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José Martí Park image
José Martí Park
Paved plaza, surrounded by 19th-c. buildings, with a José Martí memorial & a bandstand.
4.50 (1.2K reviews)
Palacio de Valle image
Palacio de Valle
Cuban restaurant
Spanish-Moorish palace housing a seafood restaurant, historical exhibits & rooftop bar.
4.60 (308 reviews)
Malecón de Cienfuegos image
Malecón de Cienfuegos
Tourist attraction
👍👍 super spectacular, it has a beautiful view, you can have a nice time walking you can look at the sea for hours it is beautiful You can also visit bars and restaurants in front of the malecon , you can have a nice day and share with friends for free 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩I recommend visiting it...
4.50 (196 reviews)
Camila's Restaurant image
Camila's Restaurant
Cuban restaurant
🫤 The location was beautiful but the food is just not good at all. I’m really confused by all the positive reviews. It’s very expensive and really bad. This was the last night of our Cuba travels and we’re really sad we fell for this tourist trap.
4.40 (244 reviews)
Meliá San Carlos image
Meliá San Carlos
👍👍 What a nice friendly hotel . Very clean and well kept with excellent views across . Defiantly one of the better hotels we have stayed at . The bar is a bit pricey but in keeping with most hotels and the food is excellent !! The hotel and facilities were brilliant, the staff were more than helpful. T...
4.40 (238 reviews)
Hotel La Union, Affiliated by Meliá image
Hotel La Union, Affiliated by Meliá
Modest rooms & suites at a 19th-century hotel offering an outdoor pool & breakfast.
4.30 (305 reviews)
Villa Maria image
Villa Maria
👍👍 Highly recommend this place! We came here every day during our stay in Cienfuegos. We enjoyed the excellent and tasty food, the good service and the whole place. The owner and his mother are really nice, caring and helpful - thanks for everything!
4.60 (114 reviews)
Muelle Real image
Muelle Real
Historical landmark
4.40 (186 reviews)
2212 Restaurant & Bar image
2212 Restaurant & Bar
👍 Nice place for a nice dinner. One of the best ones I've visited in Cienfuegos. Inside they tend to have the A.C. very cold. I've always had my meals outside. Prices are in the average. Attendants are nice and English speakers (at least in my last visit) Menu is is Spanish and English I've liked the...
4.60 (110 reviews)
Tomas Terry Theater image
Tomas Terry Theater
Performing arts theater
👍👍 Rehabilitation is looking beautiful. Schedule to be completed April 2019
4.60 (88 reviews)
Restaurante Jota Jota image
Restaurante Jota Jota
👍👍 The place is excellent, the service and the food are very good.
5.00 (45 reviews)
Hostal Colonial Dagmara & Elias image
Hostal Colonial Dagmara & Elias
👍👍 Atención inmejorable y comida deliciosa en un lugar muy bonito y bien conservado.
4.90 (46 reviews)
Cienfuegos Dolphinarium image
Cienfuegos Dolphinarium
😠 When you're around ten years old, swimming with dolphins seems like one of the coolest things in the world. It is not: In the wild, dolphins swim up to 100 miles a day in a straight line. Here they don't have space! They are not happy while performing tricks and swimming with humans!! THEY ARE NOT...
4.30 (114 reviews)
Parque Villuendas image
Parque Villuendas
🫤 Filled with people trying to connect to the WiFi network. Too noisy.
4.40 (86 reviews)
Museo de las Artes Palacio Ferrer image
Museo de las Artes Palacio Ferrer
👍👍 Went there for the view, which is spectacular!
4.70 (52 reviews)
Plaza Libertador José Martí image
Plaza Libertador José Martí
Tourist attraction
4.60 (56 reviews)
Casa Prado Paladar image
Casa Prado Paladar
👍👍 We were on a hunt for a nice dinner and this place delivered. It's almost hidden but on the main street,so you'll manage. Push the door, grab a table and enjoy a good meal at a good price as well!
4.10 (148 reviews)
Punta Gorda Cienfuegos image
Punta Gorda Cienfuegos
👍👍 Cienfuegos is a sparkling city. It has different places to visit. I recommend spending at least one night in that beautiful city if you are going to visit El Nicho, it is the most comfortable. It is easy to navigate and there are many accommodation and restaurant options. Walking from the center, pa...
4.40 (71 reviews)
Playa Rancho Luna image
Playa Rancho Luna
👍👍 Very clean and crystal clear waters a good gastronomic service is open 24 hours a day The gastronomic service ends at 5 in the afternoon although with a previous reservation you can enjoy a dinner on the beach watching the sunset Something very romantic ....!
4.40 (70 reviews)
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