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Discover the best places in Flores, curated using our unique algorithm blending 'Top Rated' and 'Most Reviewed' establishments. Uncover the city's gems and must-visit locales for an unforgettable experience. Please note that certain places categories are intentionally excluded to ensure a refined selection. Ratings are based from 207 places in the city.

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Tikal National Park image
Tikal National Park
National park
Expansive jungle setting featuring Mayan temples & ceremonial ruins dating to 900 BCE.
4.90 (7.7K reviews)
Templo IV, Tikal image
Templo IV, Tikal
Historical landmark
Visitors can climb this Mayan pyramid, built ~741 CE & the tallest of its kind, for sunrise views.
4.90 (1.5K reviews)
Las Lagunas Boutique Hotel image
Las Lagunas Boutique Hotel
Posh rainforest hotel offering relaxed suites in wood bungalows, plus chic dining & an outdoor pool.
4.90 (888 reviews)
The Great Jaguar Tikal image
The Great Jaguar Tikal
Historical landmark
World Heritage Site featuring a storied temple of architectural & archaeological importance.
4.90 (882 reviews)
The Lost World image
The Lost World
Archaeological site
Elaborate Mayan complex dating back to CE 250, aligned astronomically & including Great Pyramid.
4.90 (505 reviews)
TIKAL National Park image
TIKAL National Park
National park
575 sq km of jungle terrain with thousands of ancient Maya structures, including the city of Tikal.
4.80 (1.1K reviews)
Yaxha National Park image
Yaxha National Park
National park
👍👍 I can't believe this doesn't get as much attention as Tikal. It is absolutely beautiful. The temples go up so high and the views are even more beautiful. Well maintained, affordable, and kind employees.
4.80 (827 reviews)
Flores Island (Guatemala) image
Flores Island (Guatemala)
Small, charming island in Lake Peten Itza in northern Guatemala dotted with resorts & lodges.
4.80 (528 reviews)
Bistro Puertas del Cielo image
Bistro Puertas del Cielo
👍👍 The best hidden gem in all of Flores. The food was tantalizing and made me regret only being in Flores one night. However, the best part of the night was how the Chef/Owner Bernie, made our food with such gusto and passion that you could taste his love of cooking and hosting. He knew just from a sim...
4.80 (343 reviews)
Hotel Villa Maya image
Hotel Villa Maya
Eco-chic rooms with balconies in a relaxed hotel offering an international restaurant & 2 pools.
4.70 (521 reviews)
Restaurante Raices image
Restaurante Raices
👍👍 Genial experiencia!!! Te llevan en barco hacia el restaurante al otro lado del lago, vista espectacular, comida exquisita. Súper recomendado! 💯
$$ $$
4.60 (1.2K reviews)
Mirador Rey Canek image
Mirador Rey Canek
Observation deck
👍👍 The best to look out in all of Flores! This amazing viewpoint is located in a remote and serene part of San Miguel, and it only takes a short 15 minute walk from the lake shore to get here. This is a wonderful spot to watch the sunrise or sunset, or just to get an amazing view of Flores Island. Make...
4.70 (407 reviews)
Lago Peten Itza image
Lago Peten Itza
Natural water body known for the numerous remnants of Maya civilization in its surrounds.
4.70 (307 reviews)
Historical landmark
👍👍 Es un lugar muy bello, muy lindo ambiente, lo recomiendo para pasear y para el rato
4.70 (276 reviews)
Restaurante Raíces del Lago image
Restaurante Raíces del Lago
👍👍 Wonderful restaurant, we took the boat to the other side of the restaurant across the lake. Enjoyed the food and service
4.70 (245 reviews)
Parque Central image
Parque Central
👍👍 Beautiful park on the Isla de Flores, with a large hut and pleasant views of Lake Petén Itzá. Space to walk, taste delicious tacos and juices.
4.50 (717 reviews)
Alice Guesthouse & Restaurant image
Alice Guesthouse & Restaurant
👍👍 Backpackers Jungle Dream-house! The owners are French and super welcoming. The food was delicious and unexpected to find in the jungle! We stayed one night and loved it here. 10/10 would recommend while traveling to Tikal National Park. They arranged a shuttle to the park in the morning and were hel...
4.70 (228 reviews)
Hotel La Casona del Lago image
Hotel La Casona del Lago
Indoor lodging
🫤 Great location and the atmosphere. The service of the staff is also good. But I have to say that the chicken was very dry and the bread as well. I wouldn’t eat here again.
4.50 (611 reviews)
La Casa de Enrico image
La Casa de Enrico
👍👍 Great place for local Mayan dishes. I had "pollo en kol" and found it more enjoyable than any of the Mayan dishes I'd tried in the Guatemalan highlands. View is great too. Highly recommend restaurant!
$$ $$
4.60 (321 reviews)
Sitio Arqueologico Yaxha image
Sitio Arqueologico Yaxha
👍👍 The place is better accessr with a tall car, not necessary 4x4 but tall. The facilities have basic services and are in excellent condition. Now, the paths within the park are very well marked. To go up to the viewpoints, you must climb several stairs, so I recommend not doing it with any knee, heel...
4.90 (132 reviews)
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