Top rated Coffee Shops in Amed, Indonesia

Find the Top rated places in Amed that you must visit based on the 162466 visitor reviews from 533 places in the city. Amed or AMED may refer to:
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  1. Joli Best View Cafe   -   4.70 (62 reviews) Cosy
  2. Tropikal Cafe   -   4.50 (105 reviews)
  3. The Cup Coffee Shop & Cafe   -   4.50 (89 reviews) Cosy
  4. Warung Lu Putu - Foods, Coffee & Gelato   -   4.40 (298 reviews) Reservations required
  5. Utani coffee   -   4.40 (57 reviews) Cosy
  6. Nad Brahma Amed   -   3.90 (60 reviews) Cash only
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