigeria.

  • 5Olanrewaju O. 3 years ago
    The park is also called "Motion Ground". The park is always cool providing shade for everyone that sits around on the cemented chairs specifically designed for outdoor use. The surrounding trees makes the beauty of the park very appealing to the eyes which has made it a center of attraction for photo enthusiasts. Personally, I love the park because I could sit there all day studying the environment filled with young people engrossed with one activity or the other especially for lovers.

  • 5Olugbenga J. 3 years ago
    FUNAAB Consult Car Park is a large and safe parking space for vehicles belonging to either staff, visitors or students. While majority of the pictures shown is a place of relaxation called "Motion Ground".

  • 5Bimbo D. 4 years ago
    Good area within d institution, Funaab. It's a Motion ground where u can take nice shot. Photographers are always available to attend to you at any time of d day. Enjoy

  • 5Abayomi M. 4 years ago
    Located within Funaab campus

  • 5Azeez Y. 4 years ago

  • 5Ayinde S. 4 years ago
    A good place to be

  • 5Adeleke A. 5 years ago
    A serene environment

  • 5Folasere O. 5 years ago
    FUNAAB is is one of the best Universities in Nigeria.. Great study environment, real professional and law abiding lecturers, great law abiding student, magnifying peaceful environment.. I really love the school and I could spend a whole day walking around in it.. The grass is properly taken care of and gigantic trees are protected here, it's a perfect example of a superb learning environment for students and a perfect example of what the Earth should look like for a green future..

  • 5AYODEJI I. 6 years ago
    You consult the place and have all your problem solved as a student

  • 5Saba Ajayi E. 6 years ago
    Cool car park with serene environment of FUNAAB

  • 5majek k. 1 year ago
    This is one of the most organised nature and Wildlife Park in Nigeria. The environment is serene, well structured and tailored to house wild animals. This park breathes nature in all ramifications. The wildlife Park boasts of different animal sections..such as the carnivores, herbivores, Aves, Mammals like Apes, small animals, large birds, large animals are the different groups of animals you'll find in this park when you visit..This is one place you should visit during the holidays, such as Christmas, New Year, and summer holidays. You will never forget the experience when you visit the place.

  • 5Oyindamola S. 1 year ago
    Saw the Famous Lion called Aremu and so many other animals like the Ostrich,Bull,Snakes etc.

  • 5ADENIKE L. 1 year ago
    It's a nice experience. The children enjoyed the Adventures

  • 5Adedotun A. 1 year ago
    One of the best zoological experiences in the country

  • 5kingsley a. 1 year ago
    One of the best animal conservatory I've been to in Nigeria. The architecture behind the building of the zoo is incredible, it gives the animal a great feel of the wildlife. The animals look well taken care of, there are staff around to help and guide you through the park, photographer to give you great shots in the place as well. Some of the cages were empty and that was a bummer. Great experience and will totally recommend as well

  • 5Ada J. 1 year ago
    It's a really lovely wildlife conservatory, possibly the best one I've been to in Nigeria. From the lions to the varieties of birds to the hyenas, every animal looked well fed. The environment was very clean and we had a good time. The fee was N1,000 per adult and an extra N5,000 if you want to bring a camera to take pictures (but phones are obviously allowed in).

  • 5Lemmy M. 1 year ago
    This is one of the best private wildlife parks in Nigeria. You can see the following animals in the park. 1. Well fed lions 2. Rock python 3. Spotted hyenas 4. Jackals 5 gazette 6. Ostriches 7. Vultures 8. Bulls 9. Donkeys 10. Horses 11. Monkeys and bambons 12. Dwarf crocodile 13. Bulls 14. Porcupines 15. Peacock 16. Deer 17. Antelope And so much more. I can't list everything off-hand. One thing I can assure whoever will be visiting is that it's going to be worth your while

  • 5Tope A. A. 1 year ago
    OOPL Wildlife Park is actually the best in Nigeria I have ever vist. Firstly, theybtake care of the animals and know exactly when to feed them so they can behave in their habitat. Secondly, the environment is sparkling clean with no decays and odors. Thirdly, their instructor is very friendly and explain each animal habitat and generation, including the importance. Eating is not allowed in the ZOO, which is quite understandable including the reception. Also its not too big but has wild animals you saw on NATGEOWILD that you will love. I highly recommend the park, conducive for both children and adult.

