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M.T.L. Bagel image
M.T.L. Bagel
Bagel shop
👍👍 It was an interesting experience to see how the employee was getting the fresh dough dipped into sesame seeds and line them up in the wood firing oven. Pretty impressive! I can confirm that these bagels have this unique taste and texture that you do not normally come across. They have such a vari...
$ $$$
4.70 (501 reviews)
Pierre Elliott Trudeau Park image
Pierre Elliott Trudeau Park
City park with sports fields, water play areas & pedal boats, popular for picnics & family outings.
4.60 (700 reviews)
Nathan Shuster Park image
Nathan Shuster Park
🫤 The craziest part of the park was the POISON IVY!!!!!! in the trail. Right next to the kids' playground!!!! Plus, as you can see, there is a sign that is hidden by POISON IVY leaves!!!!!!!! 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 that sign that's hidden is before you enter the trail!!! There were mosquitoes everywhere. At on...
4.60 (342 reviews)
CineStarz Deluxe Cavendish image
CineStarz Deluxe Cavendish
Movie theater
👍👍 If all movie theatre could take exemple from this one, movies would be a better experience. Staff was very nice the theatre was well kept seats were amazing ! Let’s not forget the price is unbeatable! Keep up the great work ! A must come if you want to enjoy movies in a more enhanced and comfortable...
4.70 (166 reviews)
Côte St-Luc Bagel Kosher image
Côte St-Luc Bagel Kosher
👍👍 Best bagels in town ! You have to try the spicy ones ! Amazing sandwiches and pastries too. Always fresh.
$ $$$
4.70 (139 reviews)
Trent & Kingsley - InterRent image
Trent & Kingsley - InterRent
Apartment building
👍👍 I have absolutely enjoyed the customer service with this company. I just moved from the US and this was my first time in Canada. Jennifer was with me all the way and Danny who gave me the walk through was so gracious. Apartments are clean and spacious. I love it here and brag about CLV to my America...
4.50 (159 reviews)
Geek & Co image
Geek & Co
Game store
👍👍 I love that place it’s so cool and nice , Finally open in the area, very clean and organized place , love the way how the store set up , long time we are waiting to open in this area , guys , you must visit , you can find all what you need .
4.70 (100 reviews)
CSS GYM image
😠 Doesn't greet in the entrance, some machines are almost always broken so I couldn't use the machines I needed. *pre-COVID*
4.70 (96 reviews)
Fitness Factory Mtl image
Fitness Factory Mtl
Swimming school
👍👍 All of the instructors are great with the kids, and use a variety of swimming skills to get them swimming at their own comfort/pace. My son always go to the swim lessons happily, and I’ve seen such great progress in swimming skills and overall comfort in the water. His instructor is patient and very...
5.00 (62 reviews)
Bibliothèque publique Eleanor London Côte Saint-Luc Public Library image
Bibliothèque publique Eleanor London Côte Saint-Luc Public Library
Public library
👍 The library has many flowers, can relax with children
4.60 (110 reviews)
Adar Supermarket image
Adar Supermarket
Kosher grocery store
😠 Terrible store!!! They FOOL people with the price. Please check the price before.!!! Don’t recommend!!!
4.30 (235 reviews)
5501 Adalbert - Côte Saint-Luc Apartments image
5501 Adalbert - Côte Saint-Luc Apartments
Apartment building
😠 It was definitely a mistake choosing to live here. We have been living here for two months now, and it has been horrible . The apartment is nice; renovated and clean, but we cannot breathe fresh air here. Some tenants are smoking both cannabis and tobacco in the building, so if you have breathing/...
4.40 (150 reviews)
Richard Schwartz Park image
Richard Schwartz Park
👍 Small water park for kids, and there some exercise for adult as well.
4.50 (105 reviews)
Atelier 87 image
Atelier 87
👍👍 I started at Atelier 87 in May 2023 and I must say that it has been one of the best training experiences, from the welcoming team, the flexibility in adapting to my work schedule and the custom prepared workouts to reach my goals! Don't let the intimidating equipment fool you, Salomon and the traine...
4.80 (64 reviews)
Yitzhak Rabin Park image
Yitzhak Rabin Park
👍 Big and beautiful. Big places for the kids with boundaries and railings which insure the total safety of the kids. The kids compound is also smoking free. Another main attractions in the park is a pond with circulating water. A Senegal and a daycare are also attached to the park which makes the park...
4.50 (102 reviews)
West-End Cavendish Athletic Club image
West-End Cavendish Athletic Club
Athletic club
😠 Horrible gym, rude and dishonest staff. They state they don't "offer" a 30-day trial but it is not their choice. It is YOUR RIGHT. However the rude girl called Marge told me directly that they take 2 payments to make sure you cannot exercise your right. Furthermore it's in their contract and they fa...
4.40 (126 reviews)
Rembrandt Park image
Rembrandt Park
👍 You can see lots of bees here
4.50 (99 reviews)
Maimonides Geriatric Centre image
Maimonides Geriatric Centre
Senior citizen center
👍👍 I’ve volunteered at Maimonides in the M.I.S.S.I.V.E program. It was an amazing opportunity I would recommend the program to others as well as the location as a volunteering opportunity. The residents are friendly and greatfull to have us around.
4.20 (219 reviews)
Samuel Moskovitch Arena image
Samuel Moskovitch Arena
👍👍 Great place for ice skating, training your kids, and get fun with friends💯🔝❄️⛸️🥇🏆
4.30 (113 reviews)
Parc Kildare - CLV Group image
Parc Kildare - CLV Group
Apartment building
😠 Very unreliable and unprofessional! I applied for an apartment in 5775 Sir Walter and they immediately received $ 500 from me, but two days later they called me and said that despite the fact that your credit score is very good and we would like to have a tenant like you, but your current landlord h...
4.40 (87 reviews)
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