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Wat Phuttha Thiwat image
Wat Phuttha Thiwat
Buddhist temple
👍 10th. January 2024 - Back to this temple to some amulets for my friends. This beautiful and quiet temple is situated in the town of Betong, it is within walking distance from Merlin or Mandarin Hotel. If you happen to be in Betong, you should pay a visit.
4.60 (586 reviews)
Betong Clock Tower (Betong City Centre) image
Betong Clock Tower (Betong City Centre)
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Betong City Center after sunset has a lot to offer. Take an easy stroll and capture some photos of the charming Betong Clock Tower and Thailand's largest post box which stands next to it.
4.50 (920 reviews)
The Southern Most of Thailand image
The Southern Most of Thailand
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Great they let me cross the border without a passport to take pictures such friendly customs officials
4.50 (731 reviews)
OK Betong image
OK Betong
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Interesting sightseeing landmark of Betong
4.50 (458 reviews)
Betong Central Mosque image
Betong Central Mosque
👍👍 Well maintained, tranquil mosque for local or travelers worshipers to perform everyday duty as muslim. In the fasting month or Ramadhan the Mosque held many activities for community and had food streets in the evening. اءن شاء الله hope the mosque can sustain in bustling growth of entertainment tow...
4.60 (266 reviews)
น้ำแข็งใส ร้านเหลือง image
น้ำแข็งใส ร้านเหลือง
👍👍 If you are the one who missed Chao Kuay Betong K.M. 4 (the first one), we are the same person. You don't have to be sad because there is still a shaved ice shop here. It's a shop that helps comfort the hearts of those who are disappointed by grass jelly. Hands say special orders to choose from many...
$ $$$
4.60 (259 reviews)
Betong Mongkolrit Tunnel image
Betong Mongkolrit Tunnel
4.50 (231 reviews)
Betong Chicken Rice image
Betong Chicken Rice
👍 11-03-2023 I came with a group of friends and the chicken, Char Siu and Roast Pork Belly. My friends and I are very happy and they all said it is very delicious. 14-12-2022 I'm back after 3 years, ordered the similar dishes I love. The results were very encouraging, and it tasted the same as before...
$ $$$
4.30 (713 reviews)
Betong Grass Jelly Shop image
Betong Grass Jelly Shop
Dessert shop
$ $$$
4.30 (539 reviews)
Wat Phothisatto Chaomae Kuan Im 观音寺Betong image
Wat Phothisatto Chaomae Kuan Im 观音寺Betong
Buddhist temple
😐 The Guan Yin statue here is the biggest Guan Yin in Thailand with the height of 12 meters made of beautiful and auspicious white granite. This shrine was completed in 1992.
4.40 (280 reviews)
Happy Garden Resort image
Happy Garden Resort
👍👍 Such a lovely resort Friendly owner, Ricky who loves to mingle with guests Lovely array of dishes for the buffet breakfast catered for Malaysian taste buds Lots of nooks and corners to explore around the resort with lush greenery , parrots that talk, a koi pond and the famous huskies Ample parking S...
4.40 (257 reviews)
Sud Siam Park image
Sud Siam Park
State park
😐 The local authority must have a specific idea of promoting certain events when they decided to build this park but fall short of ideas leaving this place short of an attractive theme to go by. Too many man made figurines that do not gave a specific purpose nor were there any explanations for buildin...
4.30 (437 reviews)
Betong International Airport image
Betong International Airport
International airport
4.50 (174 reviews)
Baan Khun Chay Amphor Betong image
Baan Khun Chay Amphor Betong
👍 10-03-2023 Fifth visit to this restaurant with a group of friends from Seremban town. We ordered six dishes, my friends were very happy with all the dishes as the food was delicious. This is one restaurant that never disappointed me. The service was good and the food came very fast. 14-12-2022 Four...
4.40 (245 reviews)
Whai Rhoy Lee Boutique Restaurant image
Whai Rhoy Lee Boutique Restaurant
👍👍 We were sooo blessed to be introduced to this restaurant run by a lovely couple. The restaurant has an elegant appearance due to its unique design and with a beautiful atmosphere which is both breathtaking and welcoming. The meals are freshly made from healthy local ingredients grown by local farmer...
$$ $$
4.50 (170 reviews)
Ta Yern Restaurant 大人飯店 image
Ta Yern Restaurant 大人飯店
👍👍 Awesome delicious food with big portion of dish.. Is a must to try when you are here in Betong... Price also reasonable. Everyday evening very crowded but the food serving is quite fast, not to worry of long waiting.
$$ $$
4.20 (1.1K reviews)
Betong Chicken Statue Tourist Attraction image
Betong Chicken Statue Tourist Attraction
Tourist attraction
👍 A place to visit... Highlights of Betong Chicken!... Besides, there is an illumination lighting along the tunnel here.. In addition, there are few wall street painting available for you to take photos. Recommended place!
4.30 (366 reviews)
Grandview Landmark Hotel Betong image
Grandview Landmark Hotel Betong
😠 The receptionist was totally unprofessional until she wanted to hold my passport with them without asking for a deposit of RM100 .The next day, when I wanted to check out, the receptionist who looked like "Tomboy" said can't return my deposit money with reason "Towel is dirty" , I am Hilton gold tie...
4.40 (223 reviews)
👍 One of the famous landmark in Betong City. This is the world’s largest mailbox, never leave Betong without taking photo here.
4.40 (221 reviews)
The Tunnel เบตง image
The Tunnel เบตง
👍👍 Salam sejahtera.... greetings... Place cosy... Live band superb .. Staff very friendly and helpful.... efficient... Keep up the great teamwork Tunnel... Jom pi....dekat jee
4.30 (339 reviews)
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