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Kuto Motor Park, Abeokuta


48QX+6XH, Kuto 111102, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria

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3.70 (2205 reviews)

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Working Hours

  • Thursday: 6 am to 10 pm
  • Friday: 6 am to 10 pm
  • Saturday: 6 am to 10 pm
  • Sunday: 6 am to 10 pm
  • Monday: 6 am to 10 pm
  • Tuesday: 6 am to 10 pm
  • Wednesday: (Eid al-Adha), 6 am to 10 pm, Hours might differ


Frequently mentioned in reviews: Ogun (6) Kuto (6) Park (6) market (7) Lagos (7) Abeokuta (8) board (8) motor (8) Nigeria (9) place (13) park (24)

  • 4Osinowo O. 3 months ago
    A transit park in Abeokuta, Ogun state, to various destinations in the SW, Nigeria. Rough and rowdy most times, i believe largely due to the market, Kuto Market, right beside the garage.

  • 3olaniyan ibrahim o. 3 months ago
    You can board bus or car going to oshodi, Berger, Apapa, and most of all Ibadan and nearby city.

  • 5OSHITUGA B. 3 months ago
    This park is always busy and it's good for anyone traveling around Abeokuta axis and has no knowledge of where to board a car or bus. The park is the best place to board car or bus for your prospective destination.

  • 5Clement O. 4 months ago
    Kuto Motor Park is one of the best motor Parks in Abeokuta, Ogun State. If you're traveling to Ìjèbú Òde, Sagamu, Mowe/Ibafo or Lagos, the Park is the safest place to board a vehicle.

  • 3Temitope I. 5 months ago
    It was good. You'll get vehicles to almost anywhere in the Southwest of Nigeria from Kuto Motor Park. Buses and cars are available with the fare for car slightly but reasonably higher that that if buses. There was no time wastage as the bus I boarded was filled up in no time. The park men were quite helpful as they helped with my boxes upon entrance to the park and took me to where the bus I was to board was parked. And if you don't have enough cash, there are numerous POS operators ready to be of service, at a fair fee.

  • 4bankole o. 5 months ago
    Think of Any destination of your dream in Nigeria the vehicle is rightly available at this garage only that it's expensive. Abuja goes for 18k. 2k extra if you'll not be paying cash.

  • 5Joshua O. 5 months ago
    I had an exciting experience with Ogun Bus Mass Transit at Kuto Roundabout opposite the over-head bridge😍😍 They are simply organized with utmost display of excellence in giving the Best to passengers💕💕

  • 4OlaJumoke S. 7 months ago
    Buses move faster and on time compared to other motor parks. A little organised as well.

  • 2Elijah O. 7 months ago
    I have had multiple bad experiences here. The passenger conductors I have encountered here are aggressive, "I don't know why". The vehicle prices (for my destination, I don't know if is the same for all destinations), have been consistently hiked unreasonably. A lot needs to be done with this park, to make it as modern, and as top notch as it can be..

  • 5Olaomotobi O. 8 months ago
    It's a place of buy and selling of local food, farm products, livestock and provisions with Local or national transportation park. Shopping malls are inclusive very close to park inn hotel and MKO ABIOLA Stadium.

  • 3uyi o. 8 months ago
    Quite rowdy but vehicles get filled quite fast and the price's are cheap ranging from 1500 to 2000 to Lagos ,but drivers charge too much for parcel delivery to Lagos.

  • 3Adeusi I. 8 months ago
    well, this is my first time of coming to this place, i only came for transit back to sagamu since i have to leave my car for fixing and within few minute we are good to go. i want to believe this is due to the festive season anyway. Nevertheless am still impressed.

  • 3Lawal Olawale M. 9 months ago
    Motor park to connect within and outside Abeokuta, you can buy food stuffs and also do delivery of packages and goods to anyone within Nigeria at a very affordable rate

  • 4kehinde t. 9 months ago
    One of the big motor park in Abeokuta. You can get all sort of bus going to different part of Nigeria; Lagos, Abuja, Oyo etc. Equipment with good human capacity and functioning car's. It's a safe motor park

  • 2Tolulope A. 9 months ago
    It is always jampacked and no parking space for motorists who are thete to drop off travelers. However, it is the most reliable garage where you can easily travel from

  • 3Kabirat A. 10 months ago
    It's okay. There's an improvement in the way they load passengers and there's absolutely no way you would want to travel without getting in there to get a cab. Everyone other places you can get soole cab has been canceled.

