Iqbal House image
Iqbal House
Tourist attraction
👍 Preservation of heritage is not something we Pakistanis normally do. Yet, it's refreshing to see that at least Iqbal's house is well preserved. It's a small house but there is alot to see. Many old furniture and books. There's a small library on the ground floor. Parking will be hard to find because...
4.70 (1K reviews)
Ranchers image
Fast food restaurant
👍 Very good burgers. Size is HUGE. Good in taste and less expensive as compared to other food outlets. Shared a double zinger, double chicken and finally their signature burger - Chee haw. All of them were simply delicious. The best part is their burgers are so juicy and i enjoyed with my friends and...
4.70 (1K reviews)
Sialkot Clock Tower image
Sialkot Clock Tower
Historical landmark
👍👍 A beautiful monument best kept by local community. Built by british in the heart of sialkot.
4.60 (9.9K reviews)
Iqbal Manzil [Residency of Allama Muhammad Iqbal] image
Iqbal Manzil [Residency of Allama Muhammad Iqbal]
Local history museum
4.80 (330 reviews)
Cozy Bistro image
Cozy Bistro
Fast food restaurant
👍👍 One of the best food I have in Sialkot. Big mouth burger Smoke saucy wrap Loaded fries Beef burgers Highly recommended food items. High quality food .
4.80 (238 reviews)
Haji Dahi Bhallay image
Haji Dahi Bhallay
Panipuri shop
👍👍 The BEST Dahi Bhallay, Papri Chat and Gol Gappay place in the world 🌍! Very reasonable prices and extremely good quality and clean food. They now serve in disposable bowls with plastic spoons. Make sure you go early as I have many times attempted to eat Gol Gappay in the evening and they did not ha...
$$ $$
4.60 (352 reviews)
Rachna Polo and Country Club image
Rachna Polo and Country Club
👍👍 A very well managed kids area plus awesome track..
4.50 (440 reviews)
Grace Marquee image
Grace Marquee
Banquet hall
👍👍 Marquee is brilliant with great ambience. Catering was good. Decorations are just too marvellous. Spacious
4.40 (1.2K reviews)
G2 Marquee image
G2 Marquee
Wedding venue
👍👍 G2 Marquee is one of the beautiful wedding hall of the city. Excellent service and excellent meals are served here. You can visit my V log about this marquee (on YouTube: Masood Art Gallery). Visit Google: "Practical English Grammar by Masood Sadiq" for lectures and Self-Assessment Tests
4.50 (402 reviews)
Qila image
Community garden
👍👍 One of the historical places in sialkot. Most importantly, there is shrine of a very respectable personality - Hazrat PEER MURADIA sahib. He is well known in the history of sialkot.
4.40 (988 reviews)
Faizan E Madina image
Faizan E Madina
👍👍 Love this masjid and markaz of Dawateislami. It's located in Rang pura, Sialkot. Several facilities are available here. Madrassa-tul-Madina (for hifz and nazra) Jamea-tul-Madina( for Dars e Nizami /Alim) course Faizan online Academy ( for online Nazra, hifz and dars e nizami)
4.80 (136 reviews)
Jamia Masjid Mohammed Ahmed image
Jamia Masjid Mohammed Ahmed
👍👍 One of the best mosque ever seen and a peace place to offer prayer
4.90 (108 reviews)
Sialkot Fort image
Sialkot Fort
Historical landmark
👍👍 Good family spot but greenery is not upto the mark as compare to Lahore parks. Views from top are amazing
4.30 (2.4K reviews)
Second Cup image
Second Cup
👍👍 Quality of KitKat chocolate cake is awesome. Tried cakes from many other shops but this has some unique taste.
$$$ $
4.30 (1.5K reviews)
Cinepax image
Movie theater
👍 I had a wonderfull experience at Cinepax. Firstly i got platinum cinema tkt but due to lens issue they had to cancel the movie. They offered everyone full refund with no questions asked. However they suggested me to try their 3D cinema. I got 3D cinema gold seat tkts. Seats were very cozy. However...
4.30 (1.4K reviews)
Bakers Inn،بیکرز ان image
Bakers Inn،بیکرز ان
👍👍 To be honest i never give a five star rating to any food chain in Sialkot but they are The Best. Baking section is just outclass. Presentation of different types of cakes and other bakery items amazing their live kitchen section is just very nice. The most important part is the fragrance/aroma when...
$$$ $
4.30 (1.2K reviews)
Hassan Din Foods( Halwa puri shop) image
Hassan Din Foods( Halwa puri shop)
👍👍 The Best Halwa Puree in Sialkot. Purees were too good and Halwa was very balanced in sweetness.
$$ $$
4.30 (1K reviews)
Garrison Golf Club image
Garrison Golf Club
Golf course
👍👍 Garrison Golf club is another example of elite class that can afford the price of this leisure and luxury. Only so called modern class can approach this facility of this club. Less than 1% of the community can avail itself of the opportunity. On the other hand this club contributes positive effects...
4.30 (752 reviews)
Video game store
👍👍 It's a great place to have fun and enjoy various gaming activities. 🎮😄
4.40 (309 reviews)
Chana papri chat sialkot cantt image
Chana papri chat sialkot cantt
👍👍 The taste and environment is so cool.
4.40 (283 reviews)
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