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Dutchman's Cap image
Dutchman's Cap
Tourist attraction
👍👍 A famous seaside view place amongst locals. Parking is paid in summer and around 300m walk from it to observation deck. There is also bicycle lane leading to the place from Klaipeda - round trip of ~25km
4.90 (2.7K reviews)
Pūčkorių atodanga image
Pūčkorių atodanga
Observation deck
Wooden viewing platform in a range of forested hills, accessed by a popular walking & cycling path.
4.90 (2.7K reviews)
The Shrine of Divine Mercy image
The Shrine of Divine Mercy
Catholic church
👍👍 The message of Divine Mercy will be what ushers in the final coming of Christ. If you are in Vilnius this is a must see. The original Divine Mercy Image painting as described by Jesus Christ to Saint Faustina lives in Vilnius. Jesus asked Saint Faustina to have an image painted with "Jesus I tr...
4.90 (1.1K reviews)
Kartodromas "Kartlandas Max", Savanorių pr. 178B, Vilnius image
Kartodromas "Kartlandas Max", Savanorių pr. 178B, Vilnius
Go-kart track
👍👍 Great track, fun electric go karts and reasonable prices
4.90 (1K reviews)
Pirmas Blynas image
Pirmas Blynas
Pancake restaurant
Unfussy restaurant specializing in inventive sweet & savory pancakes, plus vegan options.
$ $$$
4.90 (1K reviews)
Sudargas mounds image
Sudargas mounds
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Nowhere else in Lithuania will you see such a panorama as here - from the Vorpilis Hillfort. Right at the foot of it lies the gray-blue strip of the Nemunas River. If the day is clear and the visibility is good, beyond the Nemunas, you can even catch a glimpse of the Tauragė chimneys located over 30...
4.90 (1K reviews)
Automuziejus Vilnius image
Automuziejus Vilnius
👍👍 There are quite a few museums that are worth visiting in Vilnius, but this one tops the cake. Actually, this museum should rather be considered an art gallery: it has more masterpieces in one place than any other institution in the Baltic States. If you're into cars, industrial design or beautiful...
4.90 (958 reviews)
Dukštai educational trail image
Dukštai educational trail
Hiking area
👍👍 Amazing trail, although quite challenging if walking with small children. At the end of the trail, the recorded distance was around 5km and 36 floors climbed!! Great picturesque area with several rest areas to enjoy the view or have a quick picnic.
4.90 (933 reviews)
Angolo Italiano - Gelateria Caffè image
Angolo Italiano - Gelateria Caffè
Coffee shop
👍👍 The only authentic gelato in Kaunas (at least for now). Alessandro is a real master, his ice cream is really among the best you can find in the world, not just in Kaunas. Also, good and cheap espresso.
5.00 (449 reviews)
Burger Factory image
Burger Factory
👍👍 One of the best burgers in town. Special is really special 🤤
$$ $$
4.90 (881 reviews)
Bernardine Garden image
Bernardine Garden
Chess tables, a play area & musical fountain shows are some highlights of this riverfront park.
4.80 (16.9K reviews)
Vilnius Cathedral image
Vilnius Cathedral
Catholic cathedral
Classical-style Roman Catholic cathedral on an old pagan temple site with 11 side chapels.
4.80 (15K reviews)
Curonian Spit National Park image
Curonian Spit National Park
National park
Nature preserve with forests & a long, sandy seashore said to have been poured by a girl giant.
4.80 (11.4K reviews)
Lietuvos jūrų muziejus ir delfinariumas image
Lietuvos jūrų muziejus ir delfinariumas
In addition to dolphin, seal & sea lion shows, this maritime museum offers an aquarium & cafe.
4.80 (7.3K reviews)
White Rose's Bridge image
White Rose's Bridge
😠 my friend jumped down, turns out he didint survive
4.90 (779 reviews)
Musical fountain image
Musical fountain
Tourist attraction
4.80 (5.6K reviews)
Kirkilai Lakes and Observation Tower image
Kirkilai Lakes and Observation Tower
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Lovely views to the karst lakes and a beautiful crescent shaped observation tower. A must see spot if you're in Biržai area.
4.80 (5.6K reviews)
Labanoras regional park tower image
Labanoras regional park tower
Observation deck
👍👍 Driving to the tower through the forest and suddenly coming across this gigantic tower, was such a amazing surprise. The forest is so dense and wild, in fact we saw a reindeer sprinting right in front of our car whilst driving there. Going up the stairs was the biggest challenge but so rewarding wit...
4.80 (5.2K reviews)
Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre image
Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre
Performing arts theater
👍👍 if you visit Vilnius, you must come here and see. an interesting place to extend the evening with great music and friends. The most amazing place in Vilnius
4.80 (5K reviews)
The Hillforts of Kernave image
The Hillforts of Kernave
Historical landmark
👍👍 This place is so interesting and so beautiful, the views are gorgeous. We also liked the open air museum with historical farm houses. We arrived at approx 14:30 and it was quite busy, so I think it’s better to arrive later in the afternoon or before noon. Entrance was free in april. We spent 2,5 hou...
4.80 (4.6K reviews)
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