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Old and Bold Espresso Bar image
Old and Bold Espresso Bar
πŸ‘πŸ‘ What a delight to find this gem of a cafe after weeks travelling through Northern BC. The staff were so friendly, and it was hard to pick between the delicious looking baked goods. I know I’ll be back if I’m ever in Burns Lake again!
4.70 (143 reviews)
Key-oh Lodge image
Key-oh Lodge
Casual rooms in a relaxed roadside hotel offering complimentary breakfast & a 24/7 gym.
4.20 (237 reviews)
Save-On-Foods image
Grocery store
4.30 (151 reviews)
Boer Mountain Coffee House image
Boer Mountain Coffee House
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Great drip coffee and baked goods (we got the raspberry muffin and gluten-free monster cookie). Service was wonderful and quick. A gem of a spot during our drive!
4.50 (93 reviews)
The Office Pub & Grill image
The Office Pub & Grill
😠 Food is fine, everything tastes great when you can actually get it. The employees are fine but the circumstances don't matter, week day, weekend, 11am, 3pm, 10pm. They are either never open as advertised or the kitchen has closed early. I've been to a couple other "The Office" establishments and nev...
$$ $$
4.00 (268 reviews)
Lakeview Mall image
Lakeview Mall
Shopping mall
4.10 (149 reviews)
Burns Lake Village Campground image
Burns Lake Village Campground
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Great in-town free campground (for 3 nights). Skatepark, playground, kids spray park and swimming dock with slide. Bathrooms have limited hours but there is tasty Indian food a short walk away and groceries a slightly longer walk away.
4.30 (76 reviews)
A&W Canada image
A&W Canada
Hamburger restaurant
Fast-food outlet serving up namesake root beer, plus burgers, chicken & fries.
$ $$$
3.90 (327 reviews)
Dragon Palace Restaurant image
Dragon Palace Restaurant
Chinese restaurant
😠 Stay away from the combination dinners. Food is awful in taste and portion. First time a Chinese restaurant failed at everything. I regret leaving $1 tip. By trying to keep prices affordable they’re chasing away repeat customers. Wouldn’t be surprised if this is a laundromat soon.
$$ $$
4.10 (121 reviews)
Pub 'N' Tandoori Grill image
Pub 'N' Tandoori Grill
4.60 (42 reviews)
Beacon Theatre image
Beacon Theatre
Movie theater
πŸ‘ Should get more sub-woofers. Dual 18's is not enough!
4.40 (51 reviews)
Wanakena Motel image
Wanakena Motel
😠 We appreciated their flexible check-in. The room was cool and relaxing on such a hot day. Two bedrooms, two beds with a full size bathtub, closets space, great deal! We helped clean rooms in the summer, were hired in October as Management to watch the motel, but found out later that this job is only...
4.20 (67 reviews)
Burns Lake Spirit Square image
Burns Lake Spirit Square
City park
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Spirit Square is the main events arena for outdoor festivals for the Village of Burns Lake. Aboriginal Day opens on june 21 with events , Games. Fashion and dance. FOOD is free. Spirit square in the centre of Burns Lake has free camping, Free garbage bins for travellers, short term stay for workers...
4.40 (47 reviews)
Sunshine Inn image
Sunshine Inn
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Have stayed several times over the years, and find the facility provides modest, but clean and comfortable accommodation, with an added light, free breakfast (cereal, toast, muffins, fruit, juices and coffee, etc). My last visit I was overly pleased when, after leaving my purse in the room and not r...
3.80 (114 reviews)
Rod Reid Trail image
Rod Reid Trail
Hiking area
4.30 (32 reviews)
Lakeland Hotel image
Lakeland Hotel
πŸ‘ Couldn't believe the food. It looked appetizing but when we dug into it. It was bursting with the flavours expected. We ordered about 6 appetizers and was informed they were short some items on their menu. The water was amazing. The staff was professional and courteous as they took our order and was...
3.90 (58 reviews)
Wholesale Club Highway 16 image
Wholesale Club Highway 16
4.00 (35 reviews)
Tweedsmuir Hotel image
Tweedsmuir Hotel
3.90 (40 reviews)
Pan Handle Restaurant image
Pan Handle Restaurant
😠 I Paid over $70 for several plates of Chinese food, which appeared to be nothing but ichiban and sliced packaged sandwich meat. When I got home, I 1st thought it was a joke. But no. It was huge waste of money. Instead I ate an old sandwich and went to sleep hungry. Never ordering from there again....
3.40 (85 reviews)
Travellers Motel image
Travellers Motel
😠 This establishment is very racist, they turned my family and I away at a difficult time just because we are native. The Asian man at the front desk told us that β€œthere is an aboriginal owned hotel nearby.” And refused to give us a room. I am absolutely appalled and disgusted at this persons beha...
3.40 (49 reviews)
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