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  • 4Qasim S. 3 months ago
    Awesome place for everyone in all ages, relaxing, calming in sunrise and sunsets.

  • 4Ahsan A. 3 months ago
    One and only public place in Larkana to visit Or Firends gathering nice place .

  • 5Arslan K. 4 months ago
    The beautiful park /bag for the larkana and other areas people many young older as well as student are come to this park for taking fresh air do excercise and spend their late evening time to refresh themselves in my point of view this is historical park of larkana..etc

  • 5shakeel s. 4 months ago
    Good my experience in jinnah bag

  • 5Abdul L. 4 months ago
    It is a public park, best for jogging and walking... The location is centrally in the city and the environment is very peaceful and best

  • 5Ali Muhammad s. 5 months ago
    Amazing 😍

  • 5Tariq L. 7 months ago
    Such a huge place but some gate are still closed

  • 1Riazat B. 8 months ago
    Not in good condition. Very small garden. It doesn't provide satisfactory atmosphere for the people who want to feel relaxation. Be careful to bring kids here.

  • 4Syed Aslam J. 10 months ago
    I don't know any thing about the larkana city areas because I don't see any entirely play grounds I only go for my work. Nothing else.

  • 4Kamran Ali O. 10 months ago
    It's a entertaining park for kids but mostly fun for walkers

  • 5Ali Raza C. 11 months ago
    Totally great this park is vary clean

  • 4Aadil Altaf B. 11 months ago
    The only useful area of this park is the jogging track.

  • 5Mir Khalid N. 11 months ago
    An awesome place for jogging and walking... In ceneter of Larkana people have to exercise here...

  • 5Salman Aslam J. 11 months ago
    Nice place for kid's and young picnic palace relax felling

  • 5Sabir Hussain B. 1 year ago
    Yes park garden like it play ground children also picnic area it was some time before

  • 5Syhil S. 1 year ago
    Good for vist and Walk and nice to know about ai

  • 3Safdar Ali A. 1 year ago
    A normal park for children. Though you will find fountain too which only operates of Friday.

  • 4Mr D. 1 year ago
    A good and safe place for your kids to enjoy

  • 5Agha G. 1 year ago
    Great place for morning and evening walk or it should be better to go other side for enjoyment

  • 4Ali S. 1 year ago
    Its one of the well maintained park here in Larkana ..which is a rarity in Sindh so should visit on Friday and Sunday evening ..

  • 4Sajid C. 1 year ago
    Jinnah bagh larkana is great park for children to hang out and well arranged

  • 4Noor A. 1 year ago
    It is wonderful place for walk and loose weight and exercise

  • 5bagan k. 1 year ago
    Jinnah Bagh is an garden in mid larkana. It is central Area of main city .

  • 5shahzeb g. 1 year ago
    Very good place here walking park & kids park also marriage hall. Many facilities I like it πŸ‘

  • 3Muhammad S. 1 year ago
    Here is no any smooth sitting area as well as bad management, better for those people who want to walk but those who want to bring children for play it's congestive... πŸ˜’

  • 3Arshad Ali M. 1 year ago
    It's a Public Gordon in the center of Larkana with walking track and full of lawn flowers 🌺🌹. There are a marriage hall and press club

  • 5Muhammad P. 1 year ago
    It was pretty nice place for meditation yoga and fresh air.I often go there loved it

  • 5Irfan A. 2 years ago
    nice place for walking in centre of larkana

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