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Capelle and Partner image
Capelle and Partner
Shopping mall
πŸ‘ With a new cafe out the front, Capelles is now looking fresher than it has for a long while. The supermarket is usually well stocked, and it has both electronics and clothing departments upstairs. By the look of the front (September 2016) they have even more renovations going on. December 2016: The...
4.50 (117 reviews)
The Bay Restaurant image
The Bay Restaurant
πŸ‘πŸ‘ The Bay is the definitive dinner and drinks destination in Nauru. Frequented by both locals and expats, it serves consistently high quality food and the biggest selection of drinks, although still subject to the fickle and periodic nature of imports. Perfect out front at sunset, if you can snag a s...
4.30 (101 reviews)
Ewa Lodge image
Ewa Lodge
Serviced accommodation
πŸ‘πŸ‘ THE place to stay in Nauru. Berlinda, who manages the hotel, was amazing and accommodated my every request. The convenience of having the supermarket, cafe and bakery was fantastic! The lodge is opposite the beach and a lovely way to spend the day.
4.20 (114 reviews)
Nauru International Airport image
Nauru International Airport
International airport
🫀 This has got to be one of the least resourced international airports in the world - but don’t worry your plane won’t fall out of the sky because the planes never stay on the island for more than a few hours at a time and are maintained in other countries. The staff are however well trained and take...
4.00 (182 reviews)
Geography of Nauru image
Geography of Nauru
😠 The island is beautiful, however there is a darker reality under the surface of the beauty. A little back story that unfortunately is the result of greed and bad financial choices by both its people (at the time) and it’s government. Nauru was famous for a very special type of phosphate found ther...
4.10 (89 reviews)
Menen Hotel image
Menen Hotel
😠 Disgraceful. Booked Ocean View and confirmed (visited room a few days prior) only to be told room under renovation when I checked in. Moved to old workers cabin. Went back when large group checked in that evening and General Manager was checking guests into my room that was β€œunder renovation” - obvi...
3.70 (251 reviews)
Jules On The Deck image
Jules On The Deck
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Been to this place for at least 4 times in the past and it was awesome. If you are visiting Nauru and want to find a place to hang out drinking with friends etc. I guarantee you will love this place.
4.00 (68 reviews)
OMG Sushi Restaurant image
OMG Sushi Restaurant
😠 There is never any food cause Ramad eats all the fish straight from the ocean.
4.10 (48 reviews)
Budapest Hotel image
Budapest Hotel
Utilitarian oceanside lodging featuring free Wi-Fi, kitchenettes & washers, plus 24/7 security.
3.80 (99 reviews)
Eigigu Supermarket image
Eigigu Supermarket
Grocery store
😐 Located inside the Civic Centre, generally low prices. Google maps has the location wrong, but that probably doesn't affect most people because everyone knows where it actually is. Stock can be limited, but dairy is usually available including cheese, fresh milk, yoghurt, cream and butter. Mostly...
3.80 (61 reviews)
Pacific store image
Pacific store
Grocery store
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Better than Atlantic Store thats for sure
3.90 (46 reviews)
Od-N Aiwo Hotel image
Od-N Aiwo Hotel
πŸ‘ Was sailing around the world. Stopped for a bite and a PBR the bar…met a is history. Still live on the island and have 17 kids.
3.60 (85 reviews)
Nauru Phosphate Corporation image
Nauru Phosphate Corporation
😠 Too bad they ruined the economy of the whole country and it's now too rugged to build or farm on... thanks guys
3.70 (48 reviews)
Zombies Store image
Zombies Store
General store
πŸ‘ Great fun for the whole family. Need more bread. Cashier was great and the service was yummy. The only problem I had was the lack of real zombies. Identity theft is not a joke Jim.
3.70 (33 reviews)
Nauru Australian Immigration Detention Center image
Nauru Australian Immigration Detention Center
Immigration detention centre
πŸ‘πŸ‘ Lovely service. After the 5 years I was meant to stay there they decided that they wanted me to stay for another 38 years because I was really nice. When I finished my time in there they were really nice and only whipped me 13 times instead of 42 and they gave me 26 whole grains of rice!
2.40 (240 reviews)
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