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Cachoeira Do Xixá image
Cachoeira Do Xixá
Tourist attraction
👍 Local maravilhoso. Tem 1 restaurante lá que tem comida e bebida. Proibido levar comida e bebida. Cobram uma taxa de R$ 50,00 se insistir muito pra entrar com a bebida.
4.70 (306 reviews)
Comida caseira da Léo image
Comida caseira da Léo
👍👍 Easy location, spacious, cozy and accessible. Not to mention the super affordable price and very delicious food!
4.60 (113 reviews)
Hotel Bela Vista image
Hotel Bela Vista
Simple hotel featuring complimentary breakfast & Wi-Fi, plus an outdoor pool & a restaurant/bar.
4.20 (430 reviews)
Espetinho Da Ponte (Caiança) image
Espetinho Da Ponte (Caiança)
👍 Excellent quality carne do sol, homemade food with very good seasoning, high quality service, fair price and in line with the quality of the meal. It urgently needs to carry out fly control, on my last visit, there were flies everywhere, the infestation was huge. If possible, you should also try to...
4.40 (156 reviews)
Espetinho Do Brizola image
Espetinho Do Brizola
😐 Simple and cozy place. The waiters and the bathroom need to improve, the rest is fine.
$ $$$
4.40 (153 reviews)
Pousada São Francisco image
Pousada São Francisco
👍👍 Local top
4.50 (109 reviews)
Cachoeira Dos Almeidas image
Cachoeira Dos Almeidas
Ecological park
👍👍 É um lugar ótimo para quem quer tomar banho de cachoeira. Também tem um bar que oferece bebidas e comida.
4.50 (82 reviews)
Pousada Solar do Sertão image
Pousada Solar do Sertão
Bed & breakfast
😐 Comfortable, very clean but I had a problem with the air in the early hours of the morning and I went downstairs to see if they could at least find a fan and I discovered that no one is at reception and they even turn off the phone, meaning in an emergency we have no contact with those responsible.
4.10 (242 reviews)
pousada zé de melo image
pousada zé de melo
4.00 (115 reviews)
Self Service N.S.Aparecida image
Self Service N.S.Aparecida
Traditional restaurant
4.40 (41 reviews)
Espetinho do Ganga image
Espetinho do Ganga
Cocktail bar
👍👍 Good place to enjoy that special skewer and the best beer 🍻
4.50 (34 reviews)
Restaurante Medeiros image
Restaurante Medeiros
3.80 (32 reviews)
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