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S'TEA Bubble Tea - Aix en Provence image
S'TEA Bubble Tea - Aix en Provence
Bubble tea store
😠 Ordered two original boba milk teas without sugar and ice. Very disappointed with bland flavor diluted by water and not well cooked boba. As a big boba tea fan, I’ve never experienced this in other places like Taiwan, London, Paris or Amsterdam.
4.90 (981 reviews)
Urban Jump Aix-en-Provence image
Urban Jump Aix-en-Provence
Amusement center
👍👍 The service was really good and the english of the staff is perfect !
4.80 (2.2K reviews)
cosmopolitan factory image
cosmopolitan factory
Halal restaurant
👍👍 I highly recommend this place. One of the best burgers I have ever tried. Fresh ingredients, soft bun and extremely delicious. I loved Tiramisu as well. The chef is very kind and polite. This place is a must go when in Aix :).
4.90 (414 reviews)
Book In Bar - Librairie et café image
Book In Bar - Librairie et café
Book store
👍👍 The staff is super friendly and the atmosphere is great! ❤️ Just what you want from a cozy bookstore & café! ☕ The bookstore has a great selection of genres and languages, and the café is quiet and cosy. Definitely recommend! 📚
4.80 (803 reviews)
BubbleStop - Aix image
BubbleStop - Aix
Tea house
👍👍 good bubble tea ! ps : the guy with glasses doesn’t work here anymore ?? he was my crush ! :,(
$ $$$
4.80 (784 reviews)
La verrerie givrée image
La verrerie givrée
Ice cream shop
👍👍 The owner Denis used to juggle with molecules during his life as a chemical engineer for a big french corporation. Having swapped the atoms and ions for fresh fruit and local ingredients, he delights us with real ice cream packed with flavor and texture. Everything is homemade from the sorbets to th...
4.90 (378 reviews)
Empanadas Club image
Empanadas Club
Argentinian restaurant
👍👍 Delicious empanadas. You have 3 options for vegetarians that are quite good and having 3 per person is quite filling. Definitely a good stop for lunch when most other places are crowded.
4.80 (681 reviews)
NIRO by Le Gambetta - Restaurant Aix en Provence image
NIRO by Le Gambetta - Restaurant Aix en Provence
👍👍 We’ve been in France almost a month and have eaten out 1-2 times a day. This was in the top 3 meals we’ve had! The pea soup Amuse Bouche was quite a surprise since neither of us like peas!!! Hubby had the lamb with Goji berries and I had the spelt risotto with prawns! Both were amazing!! We also sha...
$$ $$
4.80 (653 reviews)
Prime Time - Aix en Provence image
Prime Time - Aix en Provence
Watch store
👍👍 An excellent store, if not the best. I went all over the region to find a gift for my dad's birthday. An absolutely perfect team. They were able to advise me from A to Z, they even changed the strap of the watch I wanted so that it was unique and above all so that it was 100% what my dad wanted. Th...
4.90 (348 reviews)
Sauvage image
4.90 (346 reviews)
La Cabane en Ville ( Vegan ) image
La Cabane en Ville ( Vegan )
Vegan restaurant
Vegan specialties & desserts are dished up in this down-home, intimate restaurant.
4.90 (345 reviews)
Metabolik Social Sports Club Aix-en-Provence image
Metabolik Social Sports Club Aix-en-Provence
Sports club
😐 I live close to the Aix city center and needed a gym. I checked out many gyms in the area and Metabolik is the best. Even though it is much better than other gyms, it is not yet my perfect gym. Here is some information: PROS: 1. Excellent equipment and enough area to do absolutely everything you w...
4.80 (571 reviews)
Climb Up Aix - Les Milles image
Climb Up Aix - Les Milles
Rock climbing gym
👍👍 Great gym for the experienced or semi-regular bouldering enthusiasts! One of the best gyms I have experienced in France! Too awesome!
4.80 (544 reviews)
Yasumi Matcha image
Yasumi Matcha
👍 Go for the traditional matcha. Tried matcha with the oat milk and it was a little on the sour side (you'll know if you're a bit picky about oat milk) overall a nice shop with good service and nice cakes
5.00 (234 reviews)
Betty's Resto brunch &lunch image
Betty's Resto brunch &lunch
American restaurant
👍👍 I love it a thousand times! The food is super delicious, the service and welcoming spirit, the American decorations are awesome. I am Vietnamese and I love everything about this restaurant. I strongly recommend it!
4.80 (538 reviews)
Naruto image
Japanese restaurant
Sushi, ramen, miso soup & Japanese pancakes served in a compact space with a relaxed atmosphere.
$$ $$
4.70 (1.3K reviews)
La plume végétale image
La plume végétale
Vegan restaurant
👍👍 J'ai adoré et j'ai hâte d'y retourner. Un lieu aussi cosy que mignon ou on se sent bien seule (ou accompagner). La nourriture est délicieuse. On sent que les plats et les recettes sont étudié : le goûts, la texture et les couleurs sont là. Personnellement je suis vegan et c'est un bonheur. Mais vega...
4.90 (317 reviews)
Pimp my Burger image
Pimp my Burger
👍👍 If you are looking for a quality hamburger made with all local products and phenomenal service, all at a great price, this is the place for you!
4.90 (299 reviews)
Yves Restaurant image
Yves Restaurant
👍👍 It’s an one man operation, yet very efficient. Very delicious and fresh food and friendly reception. The price is also right too! Highly recommend, it’s such a hidden gem in Aix. Will come back next time when in Aix.
4.90 (293 reviews)
Kyoto le petit japon image
Kyoto le petit japon
Japanese restaurant
Traditional Japanese food with a modern twist served in a bright venue with traditional lanterns.
$$ $$
4.70 (967 reviews)
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