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Jamia Masjid Al-Sadiq image
Jamia Masjid Al-Sadiq
👍👍 An ancient and majestic relic which transports you to a totally different time. Renovated in 1935 but with an history of almost 200 years, Jamia Masjid stands out to be a proud monument of serenity for the people of Bahawalpur. The revenue generated through rents of the bazaar underneath the masjid...
4.70 (1.6K reviews) (~0.64 km from centre)
Mian Law Associates image
Mian Law Associates
District Justice
👍👍 I am so greatful for your passion, dedication and professionalism, u r truly the best i hv ever work with, thank u so much Mian Aqil sir, i can,t tell u how much i appreciate the amazing legal work u did on my behalf thanks Mian Aaqil sir and Mian amir sir. Mian law associates is the best.
5.00 (205 reviews) (~1.26 km from centre)
Noor Mahal image
Noor Mahal
Archaeological museum
Old-world 1872 palace built to look like an Italian chateau & housing period military artifacts.
4.60 (10.2K reviews) (~1.36 km from centre)
Pet Lovers Store & Clinic image
Pet Lovers Store & Clinic
Pet store
👍👍 Wow and awesome. All products were also awesome quality and seller was also friendly. I wish him good luck and recommended all the new buyers to buy all your pets products from Pet Lovers store physically or through online.
5.00 (189 reviews) (~0.03 km from centre)
Khatam E Nubuwat Chowk / Fawara Chowk image
Khatam E Nubuwat Chowk / Fawara Chowk
Historical landmark
👍👍 Very beautiful place to visit . A gate way to old city. A gate way to Noor Mahal. A gate way to farid gate .A gate way to Ahmad pur.
4.60 (694 reviews) (~0.34 km from centre)
Dring Stadium image
Dring Stadium
😐 Historical place in history of Pakistan cricket. One of the oldest cricket Stadium in Pakistan. Very old building but the outfield and pitch is very good. A beautiful place in the city of Bahawalpur. Building is in very bad condition needs to be renovated. Hostel facility is also available here.
4.50 (1.6K reviews) (~1.64 km from centre)
Millad Chowk Bahawalpur image
Millad Chowk Bahawalpur
Historical landmark
👍👍 bahawalpur the city of nawab . natural green Its is biggest in pakistan . it has beautifull mehal.sach as famous noor mehal guzer mehal or some other .
4.50 (782 reviews) (~0.7 km from centre)
Cholistan University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences - CUVAS Bahawalpur image
Cholistan University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences - CUVAS Bahawalpur
👍👍 Best university with best faculty in bwp❤ Proud to be cuvasians & pioneer 😍❤
4.60 (318 reviews) (~7.78 km from centre)
Gulzar-e-Sadiq image
👍👍 One of the best park of south Punjab.
4.40 (3.8K reviews) (~0.72 km from centre)
Theme Park DHA Bahawalpur image
Theme Park DHA Bahawalpur
👍 This a park in defiance housing authority (DHA) Bahawalpur. This green, neat and clean park . Swings are available for kids. Crowded place different types of swings available for children. One small tuck shop is also available in this park corner.
4.60 (312 reviews) (~7.07 km from centre)
Eid Gah image
Eid Gah
👍👍 Place open for janaza, and eid prayer also attended.
4.50 (468 reviews) (~0.85 km from centre)
Shikarpuri Gate image
Shikarpuri Gate
Historical landmark
👍 There are many places to visit like pan shop, breakfast point, shopping centers and many more. It is one of the gate to temple Bahawalpur main pivot point.
4.40 (745 reviews) (~0.83 km from centre)
Bahawalpur Museum image
Bahawalpur Museum
Archaeological museum
😐 Bahawalpur Museum is mostly famous for displaying the Cultural Lifestyle and Historical Heritage items. It contain archaeology, ethnology, art, heritage, of traditional and modern history. For the efficient efforts of Bahawalpur Museum, initially has arranged many exhibition and seminars simultaneou...
4.40 (631 reviews) (~1 km from centre)
Haqqi Centre image
Haqqi Centre
Shopping mall
👍👍 Awesome dropping place with all brands shops
4.40 (612 reviews) (~1.38 km from centre)
SS World Family Park image
SS World Family Park
Amusement park
👍👍 This is an excellent park for the family in Bahawalpur. It is just as important to use a mask here as it is in a hospital. The building is very beautiful and the atmosphere inside is also excellent. The food and drink are also well arranged here. Without family you can visit here three times a year,...
4.30 (5.8K reviews) (~1.36 km from centre)
Bahawalpur image
Train station
👍👍 If you are on a Punjab Tour and want to explore the most amazing historical places of Punjab then Bahawalpur should be on your top list. Apparently, the history of Bahawalpur city is from 1727 and is considered one of the best cities in Punjab. Above all, increase your chances of visiting the histor...
4.40 (558 reviews) (~2.68 km from centre)
Four Seasons Restaurant فور سیزنز ریسٹورنٹ image
Four Seasons Restaurant فور سیزنز ریسٹورنٹ
👍👍 Fantastic place in food related field
$$ $$
4.30 (3.7K reviews) (~1.73 km from centre)
Imtiaz Mega image
Imtiaz Mega
👍👍 Imtiaz Mega Store that's a great addition for the people of Bahawalpur. We can buy everything from here from pin to grocery, fruits, meat, clothes, electronic items, sports items etc. In short we can buy everything from there and there rates are quiet affordable then other markets, we can do monthly...
4.30 (3.3K reviews) (~0.73 km from centre)
Sadiq Public School image
Sadiq Public School
👍👍 Its one of the best schools of Pakistan and even asia.It covers an area of 451 acres.It has all sports facilities Athletics and Gymnastics Club Swimming pools Squash courts Tennis courts Badminton courts Basketball courts Volleyball courts Gymnasium Horse Riding Club Cricket Club Hockey Club Footbal...
4.50 (291 reviews) (~2.55 km from centre)
Chase Value - Bahawalpur image
Chase Value - Bahawalpur
Shopping mall
👍 Chase value center is a new addition in town. It has a huge variety of house hold items, crockery, kitchen accessories, clothes and garments, kids toys, ladies garments, gents garments, kids and new born garments, and much more yet to come. Billing is very easy right now. To avoid rush cash counters...
4.30 (2.8K reviews) (~2.19 km from centre)
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