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Discover the best places in Mauritania, curated using our unique algorithm blending 'Top Rated' and 'Most Reviewed' establishments. Uncover the city's gems and must-visit locales for an unforgettable experience. Please note that certain places categories are intentionally excluded to ensure a refined selection. Ratings are based from 308 places in the country.

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TimeForMauritania Tour Operator image
TimeForMauritania Tour Operator
Tour agency
5.00 (89 reviews)
😐 Nice rooms, very nice pool and outside area inside the hotel. Friendly staff, food was more or less ok.... And well.. It's Mauritania 🤷not allowed to go outside the hotel, females not allowed to swim in the pool or show bare shoulders. this was a necessary work trip. Do NOT go here as a tourist unl...
4.20 (556 reviews)
Banc d'Arguin National Park image
Banc d'Arguin National Park
National park
Nature reserve featuring a diverse population of migratory birds & important coastal fisheries.
4.40 (129 reviews)
مطعم بالاسيو Palacio image
مطعم بالاسيو Palacio
👍👍 The most amazing restaurant in Mauretania! (And quite cheap).
4.10 (316 reviews)
مطعم تفاريت image
مطعم تفاريت
😠 Frozen shrimps over fried until they were un-chewable, rubber-like. Extremely bad seafood at this restaurant. Their calamari are over cooked and prices are very expensive for what you’re getting.
4.10 (234 reviews)
فندق انواكشوط image
فندق انواكشوط
😐 This hotel doesn’t represent the minimum for a 4-star hotel. Even though it’s located in a very central area of Nouakchott, this hotel still lacks the basics to be a 4-star hotel. I tried the breakfast and other meals at this restaurant and I realised that they are far behind to be called a 4-star h...
4.10 (232 reviews)
مطار انواكشوط الدولي image
مطار انواكشوط الدولي
International airport
4.00 (443 reviews)
Mauricenter Hotel image
Mauricenter Hotel
🫤 Basic hotel in a basic country - gentle staff and good basic food. WiFi available and generally clean. Better not to have high expectations of the 4 stars they advertise so you won’t be disappointed. On the other hand I’m sure you could do much worse in this town, so it’s actually ok but n the grand...
4.00 (343 reviews)
Mauritanian National Museum image
Mauritanian National Museum
👍 Museum was really great although almost all of the information is in French or Arabic (two signs had some English). There's a really interesting collection of artifacts and on the second floor they have a cool model of traditional architecture in Oulata. One negative though is that we were almost ki...
4.20 (125 reviews)
O Délice image
O Délice
👍👍 I really recommend O'délice. It's a good restaurant.
4.30 (94 reviews)
Roana Café image
Roana Café
😠 Extremely poor quality of food
4.00 (274 reviews)
Maison d Hotes Jeloua image
Maison d Hotes Jeloua
👍👍 Very friendly staff and attentive to customers, an excellent stay in this peaceful place. Quality breakfast, fresh fruit juice prepared before our eyes. That happiness! Friendliness and friendliness are the key words of Olivia the owner. An unforgettable place, to recommend. A big thank you for thi...
4.30 (92 reviews)
Semiramis Hotel Centre Ville image
Semiramis Hotel Centre Ville
👍👍 Reception is efficient, my room was pristine clean and comfortable with fast Wi-Fi and all the facilities you would expect in a world-class 4 star hotel.
4.20 (101 reviews)
Galerie Zeinart image
Galerie Zeinart
Art gallery
👍👍 Galerie Zeinart is an oasis of peace and good taste in a dusty and sometimes overwhelming Nouakchott. Its Portuguese owner, Isabel, is warm and engaging and a great source of local knowledge. The art on display is curated with great care and offers a good insight into Mauritanian and regional art sc...
4.10 (121 reviews)
Al Khaima City Center عمارة الخيمة image
Al Khaima City Center عمارة الخيمة
😠 Terrible Service, Unreliable and Overcharging clients. They were supposed to come to the airport to pick me up but they didn't send an email or anything information and didn't show up. I was there all alone at 0130 hrs. I had to borrow a phone from a local to call them and instead of apologising the...
4.10 (120 reviews)
Timeless image
🫤 They have the passion but they lack practice, they need to improve their cooking skills. The food was, unfortunately, horrible. The next time someone invited me here, I will only order plain still water.
4.00 (171 reviews)
Olympic Stadium image
Olympic Stadium
3.90 (298 reviews)
Auberge Triskell Nouakchott image
Auberge Triskell Nouakchott
👍👍 One of the best hostels / Auberge in Mauritania. This feels like base camp for where you begin and end your adventures in Mauritania! There has been put so much love in that place, it feels great and like coming home to your family. So many nice people that work there and come together at Le Triskel...
4.20 (89 reviews)
Le Soultane image
Le Soultane
😐 Nice place to have lunch at the beach but very limited menu choices I wouldn't recommend the tents though!
4.30 (72 reviews)
Multi day tour in Mauritania 🇲🇷 image
Multi day tour in Mauritania 🇲🇷
Travel agency
5.00 (31 reviews)
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