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Gulf of Aden image
Gulf of Aden
👍 After peacefully sailing on my boat for a few hours, my friends and I were welcomed by a bunch of friendly Somalis who showed us their weapon collection, demonstrating one of their rifles’ function on my buddy Kevin. We were then tied up and had a nice little conversation about finances with one of...
4.00 (701 reviews)
Jabir Plaza Hotel image
Jabir Plaza Hotel
😐 It was a good expeirement Rooms vary from 30 to 50 $ for family Only beds are too hard + no water heating Rooms decor are typical somali decore not for high hotel, best food and best service men and best reception atleast for the place;,
4.50 (68 reviews)
مسجد الروضة image
مسجد الروضة
👍👍 Lovely Masque ,home of Allah beuty Masjid Rowdah
4.30 (61 reviews)
East Africa University image
East Africa University
👍👍 East Africa University (EAU) (Arabic: جامعة شرق أفريقيا‎) is a private university in the autonomous Puntland state in northeastern Somalia. Founded in the commercial capital of Bosaso, it now has additional branches in Buhodle, Erigavo, Galdogob, Galkayo, Garowe and Qardho. The college offers course...
4.50 (40 reviews)
Jubba Hotel image
Jubba Hotel
👍👍 Introduce me to the world more
4.30 (43 reviews)
Gacayte Hotel image
Gacayte Hotel
👍👍 Great Hotel
4.00 (73 reviews)
Al Macruuf Shopping Centre, Bosaso image
Al Macruuf Shopping Centre, Bosaso
Shopping mall
👍👍 It is the first modern shopping mall in Puntland
4.30 (40 reviews)
Golis Telecom image
Golis Telecom
Telecommunications service provider
👍👍 Golis Telecommunications Company take part the development of Our country and it connected us to the world
4.40 (35 reviews)
Rays Park image
Rays Park
Resort hotel
👍👍 becouse i dont like
4.10 (31 reviews)
Bosaso Beach image
Bosaso Beach
👍👍 Very beautiful place
3.90 (43 reviews)
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