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L'Adresse image
Colourful rooms & suites in a chic hotel with an outdoor pool, a rooftop bar & a stylish restaurant.
4.80 (2K reviews)
Mausoleum Seydina Limamou Lahi Al Mahdi (AS) image
Mausoleum Seydina Limamou Lahi Al Mahdi (AS)
Religious destination
👍👍 Best place in the world to worship Allah. Get closer to the Prophet (PSL)
4.70 (384 reviews)
Pullman Dakar Teranga image
Pullman Dakar Teranga
Posh hotel featuring French dining & an open-air restaurant, plus ocean views & a private beach.
4.50 (4.9K reviews)
Gorée image
Tiny island that played a part in the Atlantic slave trade, featuring colonial buildings & museums.
4.50 (1.1K reviews)
Mosque of the Divinity image
Mosque of the Divinity
👍👍 I must admit i havent been inside the mosque. Even without being i side, this particular part of Dakar is just out of the world. From sunrise to sunset, this us one place that takes ones breath away with its mere natural scenary. Best time - prayer time of course. Best time to take a picture early...
4.50 (844 reviews)
House of Slaves image
House of Slaves
Opened in 1962, this museum & memorial documents the history of the Atlantic slave trade.
4.40 (2.8K reviews)
Cathedral of Our Lady of Victories image
Cathedral of Our Lady of Victories
Catholic cathedral
Huge place of worship with gilded domes, recessed statues of angels on the facade & a grand organ.
4.50 (509 reviews)
Restaurant Le Lagon 1 image
Restaurant Le Lagon 1
👍 I would love to give this place 5 stars, but the prices are really over priced. But what I will say is that this is one of the few places that serves TARTER Sauce and it’s actually delicious. We’ve now been here three times, because despite the atrocious prices, the views are amazing. Listening to t...
$$$ $
4.40 (1.9K reviews)
Casa Teranga image
Casa Teranga
Vegan restaurant
👍👍 Casa Teranga is a wonderful restaurant! Serving a variety of delicious vegetarian dishes, the staff and beautiful setting on the beach are great.
4.90 (125 reviews)
The Museum of Black Civilisations image
The Museum of Black Civilisations
🫤 The museum was an idea proposed by Senegal's first president Léopold Sédar Senghor over 50 years ago, and became a reality in 2015. For its sprawling size, the museum didn’t offer exhibitions worthy of its 14000 sqm. All exhibitions, accept for the one of African woman leaders one, are in French. S...
4.40 (1.3K reviews)
SHALUC Taste of India image
SHALUC Taste of India
Modern Indian restaurant
👍👍 We really enjoyed our lunch at Shaluc! We ordered the chicken "drums of heaven," samosas, shrimp with noodles, and chicken tikka masala. You can tell the ingredients are fresh and of high quality. The curry had a much richer and more authentic flavor profile than we've tasted at other Indian rest...
4.90 (113 reviews)
Grand Mosque of Dakar image
Grand Mosque of Dakar
👍👍 A big mosque, with a North african style in Dakar, for me it has a lot of Moroccan architectural aspects. Like all mosques you can't enter if you are not a Muslim, but still merits a visit
4.40 (792 reviews)
African Renaissance Monument image
African Renaissance Monument
Completed in 2010, this 49-m. bronze statue depicts a woman, man & child looking out to the sea.
4.30 (8K reviews)
KOTAO Coffee image
KOTAO Coffee
👍👍 Excellent restaurant in Dakar Almadies. Food is very tasty - especially the burger. Staff were friendly, neat and well organised place. Enjoyed my experience.
$$ $$
4.40 (577 reviews)
Radisson Blu Hotel, Dakar Sea Plaza image
Radisson Blu Hotel, Dakar Sea Plaza
Sleek oceanfront hotel featuring a Mediterranean restaurant, a spa & an outdoor infinity pool.
4.30 (5.2K reviews)
Novotel Dakar image
Novotel Dakar
Down-to-earth hotel opposite the ocean featuring an outdoor pool, 2 bars & free parking.
4.30 (3.3K reviews)
Stade du Sénégal - Abdoulaye Wade image
Stade du Sénégal - Abdoulaye Wade
👍 Just passing by The complex is amazingly beautiful
4.50 (290 reviews)
Hotel Terrou-Bi image
Hotel Terrou-Bi
Upscale property with a private beach, as well as restaurants, a casino & an outdoor pool.
4.30 (2.9K reviews)
Phare des Mamelles image
Phare des Mamelles
Hilltop 1864 peninsular lighthouse offering scenic views, guided tours & summer music performances.
$$ $$
4.30 (2K reviews)
Mammamia gelato image
Mammamia gelato
Sundae restaurant
👍👍 Top
$$ $$
4.30 (1.5K reviews)
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