  • 5Sanusi A. 1 year ago
    Well parked area... Easy to locate... Well equipped Library... Animal Zoo and forest... Well equipped swimming pool with relaxation space... Modern Hall for Events and Parties... Children playing ground... Full security is grantee

  • 5DR K. 1 year ago
    Awesome place to see wild life there,plz visit there with ur family ad kids they will enjoy.even u can do there boating also

  • 5Ibrahim T. 9 months ago
    The place is nice, quiet for a wildlife park and beautiful. There were different animals and the staffs were friendly. Ticket is 1,000naira fir adult and I think 800 for children.

  • 5Kernen N. 10 months ago
    It has nice animals and paintings on the wall. I got to see the lion display hunting skills 😂 Though I don't think the snake enclosure is safe enough. There are plaques describing all the animals so it's good for students too

  • 5Tomiwa Y. 4 months ago
    The tranquility and cleanliness of the park is instantly welcoming with a creative approach in encouraging park users of hygiene. I found the artistic lobby quite fascinating; a place with a variety of stuff to do. For instance, running into a young group of people there having fun with an Ayo board was thrilling for me. One can chill, take selfies or refresh. The variety of wild life is also amazing and thanks to the park I can add a Civet to the growing list of animals I have seen in real form. A great place to unwind and leisure.

  • 4S. 4 years ago
    Very beautiful animals. The environment is amazing.

  • 4Franchesca M. 4 years ago
    It's an exciting experience for someone who hasnt been to a zoo before.

  • 4Arnold A. 2 years ago
    The wild life park houses quite a number of animals mostly birds, cats(lions inclusive) and it's a good place to visit

  • 4Jadesola O. 2 years ago
    Visited this park on a whim and I enjoyed my 1-hour visit. I got to see a bunch of animals like lions, hyenas, monkeys, baboons, etc. The animals look well fed and taken care of and so would make a great place to take your children to learn.

  • 4Sylas b. 2 years ago
    Great fun

  • 4Foluso A. 2 years ago
    Nice experience. You will love it there

  • 4Awesome K. 3 years ago
    This place can be aptly described as a one-stop fun and relaxation centre with arrays of exciting features such as amusement park, games, hotel, event centre, wildlife park, boat ride, kayaki, museum etc.

  • 4Oluwaseyi O. 3 years ago
    I had fun at the wildlife park!.I saw hyena for the first time in my life. OOPL wildlife is a lovely place to be Its environment is so clean,spacious and safe for both adult and kids. However I will recommend more/diffrent species of wild animals in the Zoo. Gate fee :500

  • 4Oso Ayotunde G. 3 years ago

  • 4Fresh Property Homes T. 3 years ago
    Add more animals pls

  • 4eunice o. 3 years ago
    So great, I like it.

  • 4Ayodeji O. 3 years ago
    Well structured and organized. Not gotten any snack to munch as of this time tho. Otherwise, its a nice place to visit

  • 4Odera O. 3 years ago
    It was very interesting and affordable too

  • 4Wuraola O. 4 years ago
    A breath of fresh air. Clean, spacious and loads of fun activities. Kids will love it here.

  • 4Cynthia N. 4 years ago
    It has a variety of animals to see. The area is well looked after and the animals are taken care of. There are lions, snakes, ostriches, mountain goats, hyenas, lynx, and more to make the sight worthwhile.

  • 4Kelvin Y. 5 years ago
    Looking for a cool, shaded spot to while away time between classes/meetings? Or somewhere to stretch your feet after a long sun.heated trekk?? This spot is shaded by tall trees, breezy during the sun and so-out-of-the-way that you can hold meet ups in semi-privacy or just hide from your stalker girlfriend or boyfriend for a bit.

