Galata Tower

Restored 5th-century tower and former prison overlooking the Bosphorus with top-floor restaurant.

It's 06:31 right now, with fog and the temperature of 16.1°C (60.98°F) in Çerkezköy.

Galata Tower - Historical landmark in Çerkezköy, Turkey

67-meter Byzantine tower & restaurant

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№ 1 Most Reviewed Sights & Landmark in Çerkezköy
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Bereketzade, Galata Kulesi, 34421 Beyoğlu/İstanbul, Turkey


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4.60 (89619 reviews)

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  • 5Ольга . 6 months ago
    (Translated by Google) The turret is wonderful! The excursion is informative and interesting. We took an audio guide. Everything inside the tower is made cozy and comfortable for tourists. No traffic jams, no crowds. They are taken up by an elevator, they went down with their feet. The view of the city from the 7th floor of the tower is very impressive! (Original) Башенка чудесная! Экскурсия познавательная и интересная. Брали аудиогида. Внутри башни сделано все уютно и удобно для туристов. Нет пробок, нет столпотворений. Вверх доставляют на лифте, вниз спускались ножками. Вид на город с 7го этажа башни очень впечатляет!

  • 5murat d. 6 months ago
    hey gidi hezarfen ahmet çelebi

  • 5Rashid Hasan M. 6 months ago
    (Translated by Google) No need to tell (Original) Anlatmaya gerek yok

  • 5Андрей is . 6 months ago
    (Translated by Google) Fine (Original) Отлично

  • 5Анна . 6 months ago
    Отличный вид, предусмотрительно монтировали лифт - с детьми проще ходить по этажам. На предпоследнем этаже - интерактивный макет Стамбула- играют и дети, и взрослые.

  • 5services 9. 6 months ago
    Great Historical place in Istanbul, I spent 2 hours there, Ticket is 30TL without guide and 55TL with guide,

  • 5Yasser g. 6 months ago
    (Translated by Google) my favorite place (Original) مكاني المفضل

  • 5Ercan T. 6 months ago
    Çok etkileyici inanılmaz bir manzarası var. Çok güzel fotoğraflar çekilebilir

  • 5özel C. 6 months ago
    Çok güzel mükemmel bir her her insanın uğraması ve görmesi gerektiği bir yer

  • 5SEMAZEN R. 6 months ago
    (Translated by Google) Very nice street view very good (Original) Çok güzel bir sokak manzarası çok iyi

  • 5Дима . 6 months ago
    (Translated by Google) A beautiful view from the tower. Input 30 TL, with audio 55 TL. (Original) Чудовий краєвид відкривається з вежі. Вхід 30 TL, з аудіо 55 TL.

  • 5Gökhan D. 6 months ago
    (Translated by Google) Very nice (Original) Sehr schön

  • 5Hala A. 7 months ago
    Amazing.... the whole neighborhood around it is just fascinating... the whole vibe and atmosphere and surroundings and views just incredible... loved it. Couldn't depict that from the pictures... a whole different experience when you see it directly.

  • 5Cool P. 6 months ago
    Must see

  • 5A. 6 months ago
    (Translated by Google) OK, but the queues are huge, even in quarantine (Original) Норм, но очереди огромные даже в карантин

  • 5Alessia G. 6 months ago
    (Translated by Google) The best views of the city. We liked it a lot, it's worth the visit (Original) Las mejores vistas de la ciudad. Nos ha gustado mucho, merece la pena la visita

  • 5Milka saboreando el m. 6 months ago
    (Translated by Google) Incredible medieval tower !! (Original) Increíble torre medieval !!

  • 5F. 6 months ago
    (Translated by Google) Of course 5 stars 😄 It is one of the historical legacies that everyone should definitely visit. You have to wait in line to see inside, but it has an enormous view. If you go to the other side instead of the road to Karaköy to take photos outside, you will get more beautiful photos. There are many cafes around you can see the tower, you can watch the view with a nice coffee. Gidinnn😄 (Original) Tabii ki 5 yıldız 😄 Herkesin mutlaka gidip görmesi gereken tarihi miraslardan biri. İçini görmek için sıra beklemeniz gerekiyor ama muazzam bir manzarası var. Dışarıda fotoğraf çekilmek için Karaköy'e inen yoldan değil de karşı tarafa geçerseniz daha güzel fotoğraflar elde edersiniz. Etrafında kuleyi görebileceğiniz pek çok kafe var, güzel bir kahve eşliğinde manzarayı izleyebilirsiniz. Gidinnn😄

  • 5Bülent K. 6 months ago
    (Translated by Google) Very nice place (Original) Çok güzel bir mekan

  • 5L. 6 months ago
    (Translated by Google) You will feel history deep in our soul (Original) Tarihi ruhumuzun derinliklerinde hissedeceksiniz

  • 5Daniel G. 6 months ago
    Great view over the city! Must visit!

  • 5Victor C. 6 months ago
    Stunning views from the top of the tower.

  • 5Nikita K. 6 months ago
    (Translated by Google) Great viewing platform with panoramic views. I am glad that there is an elevator. (Original) Отличная смотрвая площадка с панорамным видом. Радует что есть лифт.

