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Kismayo Stadium - Garoonka Kubadda Cagta Kismaayo image
Kismayo Stadium - Garoonka Kubadda Cagta Kismaayo
👍 Football venue at the port city of Kismayo. A place that stands for the rich history of Kismayo city's football achievement; 8 times as the champions of Regional tournaments of the Somalia before the civil war broke out.
4.00 (87 reviews)
Agan-Hotel image
👍 Well organized good food, clean great service. Very friendly staff and well secured
4.00 (61 reviews)
mecca hotel image
mecca hotel
👍👍 When we first visited Kismayo,we did not know what to expect,after staying in Hotel Mecca on the 3rd floor that beach view was priceless. This hotel has amazing location away from the fuzz of the city The hotel is clean and well managed with everything you would expect or wish for. especially from k...
4.20 (31 reviews)
Jubaland Guest House image
Jubaland Guest House
Guest house
😐 Nice place indeed.
4.10 (32 reviews)
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