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Le Fournil de Sébastien Hilversum image
Le Fournil de Sébastien Hilversum
👍👍 Once you go to this place, all other bread from other bakeries taste sub standard. And you wish there are more of these french bakers in the Netherlands.
$$ $$
4.80 (515 reviews)
India Poort Indian Restaurant image
India Poort Indian Restaurant
Indian restaurant
😠 Highly overrated restaurant. We drove all the way from Utrecht to try the food here. Just look at the samosas they sell here. Picture attached. Those rating this place 4-5 stars surely haven’t had good Indian food forever.
$$ $$
4.70 (695 reviews)
Café Karroesel image
Café Karroesel
👍 Been to the Karroesel plenty its always good fun. One of the nicer more fun bars in the area.
$$ $$
4.80 (295 reviews)
Ninh Binh Hilversum image
Ninh Binh Hilversum
Vietnamese restaurant
🫤 The ambience is nice and the service is great, two stars for them. For food, the Vietnamese rice noodles here are now the worst I've ever had in the Netherlands. Everything was not right. The beef broth already had a weird sour taste before the lime was added, the rice noodles were clumped together...
$$ $$
4.70 (465 reviews)
't Zusje Hilversum image
't Zusje Hilversum
Tapas restaurant
👍👍 We went here for a valentines dinner with a few friends. Quite a unique idea to serve tapas. This is an eat as much as you can menu. There is a large selection of foodstuf and they are all good. Booking essential. The atmosphere is one of an upper class restaurant. Nice decor and seating. Noice leve...
$$ $$
4.60 (822 reviews)
The Skiff image
The Skiff
👍👍 Lots of different beers. Great shot called Woutertje
$ $$$
4.70 (365 reviews)
Crazy Selfie image
Crazy Selfie
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Super nice pictures taken at this special location! Good explanation, helpful... fun to do with a small group!
4.80 (242 reviews)
Gorkha Restaurant Nepalees & Indiaas image
Gorkha Restaurant Nepalees & Indiaas
Indian restaurant
👍👍 My friend and I had a delicious meal at this restaurant. As a starter the extra spicy pumpkin soup, followed by a delicious meal featuring various vegan dishes. The final dish, home made ice cream, was a treat. Above all, we sincerely enjoyed the kindness of our hosts and their welcoming service wit...
4.70 (348 reviews)
Nori & Rice image
Nori & Rice
Sushi restaurant
👍👍 Very good sushi & friendly staff
4.90 (169 reviews)
Flight Deck 53 image
Flight Deck 53
Sports complex
👍👍 Among all the wonderful ways Dutch people found to give churches a new purpose, this is one of the grandest ones. Amen.
4.70 (303 reviews)
Libris Bookshop Voorhoeve image
Libris Bookshop Voorhoeve
Book store
👍👍 Great coffee and delicious carrot cake. Not a big selction on english books. I believe you can also order books. Great shop for gifts. I love this place. Helpful staff.
4.60 (471 reviews)
Natalia's Kitchen image
Natalia's Kitchen
Eastern European restaurant
👍👍 Delicious (also vegan!) food and great, homely atmosphere. Also good to be able to choose dishes as starter or main, to have the chance to mix and match or simply have just a small bite. We will go back soon!
4.90 (157 reviews)
De Houtoven image
De Houtoven
Pizza restaurant
😠 Probably the worst pizza I had in The Netherlands. They even have a proper wood oven and the pizza dough is super dry and crusty. As Italian I always crave for pizza but from now on I will stay away from this place. Instead, please go to La Vespa in Nardem Bussum, pizza is 10 times better and twice...
$$ $$
4.60 (453 reviews)
Chiang Mai Hilversum image
Chiang Mai Hilversum
Thai restaurant
👍👍 Great customer service, delicious and tasty meals that will make you order again. I highly recommend their food. Is a restaurant to order from or dine in. Lovely people
$$ $$
4.70 (248 reviews)
Filmtheater Hilversum image
Filmtheater Hilversum
Movie theater
4.50 (787 reviews)
Brasserie Monsees - Brasserie Monsees | Puur Eten & De Lekkerste Wijnen image
Brasserie Monsees - Brasserie Monsees | Puur Eten & De Lekkerste Wijnen
👍👍 Had a perfect evening at this great restaurant. We were inspired by the story on the website and we also thought it was a very nice place in Hilversum. The menu is varied, the presentation fantastic, wine list diverse and interesting but it is mainly the service and the ambiance that make this a ve...
4.80 (179 reviews)
Delhi Darbaar Indiaas Restaurant image
Delhi Darbaar Indiaas Restaurant
Indian restaurant
👍👍 We visited the restaurant for lunch. The ambiance of the restaurant was great. We ordered chicken tandoori which was awesome. The chicken was so soft and tasty. The freshness and quality of the food is really good. Roti and naan were close to what we get in India (unlike other restaurants in NL wher...
4.60 (340 reviews)
Restaurant Chef aan de Werf image
Restaurant Chef aan de Werf
👍👍 I had a fantastic experience at this restaurant, which I wish I had discovered earlier since moving to Hilversum. Honestly the only place in Hilversum that could also be located in London, New York or indeed Amsterdam. Great presentation of dishes (with a special mention for the ice cream bucket...)...
$$ $$
4.60 (319 reviews)
Your Coffee image
Your Coffee
Coffee shop
😐 Coffee and food was great, my friends and I enjoyed thoroughly. That being said, the service was at best worth 2 stars. We came before lunch time as a two - ordered drinks and food and quietly sat in the corner, studying. 13:00 rolls around - it got busier, but regardless, there was space in the ca...
4.60 (318 reviews)
Old Tbilisi *Georgian Cuisine* image
Old Tbilisi *Georgian Cuisine*
👍👍 I'm happy that we have another authentic cuisine available in Hilversum. As Eastern European I appreciate good food and this kind of comfort food and good wine that Old Tbilisi offers, speaks out to me well. And I believe it will convince anyone who wants to eat something nice in a cozy little resta...
4.80 (159 reviews)
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