Basilica of Mary Queen of Apostles image
Basilica of Mary Queen of Apostles
👍 Very beautiful church at Mvolye
4.30 (498 reviews)
Cameroon Reunification Monument image
Cameroon Reunification Monument
Cultural landmark
👍 Calm and nice for relaxation and reflection.
4.10 (924 reviews)
Le Rocher image
Le Rocher
Tourist attraction
👍 Nice scenic spot to view Yaoundé, usually lovely and cool in the morning. Hike or drive up, no parking.
4.10 (158 reviews)
Musée Ethnographique et d'Histoire de Peuples dd la Forêt d'Afrique Centrale image
Musée Ethnographique et d'Histoire de Peuples dd la Forêt d'Afrique Centrale
👍👍 Beautiful and so resourceful, all you need to know about the civilization of the Fang-Beti . So proud of the hard work and research Dr. Fouda Thèrese put in to achieve this mesmerizing space.
4.10 (107 reviews)
I love my country Cameroon round about image
I love my country Cameroon round about
Tourist attraction
👍 Lieu très beau et tres calme aussi. Bien que restrain, c’est un endroit à absolument visiter. C’est au centre de la vile et c’est propre. La vue de loin est magnifique.
4.10 (78 reviews)
National Museum image
National Museum
Stately 1930s museum displaying historical & cultural items from the area, including tribal relics.
4.00 (1.4K reviews)
Blackitude Museum image
Blackitude Museum
👍👍 Various forms of art are represented such as masks, royal objects, architectural elements, ritual and ceremonial sculptures, potteries, and much more. This tiny museum is a real hidden gem however it is not well labeled and without guidance or prior knowledge, it would be hard to appreciate at their...
4.00 (82 reviews)
Eco Park. image
Eco Park.
Tourist attraction
👍 -Great food. - Affordable prices for activities . -Fewer animals to see.
3.70 (788 reviews)
Statue of Charles Atangana image
Statue of Charles Atangana
Historical landmark
👍 Cameroon's Reunification Monument was constructed in the 1970s to memorialize the post-colonial merging of British and French Cameroon. Located in Yaounde, it was designed by Gedeon Mpondo and Engelbert Mveng. Another reunification monument, albeit far less well-known, is located in Mamfe.
3.60 (246 reviews)
Municipal Lake image
Municipal Lake
Tourist attraction
😐 I recommend 🇨🇲👍Do you have friends, brothers, sisters or colleagues with whom you would like to share an ecotouristic experience? You can come along with them for the visit of the museum and municipal lake of Yaoundé with different activities around. That is, 2,000 FCFA for children and 5,000 FCFA...
3.40 (370 reviews)
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