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Oost-Afrikaans restaurant Asmara image
Oost-Afrikaans restaurant Asmara
Ethiopian restaurant
Casual Ethiopian option featuring a classic menu, playful murals & traditional decor accents.
$$ $$
4.80 (741 reviews)
Takumi Ramen Eindhoven Kerkstraat image
Takumi Ramen Eindhoven Kerkstraat
Ramen restaurant
👍👍 Queue in Eindhoven!? That is rare! I have to say it is worth the queue, the broth is dense, flavorful but not too salty, the noodles are cooked just right. It really is one of the best ramen places there is. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Highly recommend.
$$ $$
4.70 (1.6K reviews)
Zarzo image
👍👍 I was for lunch here. When you come to such place you know what to expect and it deserves the raining * l. All was great and I can recommend tenderloin especially. Very kind service. If you are not local and have no parking card it is hard to find any parking in the area. All works via app or for...
4.80 (475 reviews)
Restaurant De Luytervelde image
Restaurant De Luytervelde
👍👍 A nice restaurant to celebrate a special occasion or just have a little treat to yourself! Very friendly staff, interesting menu which gets updated seasonally. Will be definitely coming back to try the new seasonal menu
4.80 (449 reviews)
The Food Corner image
The Food Corner
👍👍 We love the food corner dishes, all the dishes are delicious and out of this world. I haven’t tasted Italian food this good before. The sauces are specialized and like signature sauces. We ordered the crispy chicken wrap, crunchy fries, pasta and salad, everything was delicious and we totally loved...
4.90 (284 reviews)
Gezana Eritrean Restaurant image
Gezana Eritrean Restaurant
👍👍 We visited this restaurant and had such a delightful culinary experience. The ambiance was cozy and authentically decorated, offering different seating options. If you wish to experience authentic Eritrean-Ethiopian food - then this is the restaurant to go to!! We ordered Ma Suwa (Eritrean beer), G...
$$ $$
4.70 (794 reviews)
PSV image
Soccer club
👍👍 Went for the women's champions League final fantastic stadium.
4.70 (726 reviews)
Koffiehuisje Eindhoven image
Koffiehuisje Eindhoven
Coffee shop
👍👍 The coffee here is my favorite! It’s super delicious and there is a nice atmosphere here. I usually come here to study with a nice cup of coffee. I don’t recommend studying here in the weekend because it will be too busy and they don’t have designated laptop spaces. So go during the week ☺️
$$ $$
4.70 (712 reviews)
Down Town Gourmet Market image
Down Town Gourmet Market
Food court
Trendy food market featuring international cuisine & bars, plus indoor & outdoor seating.
4.60 (5K reviews)
Monk Bouldergym Eindhoven image
Monk Bouldergym Eindhoven
Rock climbing gym
🫤 Way too busy in the after-work hours, way too expensive, atmosphere not cosy. …yet I will keep coming because there is no alternative. I look forward to the day the city will have a second bouldering gym.
4.70 (677 reviews)
DAF Museum image
DAF Museum
Museum telling the story of the DAF brand, displaying trucks & rare production & prototype vehicles.
4.60 (4.1K reviews)
Café The Jack image
Café The Jack
👍👍 I went to the Jack 3 years ago and the experience was amazing, I fly back in to Holland from UK in October and will be spending Friday and a Saturday night there after going to a gig in Uden. The last time I was their the bar maid asked me if I was a big Motorhead fan, I think she guessed as I was w...
$$ $$
4.70 (642 reviews)
Hizmet Bakery & Shawarma image
Hizmet Bakery & Shawarma
Kebab shop
👍👍 Hands-down the best place to eat in the city. The shawarmas are simply amazing - juicy, flavorful, and packed with fresh ingredients. Whether you opt for chicken or beef, you can expect tender, perfectly seasoned thin meat that is cooked to perfection. The portions are generous, and each shawarma co...
$ $$$
4.60 (3.2K reviews)
Zwartwit Koffie image
Zwartwit Koffie
Coffee shop
Trendy Australian-style cafe supplying espresso drinks, tea, all-day breakfast & sandwiches.
$$ $$
4.70 (606 reviews)
Hot and Hot Chinese Hot Pot Eindhoven 沸腾三国火锅埃因霍温店 image
Hot and Hot Chinese Hot Pot Eindhoven 沸腾三国火锅埃因霍温店
Chinese restaurant
👍 We have had in Rotterdam branch before. Tasted great and similar. Highly recommended. Expect 20-25 euros per person. Only downside was that some dishes from menu were not available and hence 4 stars. Otherwise a 5 star. Will return back ;)
4.70 (578 reviews)
St. Catherine's Church image
St. Catherine's Church
Catholic church
Completed in 1867, this soaring neo-Gothic Catholic church features 2 towers & rose windows.
4.60 (2.1K reviews)
Fidan Gym image
Fidan Gym
👍👍 Super gym sapling 👊
5.00 (177 reviews)
Sopranos image
🫤 My friends recommended this place to me and we decided to pay a visit. Out of our group, I was the only one who got a problem with their order, and all my friends enjoyed their meal a lot. Unfortunately for me, it went south drastically. 1. The waiter forgot about my order and I did not get anything...
$$ $$
4.60 (1.7K reviews)
Rodeo Eindhoven image
Rodeo Eindhoven
South American restaurant
👍👍 The dishes were fantastic. We had a nice evening. Judeska from the service was famtastic. The boss himself looked after the dan, which impressed me very much. I highly recommend...
$$ $$
4.60 (1.7K reviews)
Yoga Kumar image
Yoga Kumar
Yoga studio
👍👍 Most Authentic Yoga Studio in Eindhoven with great Yogis teaching Yoga and explaining the deeper benefits of regular yoga training. Various lessons tailored to ones need and levels, the studio is a True Indian Bliss in the heart of the city with very warm ladies hosting at the reception and excepti...
5.00 (174 reviews)
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