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Regional Center Songhaï image
Regional Center Songhaï
Non-governmental organization
👍👍 I visited Songhai Center 10 years ago, and I have to admit: this is a mind-blowing, innovative and MUST SCALABLE initiative that can help ensure food security and inclusive agri-food production and processing.
4.30 (324 reviews)
Porto-novo Bénin image
Porto-novo Bénin
Comedy club
👍 Cool, quiet and peaceful place to be.
4.20 (472 reviews)
ART Residence image
ART Residence
👍👍 I appreciate the contemporain design and the on-the-roof café-resto-bar view
4.20 (283 reviews)
Résidence OUADADA image
Résidence OUADADA
👍👍 To visit at all costs. You won't be disappointed 😊
4.60 (79 reviews)
Grande Mosquée de Porto Novo image
Grande Mosquée de Porto Novo
👍 Very incredible building and architecture shows just how old it is with the building using Arab Turkic design which lends to its credibility as an old and interesting building visitors can sit around the building but should note that the building is registered as a historic building and any attempt...
4.20 (160 reviews)
AfricanFoodseum image
👍 Good local standard with a well-ventilated terrace overlooking the lagoon. To eat, you have the choice between local and international. The house also has a shop with quality food products.
$$ $$
4.40 (93 reviews)
OUADADA Cultural Center image
OUADADA Cultural Center
Cultural center
4.00 (401 reviews)
Marché Gbègo image
Marché Gbègo
3.90 (1K reviews)
Toffa image
Place of worship
👍👍 King Toffa I (c.1850-1908) was a ruler of the kingdom of Hogbonu, or Ajase, an area of Benin which today is known as Porto-Novo. Upon becoming ruler in 1874, he was renowned for his openness and cooperation with the colonial powers. He encouraged his employees to attend French schools to receive wes...
3.90 (661 reviews)
Tour Eiffel Hotel Benin image
Tour Eiffel Hotel Benin
👍 Hip
4.00 (235 reviews)
Jardin des Plantes et de la Nature (JPN) image
Jardin des Plantes et de la Nature (JPN)
Botanical garden
😠 Jardin des Plantes is a very terrible place to go. It is very unsafe and dangerous as the safety of visitors are easily compromised
3.90 (461 reviews)
Grand Marché de Porto-Novo image
Grand Marché de Porto-Novo
4.00 (202 reviews)
L'Endroit by Olabissi image
L'Endroit by Olabissi
👍👍 Je ne pouvais jamais me douter qu'il y a un pareil endroit a Porto. J'ai surkifé. La cuisine était un vrai régale dans un temps record , le service au top. A chaque fois je serai a Porto je m'y rendrai
$$ $$
4.10 (133 reviews)
Marché du Projet Songhaï image
Marché du Projet Songhaï
4.00 (188 reviews)
Honmè Museum image
Honmè Museum
Historical place museum
Preserved 19th-century king's palace with furnished royal rooms & artifacts on display.
3.90 (334 reviews)
Restaurant VEGAN SUMA bio image
Restaurant VEGAN SUMA bio
Vegan restaurant
Outpost of a vegan counter-serve chain with Asian-accented menus that vary by location.
$$ $$
4.10 (108 reviews)
Hotel Les Oliviers image
Hotel Les Oliviers
3.90 (250 reviews)
Freedom Palace Hôtel image
Freedom Palace Hôtel
3.90 (247 reviews)
Espace Ubuntu image
Espace Ubuntu
Festival hall
👍👍 espace correct pour vos évènements dans la capitale du Benin (Porto-Novo) . Disponibilité de différentes salles de fêtes et de réunions, d'un restaurant sur place. Groupe de relais disponible en cas de coupure d'électricité. cadre très sympa et moderne à explorer pour vos diverses manifestations.
4.20 (80 reviews)
Marché Ouando image
Marché Ouando
Shopping mall
👍👍 Worth visiting, buying of goods on both wholesale and retail prices, selling of goods and services too. There are so many products being sold there like, foodstuffs, herbs and herbal stuffs, beverages, vegetables (though cheaper in the Igbo market not far from Djlado), clothes, footwears, animal fe...
3.80 (522 reviews)
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