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Experience the best that Vilnius has to offer with our curated list of top-rated places. Sorted by average review scores from venues boasting over 30 reviews, these establishments promise exceptional quality and experiences to elevate your visit in the city. Ratings are based from 2.7K places in the city.

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Collectibles store
👍👍 Perfect but limited quantity for group purchase
5.00 (651 reviews)
Skincéll Clinic image
Skincéll Clinic
👍👍 Patirtis po šiandien atliktos lūpų putlinimo procedūros yra puiki. Nei mėlynių, nei sutinimo, nei asimetrijos. Natūralus vaizdas. Likau labai patenkinta. Procedūrą atliko Karolina 🤍
5.00 (250 reviews)
Espresinė image
Coffee shop
👍👍 The best coffee shop in Vilnius I've visited. Not only because of the great quality of coffee and variety of choices from tasty desserts but mainly because of the friendly service. The atmosphere which is made by people behind the bar makes you feel like they care about you and they apprecciate you...
5.00 (246 reviews)
Gėlių Gatvės Keramika image
Gėlių Gatvės Keramika
Art studio
👍👍 Very cozy and quiet environment! I would recommend coming here :))
5.00 (231 reviews)
Brasa CrossFit image
Brasa CrossFit
Sports club
👍👍 Brasa Crossfit is a great box for everyone looking for a community, high integrity coaches and great fun workouts! I first started going to crossfit here and I before that I had doubt whether I could do it at all. I am very happy that all the coaches help you to improve towards your personal goals -...
5.00 (208 reviews)
Yama sushi, Vilnius image
Yama sushi, Vilnius
Japanese restaurant
👍👍 Review update: one year later, and quality of the food is still high! Didint' expect such a cafe to be in such abinconspicuous place. Everything was great, starting from quality packaging and paper napkins, ending with delicious, non-standard sushi with fresh seafood and vegetables. One minus - inco...
5.00 (176 reviews)
Skin Olympus Clinic, UAB image
Skin Olympus Clinic, UAB
Medical clinic
👍👍 Esu be galo patenkinta gydytojos Andres profesionalumu, švelnumu, bei palaikymu viso gydymo metu. Aknės gydymas truko daugiau nei metus, o viso jo metu, sulaukdavau gydytojos gerų sprendimų gydyti mano veido odą. Jaučiausi rūpima, jog atsižvelgia į mano nuomonę ir konsultuojasi. Labai profesionalus...
5.00 (143 reviews)
RIBAS Jewellery image
RIBAS Jewellery
Jewelry store
👍👍 Would recommend this place to anyone. The service from start to finish was superb - with quick replies to all my questions via email (I live abroad). In this specific instance something unfortunate happened and after paying for the item in question (over 2365 Euros) I asked for a refund - 1 working...
5.00 (126 reviews)
Hair Cocktail Bar image
Hair Cocktail Bar
Beauty salon
👍👍 Cosy place. Has that vibe of Uzupis. Very friendly staff.
5.00 (124 reviews)
A-Force BJJ Lithuania image
A-Force BJJ Lithuania
Martial arts school
👍👍 I had an amazing experience at A-Force BJJ Lithuania and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The coaches are incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about the sport, and the atmosphere in the gym is welcoming and supportive. Whether you're a beginner or an exper...
5.00 (122 reviews)
v2o aukštoji juvelyrika image
v2o aukštoji juvelyrika
Jewelry store
👍👍 Great artwork jewelry.
5.00 (119 reviews)
HADO Arena Vilnius image
HADO Arena Vilnius
Amusement center
👍👍 Great experience! I strongly recommend; super immersive game. I am not big fan of VR but after few seconds I got really into it! Staff is really friendly and pedagogical especialy with my kids
5.00 (108 reviews)
Šviesi Klinika image
Šviesi Klinika
Dental clinic
👍👍 Conveniently located. We look forward to it.
5.00 (105 reviews)
Noriu Noriu Noriu image
Noriu Noriu Noriu
Gift shop
5.00 (102 reviews)
Coffee shop
👍👍 This is a cosy coffee place with wonderful service and delicious coffee. It is open on Saturdays unlike the opening hours section suggests and there are very few customers, which is a bit surprising as I’d be in every morning if I lived in the neighbourhood.
5.00 (95 reviews)
CrossFit Laisve image
CrossFit Laisve
Sports club
👍👍 Super professional coaching with clear instructions. The warm up was a specific preperation for the weightlifting part in the workout and we did some stretching afterwards. The box is very clean, has high hygiene standards and the communication via Facebook was super fast and easy (got a reply withi...
5.00 (93 reviews)
Kavos Reikalai image
Kavos Reikalai
Coffee store
👍👍 Another place to return. Great coffee, atmosphere, place around; sweet sweets ;)
5.00 (92 reviews)
CBD aliejus | Šveicariški kanapių produktai - Hempo image
CBD aliejus | Šveicariški kanapių produktai - Hempo
Vitamin & supplements store
👍👍 I started using hemp CBD oil three years ago. Out of curiosity, I also tried CBD oils offered by other manufacturers during this period, but in the end I decided to return to Hemp. Although it is not a cheap product, the effect it provides is worth every euro. I recommend CBD Full Spectrum Oil to an...
5.00 (88 reviews)
Tinklinio Akademija image
Tinklinio Akademija
Volleyball club
👍👍 I made a lot of new friends, the training is great, the trainers pay a lot of attention, tell me about mistakes, give advice on what to do to correct them, a lot of activities, there is always something to do, the food is very tasty, the rooms are amazing.
5.00 (87 reviews)
Muzikos magijos klubas image
Muzikos magijos klubas
Event venue
👍👍 Great musical evening in a very friendly atmosphere. I discovered plenty.
5.00 (85 reviews)
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