  • 4Ajibola O. 3 years ago
    A place to relax after classes

  • 4Temitope D. O. 3 years ago
    Best everywhere

  • 4Mahmood A. 4 years ago
    This is the so called "motion ground" in FUNAAB. There is always movement of people there especially during the day

  • 4Adeyemi I. 5 years ago
    Nice place to be

  • 4sowemimo abeeb s. 5 years ago
    Easy and nice to visit Funaab

  • 4Blessing E. 5 years ago
    It is very educational

  • 4Samuel O. 5 years ago
    Great place

  • 4Samo J. 5 years ago

  • 4Adebanjo J. 5 years ago
    It is well tarred and organised for proper manoeuvre

  • 4Chime Chinonso S. 2 years ago
    OOPL Wildlife park is one of the best zoological garden I have visited in the country. Here one of my best experience is to see a live lion and lioness for the first time in my life and how they mark their territory. There are also another nice animals in the zoo. It's a great place to visit if you are to visit Abeokuta or President Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library. The staff of this wild life park are also very friendly

  • 4Pelumi M. 1 year ago
    I won't stop shouting that OOPL Wildlife Park has the best view of Wild Animals in the West.

  • 4Idemudia E. 4 years ago
    A great place to be. Sometimes, we have to take time out of our busy schedule and appreciate nature and God's wonders of his creation. The tour around the facility was interesting. Different kind of animals from the spotted hyena to the stripped hyena to Ostrich and the list goes on. Different species of animals from different families such as the reptilia, amphibians, aves were available to be seen. It was worth the experience.

  • 4Damilola O. 1 year ago
    It's a cool and relaxing place for the family. You can organise a mini picnic in the terrain. It's one of the tourist place you can visit in Abeokuta. Entrance fee is #700 for children and #1000 for adult.

  • 4Abduljabbar A. 1 year ago
    It has a nice setting. Nice view… cool wildlife scene… Tho most of the animals were asleep when I visited. The entry fee was also fair for 1k. The gazelle was worth it. It was the most beautiful creature in there.

  • 4Joshua Obiabo E. 4 months ago
    Quite a nice park although barely maintained. Would need a lot of funding to keep the park equipped with more animals. A lot of empty cages and some of the animals don’t look alright. It’s still worth a visit due to the fact that there are hardly zoos in the south.

  • 3Dr Kenny M. 3 years ago
    OOPL wildlife park is a good place to be, they have quite a number of animals, but there is still room for more. The park is easily accessible from the resort, this make it easy for the guest at the resort to visit the park

  • 3Caesar O. O. 3 years ago
    Well maintained wild life park in Abeokuta within the Green Legacy Resorts

  • 3Victor I. 4 years ago
    Quiet, serene. Pleasant to walk through and enjoy the views here.

  • 3Olubunmi B. 3 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Woow (Original) Woow

  • 3Ibi S. 3 years ago
    A great place to visit with children

  • 3STONE D T. 3 years ago
    Pls how much for gate fee

  • 3Shokadejo O. 3 years ago
    Cool spot

  • 3Samuel O. 3 years ago
    A good recreation center. Needs more sophistication though. There is room for improvement

  • 3Efuntomi M. 4 years ago

  • 3Olusoji A. 3 years ago
    The park is located within the institution. It is well planned with good scenery.

  • 3Agbeniga M. 4 years ago
    Large parking space...nice

  • 3Olatunde O. 3 years ago
    Good view

  • 3Dialum Network S. 3 years ago

  • 3Adeola Adebayo D. 4 years ago

  • 3SALAMI A. 4 years ago
    Their is enough space to park

  • 3Adelani A. 4 years ago
    Weekend studies at the post graduate school. Serene environment. Highly indiscipline leaders and unorganized internal affairs. Education is not the 1st priority here, but money.

  • 3Emoniom R. 5 years ago
    Pretty awesome

  • 3Deborah E. 5 years ago
    Good marketing arena

  • 3Perpetua U. 1 year ago
    Was a great place to be. However, the Library and the kids Park we're not functional as at day of visit

  • 3Mrs U. 10 months ago
    Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library - OOPL Wildlife park Abeokuta is probably one of the best laid ‘zoo’s’ I’ve seen in Nigeria so far. Why do I say this? Space! Many of the bigger animals have a bit more leg room to move about, complete with undulating land/seeming original landscape and vegetation. I always say I’m not a fan of animals in enclosed spaces but I keep visiting because of the duo. So this was a happier visit for me generally. I also liked that the lions had the whole yoruba naming fanfare, I wish they had a more interesting space though.

  • 1olajumoke d. 4 years ago
    I didn't expect to visit d zoo to see duck and goat. The animals looked sick and inactive. Its not worth to be called zoo. The environment is cool and quiet.

  • 1abimbola i. 5 years ago
    Campus car park. Very small space not equipped with toilet and disabled people facilities.

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