Top rated Condominium complexes in Natal

Experience the best that Natal has to offer with our curated list of top-rated places. Sorted by average review scores from venues boasting over 30 reviews, these establishments promise exceptional quality and experiences to elevate your visit in the city. This list contains 9 places from Condominium complex category.

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Condomínio Vila dos Lagos image
Condomínio Vila dos Lagos
Condominium complex
👍👍 Great leisure structure with private lake (quite pleasant). Condominium in a privileged location next to the permanent protection area.
4.80 (304 reviews)
Villa Park image
Villa Park
Condominium complex
👍👍 Very diverse, large, organized condominium and has a privileged location in Nova Parnamirim. The security is very strong and the stop is close to the place. Like what you read? Lets like it! ;)
4.70 (346 reviews)
Edíficio Ahead Ponta Negra image
Edíficio Ahead Ponta Negra
Condominium complex
👍👍 Exceptional ! We stayed through AIRBNB in ​​a modern apartment with beautiful views of the sea and Morro do Careca, on the highest floor. Hostess named Medeiros. Great location, fully decorated, stylish and equipped. It was worth every penny! It even had a 4K Smart TV, USB sockets in the apartment,...
4.70 (108 reviews)
Residential Condominium Portinari image
Residential Condominium Portinari
Apartment complex
4.60 (65 reviews)
Condomínio Golden Tower image
Condomínio Golden Tower
Condominium complex
😐 The location of the condominium is excellent, the condominium is under new management and the New manager is organizing the building, the pool has reopened and the small gym is in operation, the restaurant is still closed but there have been significant improvements since the New manager took over a...
4.60 (63 reviews)
Lake Side Condomínio image
Lake Side Condomínio
Condominium complex
👍👍 Great place
4.60 (34 reviews)
Condo Central Park image
Condo Central Park
Condominium complex
4.50 (1.4K reviews)
Condo Stones Park image
Condo Stones Park
Condominium complex
👍 You need a social area so neighbors don't sit on the floor in front of the blocks. A place reserved for gossip would avoid discomfort both for gossipers and for those who live on the ground floor and are forced to listen to other people's gossip. . Place plants between the parking lots, I got very h...
4.20 (178 reviews)
Condomínio Solar Esperança image
Condomínio Solar Esperança
Condominium complex
👍👍 Well located - close to the 39 terminal and bus stop. Close to the bus station. Supermarket and pharmacies nearby. Safe, clean and organized. It is a great alternative for the price range of renting and purchasing property. The condominium has 3 towers with 4 floors - 8 apartments per floor. Stair...
4.20 (87 reviews)
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