  • 4Olakunle H. 10 months ago
    Easy to reach Normal Transportation skill And the market is OK to get all sort of foodstuffs, Ready-made dress and some Materials...

  • 5AbdulRazak A. 11 months ago
    This a place that people can take a traveling vehicle to their destinations, they have cars that do go to Benin City as well.

  • 3Oluwateniola E. 11 months ago
    Best place to get bus to major places such Abuja, Epe, Ajah, Mowe and more. You just need to asked for directions and be sure you enter the right bus. Thanks

  • 4Ojo J. 11 months ago
    Kuto market is a very popular market in abeokuta and it environs, is a place where you can find different buses travelling to Lagos, Abuja, Kogi State e.t.c. Although we employed the Governor of the State to help in fixings the pot hole within the kuto market.

  • 4Olasoju Oluwaseun T. 1 year ago
    Kuto is a place where you can get any food stuff, live and kill ram. In fact everything thing you need at home. There's also kuto motor pack, where you can get transported to any place in Nigeria.

  • 5GAFAR Akeem B. 1 year ago
    Good place to board vehicles going to north central, south south, south east and and part of the south west in Nigeria. Not too sure if there's direct bus to any of the north east or north west there.

  • 5Fasasi Rasheed o. 1 year ago
    Its an organised motor park where you can board a bus or car going to the Ijebus area of Ogun state and some other place I could not remember. It's generally okay

  • 5Alao R. 1 year ago
    Although rowdy as a usual motor park will be in Nigeria, but then you have to be careful about your properties. You can get buses or cars according to your preferences to your destinations.

  • 2Life-style with E. 1 year ago
    The entrance of the park is very crowded, because its proximity to the market there. The park itself needs an upgrade and the cars and buses too. For example i boarded a car from Abeokuta to Sagamu Express junction, on our way the rain started and I was wet because the window/glass on the right side was faulty so the passenger seat by the right obviously was affected by the rain.

  • 3Durodoluwa O. 1 year ago
    Greetings, always make sure you enter any ride from the park for safety and security sake, make sure the car / bus you are meant to enter is fit for the smooth road 🛣️ God will definitely watch over us all, Stay Safe Save, Sefer trip all.

  • 4Toyib O. 1 year ago
    The park is cool for its purpose. Government of Ogun State, Nigeria has to do more work on the road to the park like expansion, installation of traffic lights as well as upgrade of the park to global standard. All in all, the park is really cool for inter-state movement.

  • 3Charles A. 1 year ago
    Rowdy like most motor parks around but you'll easily get the bus going to your destination. Next to it is a bustling market so that adds to the human trafficking around the park. Slow moving traffic passes in front of the park. No deliberate provision is made for a person on wheelchair but because the terrain is flat a disabled person on wheelchair has access if he/she can navigate through the vehicular traffic.

  • 5OLAYEMI O. J. 1 year ago
    Not rowdy at all. It's calm for me.

  • 5Israel AJAY I. 1 year ago
    13 DIVINE ESTATE GATE A . Abeokuta State

  • 5Adefunke F. 1 year ago
    It's a cool place to be,and the commercial bus drivers are friendly

  • 3Maryam A. 1 year ago
    I love this Park, buses going to same places have where they are parked. So it's easier to get a bus going to anywhere. The drivers are nice too and the people selling things at the Park. I've missed the Kòkòrò though

  • 5Yusuf N I. 1 year ago
    Accurate data capturing I actually visited those places

  • 3Olanrewaju O. 1 year ago
    Even as at 7.15pm, you can still get Taxi Car/Bus going to Sagamu, Iperu, Ibadan, Lagos, Ijebu Ode, Kobape etc. It's one of the oldest Motor Park in Abeokuta.

  • 3JOSEPH A. 2 years ago
    Slightly organized park. Some of the drivers there are helpful and you can reasonably get vehicles to Lagos and some other parts of Ogun state and nearby states too

  • 3Olabisi A. 2 years ago
    Good place and organized park to board an interstate transport

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