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Experience the best that Lithuania has to offer with our curated list of top-rated places. Sorted by average review scores from venues boasting over 30 reviews, these establishments promise exceptional quality and experiences to elevate your visit in the city. This list contains 745 places from Hotel category.

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Alantos Žirgai - Sodybos ir namelių nuoma image
Alantos Žirgai - Sodybos ir namelių nuoma
Holiday home
👍👍 The owners of this amazing place invite me for a coffee and delicious meal in there house next to the lake. They have 2 beautiful houses for rent in great location where you can enjoy from quiet atmosphere and simply to relax. I really like the countryside of Lithuania and no doubt that this place i...
5.00 (95 reviews)
Heritage House image
Heritage House
👍👍 Exceptional interior wonderful old fachwerk house. Nicely furnished and equipped, would definitely recommend to anyone.
5.00 (34 reviews)
Vila Viesai - sodybos nuoma - Trakų r. image
Vila Viesai - sodybos nuoma - Trakų r.
👍👍 What a beautiful setting for our son's wedding. An excellent and memorable experience for all those of us who participated in this unique event.
4.90 (385 reviews)
Senamiesčio apartamentai image
Senamiesčio apartamentai
👍👍 Very clean, very cosy, tasty breakfast. Lovely and polite people. Feel’s like at home. Also there’s place to keep the motorcycle safe overnight. Overall the best place in town. Very recomended.
4.90 (209 reviews)
Palaima Hotel image
Palaima Hotel
👍👍 Amazing place and host. We booked via phone on last minute and host greeted as so warmhearted. Wonderful surroundings, so quiet and peacful, perfect for romantic getaway. Very cozy and modern rooms. Very delicious and high class dinner at the restaurant, compliments to chef. Sauna 🔝👌 recommended...
4.90 (191 reviews)
Senosios Geguzines ukis image
Senosios Geguzines ukis
4.90 (167 reviews)
Apartamentai Liepų 16 image
Apartamentai Liepų 16
Holiday apartment
👍👍 Cozy and with lots of space, very much like in the pictures. The room has lots of stuff one might need - an iron and an ironing board, coffee, spices, cups, cooking pan, etc. It is very tidy and clean. Also, the staff is really helpful and nice. It is about 15 minutes by foot to the beach and the ci...
4.90 (135 reviews)
Vila Epušė image
Vila Epušė
Laid-back apartment hotel offering a garden, BBQs & a playground, plus loaner bikes.
4.90 (131 reviews)
Mister Fox image
Mister Fox
Guest house
👍👍 Wonderful house - one of the best trips so ever, highly recommended! We‘ve spent the Christmas holidays there with my family and other friends - we rented three apartments in the house and all had amazing time there. The city is just lovely, the house is located within the walking distance from ever...
4.90 (99 reviews)
Sodyba-Žirgynas "Virš Ąžuolų" image
Sodyba-Žirgynas "Virš Ąžuolų"
👍👍 Ok
4.90 (97 reviews)
Winemaker farmstead "Roksala" image
Winemaker farmstead "Roksala"
👍👍 Amazing place! Lithuanian wine heritage and degustation. Host and his family are very hospitable. Highly recommend if you'll ever be in Rokiskis or around!
4.90 (94 reviews)
Beržų slėnis image
Beržų slėnis
👍👍 Labai rami ir graži vieta! Visą vietą apima gamta, kurioje įtrauktą, ežeras kuriame galima maudytis! Galima išsikepti šašlykų nes yra lauko krosnis!( Tą darėme mes ) namai patogūs atsiveria gamtiškas vaizdas. Galima net tikrą biliardą pažaisti! Ir savininkas labai malonos tik žodis ir padarys tai!
4.90 (88 reviews)
Inga Vacation House image
Inga Vacation House
4.90 (85 reviews)
Tech Spa image
Tech Spa
👍👍 Wonderful place to stay in Druskininkai. Newly opened Tech Spa offers lovely rooms, open very well equiped kitchens in both floors, creative co-working space with separate meeting rooms and above all the terrace with inspiring view to the lake and park. Calm, clean and creative space. Family and pet...
4.90 (81 reviews)
Asian Magnolia Boutique Apartments image
Asian Magnolia Boutique Apartments
👍👍 Great apartments in a very good location. Everything is perfect
4.90 (79 reviews)
Loriko sodyba (kaimo turizmas) image
Loriko sodyba (kaimo turizmas)
👍👍 Homestead very close to Vilnius. Tucked away in the middle of a beautiful forest, with all the amenities you need and an amazing hot tub! Would visit again!
4.90 (69 reviews)
Sodyba Puodžių Kaimas image
Sodyba Puodžių Kaimas
4.90 (64 reviews)
Uzulapis, Sodyba image
Uzulapis, Sodyba
Country house
👍👍 Nors į sodybą vykau jau tamsią naktį, bet viskas ženklai taip puikiai sustatyti, kad ir visiškai nesiorientuojantis pilietis nepraleis šios sodybos. Net ir vietą karietoms nurodo didelė mėlyna „P“. Iki veiksmo eiti kažkokiais žvėrių takais ar lysve irgi neteks – tam yra preciziškai akmenimis išgrįst...
4.90 (61 reviews)
Villa Jurate image
Villa Jurate
Extended stay hotel
👍👍 No complaints whatsoever!! The location, spaces, cleanliness, tranquility, dedication of the owners to their work are all appreciated! Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to celebrate the most important holiday of our life in this homestead, we will remember this weekend for the rest o...
4.90 (56 reviews)
R. Valinskio prekybos imone image
R. Valinskio prekybos imone
Banquet hall
👍👍 Jauki, šilta aplinka, puiki salė, labai skanus maistas .Ačiū
4.90 (55 reviews)
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