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Ko Samui image
Ko Samui
Sizable island with picturesque beaches, a rainforest, upscale hotels & the Big Buddha Temple.
4.50 (2.8K reviews)
Pra Buddha Dīpankara image
Pra Buddha Dīpankara
Place of worship
👍👍 The experience was absolutely amazing. Me and my wife ride a motorbike Yamaha aerox 155cc to reach there. It’s not recommended to drive anyone who aren’t experienced driver. Rather hire a taxi or songthew to reach their. The road is pretty dangerous for new riders and 125cc bikes will face hard time...
4.60 (219 reviews)
Jungle Route 360 image
Jungle Route 360
👍 Nice sightseeing great for pictures and service is warm. Food is more expensive than downhill but it's quite understandable. I left a copy of the menu and some pictures of the views down here.
$$ $$
4.50 (245 reviews)
Mat Sum Bar image
Mat Sum Bar
😠 Sad state of affairs. I booked a trip there with a longboat - it's a beautiful island with a clean ocean, but unfortunately, the beach is covered in tourists, litter, and a lot of very thirsty pigs and stray dogs. Our tour guide was an absolute sweetheart, but nothing can really disguise what seeme...
4.20 (421 reviews)
Koh Mat Sum image
Koh Mat Sum
Tiny island reachable by a longboat ride, with coral reefs for snorkeling & wild pigs on the beach.
4.30 (207 reviews)
Khun Si Waterfall image
Khun Si Waterfall
Tourist attraction
👍 Do NOT follow Google Maps to that location ! This will bring you to a difficult road with aggressive street dogs at the end. The entrance of the waterfall is actually at the "Khun Si View point" location, where you can park your motorbike and then walk for 10 mins. Entrance is free but giving to the...
4.20 (340 reviews)
Samui View Point image
Samui View Point
Tourist attraction
👍 WARNING: Do NOT use Chaweng route, like the other user mentioned it is offroad with soft soil and mud, roadbike could have tire stucked and is extremely steep for a very long time. If you insist, ensure you will ride a dirt bike with manual gear change, also ensure your bike is on tip top condition...
4.40 (102 reviews)
Mr. Dam's image
Mr. Dam's
👍👍 Amazing locally caught fish, cooked and served by a great family. Thank you Mr Dam 🙏
$ $$$
4.70 (58 reviews)
Point of view image
Point of view
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Welcome to paradise
4.80 (51 reviews)
Ko Mat Sum image
Ko Mat Sum
Tourist attraction
🫤 Unfortunately, this is a very blatant tourist trap. It's actually a pig farm (they aren't wild) with an overpriced bar and nothing to do except buy drinks or food for the pigs. Our tour stopped here for 2 hours, far longer than you need to see a lifetime's worth of pigs. Most of the pigs are nice...
3.50 (113 reviews)
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