  • 5Oksana G. 6 months ago
    (Translated by Google) Take the one that costs 55 liras, not 30. For these additional 25 tl, you will be given a telephone and comfortable headphones, from where a pleasant voice will tell you in turn 12 fascinating moments of history about this incredibly strong historical place. Well, the 7th floor with its 360 ° view will conquer your forever ❤ (Original) Берите вход тот, который за 55 лир, а не за 30. За эти дополнительные 25 тл, вам дадут телефон и удобные наушники, откуда приятный голос расскажет вам по очереди 12 увлекательных моментов истории об этом невероятно сильном историческом месте. Ну и 7 этаж со своим видом 360° навсегда покорит ваше ❤

  • 5Berra D. 6 months ago
    Hala çıkmadıysanız pandemi iyi fırsat hiç sıra yok.

  • 5Dmitry D. 6 months ago
    Very awesome place with great panoramic view on Istanbul. We were lucky to get there by the late evening and the view were magnificent with all the mosques in beautiful lights. The exhibition is somewhat lacking, but still cute. You can use lift to get to the top of the tower and spiral stairways to go downstairs.

  • 5S. 9 months ago
    Galata Tower is true heritage and one of Istanbul's most visited touristic spot. During the day you have a nice clear view over the city, but I would recommend to come during sunset on a clear day. It is just magnificent! Around Galata Tower there are many touristic souvenir shops as well food and drink places.

  • 5Ros Mc M. 9 months ago
    I have a thing for towers with viewing balconies that look out over the city. Galata Tower is a medieval one that doesn't disappoint given its age! Incredible to think of all the other generations that have enjoyed these views too. Tokyo Skytree is still the undefeated champion of viewing towers for me so far though!

  • 5Arya the Sneakerhead P. 9 months ago
    ticket: 30 TL (cash only or with your museum pass) you can going up by elevator and going down by stairs. the view really is breathtaking especially when the sky is bright or its sunset time. im lucky to see full rainbow when i was up there. this tower got lil bit crowd when almost sunset. there will be staff that check your temp and let you going up by elevator. beside looking at the view, there are also mosque miniature, several antique/historical goods each floor.

  • 5Lucy O. 9 months ago
    This is not super high rise tower, but since there are not many high building around, you can enjoy nice view of Istanbul. Could see Aya Sofia and blue mosque in far away. Going up is easy by elevator, but coming down was by staircases.

  • 5Антонина . 9 months ago
    Perfect view point of the city! Photo location 😍 All the roads, bridges and Bosporus is on the hand. Use the elevator to get on the top and go down by stairs. There are Senegal nice floors with a miniature of the city, small cinema and a museum. Is costs around 5$ to get up there

  • 5Lynne C. 9 months ago
    It is an amazing place to visit in Istanbul. You can view the Asian and Europe side of Turkey. Also, having a cozy cafe salvador. Tasty coffee and tea!

  • 5yüksel t. 6 months ago
    Muteşem di

  • 5Marlon J. 6 months ago
    Najljepši pogled na povijesni dio Istanbula. Lijepo uređeni toranj, spoj moderne i povijesne arhitekture, pristupačna cijena ulaznice, odličan, za svaku preporuku.

  • 5Diyar Y. 6 months ago
    (Translated by Google) Excellent (Original) Mükemmel

  • 5Meriç A. 6 months ago
    Geçen hafta ziyaret ettiğim,İstanbul manzarası ile beni büyüleyen bir mekan...Tavanındaki desenleri fotoğrafıma böyle yansıttım.

  • 5Amer A. 6 months ago
    (Translated by Google) Great history (Original) تاريخ عظيم

  • 5Ferhat . 6 months ago
    İstanbul için bir değer. Mutlaka görülmeli. Restorasyondan sonra da güzel olmuş. 360° İstanbul manzarası...

  • 5Константин . 6 months ago
    (Translated by Google) The view is awesome (Original) Вид потрясающий

  • 5Semih D. 6 months ago
    (Translated by Google) I'm amazed (Original) Hayran kaldım

  • 5roseanne p. 6 months ago
    This is beatifull

  • 4Mustafa A. 6 months ago
    Güzeldi ancak akşam resimlerinde küle dibindeki ışıklar fotoğrafları çok bozuyor.cozum bulunması iyi olur

  • 4Ensjm U. 6 months ago
    Her açıdan çok güzel yalnız günün her saati ve sürekli çok kalabalık

  • 4Z. 6 months ago
    (Translated by Google) Both crowded and ticket 55 TL (Original) Hem kalabalik hem bilet 55 tl

  • 4محمد ناشد mohamad n. 6 months ago
    منطقة جميلة جدا ومناسبة للتصوير انصح به

  • 4Ayhan emin eren semiha Zeynep reyyan B. 6 months ago
    (Translated by Google) Fantastic (Original) Harika

  • 4Nurettin G. 6 months ago
    (Translated by Google) The most important thing is to see Istanbul from a bird's eye view, I liked it very much. (Original) İstanbul'u kuş bakışı gormek en önemlisi çok sevdim burayi

  • 4Sarah J. 7 months ago
    I loved it and since I got my apartment near the area so I pass by it regularly and every time it feels beautiful just to look at it ❤ but what i didn't expect the first time I visit it was that the places surroundings .. i mean it located in between so many buildings, cafes, restaurants, shops and hotels..i don't know how to put it exactly, it's just i expected it to be in a little bit more open site or something 😅🤔okay sorry for the unclear explanation 😂🙆‍♀️

  • 4A. 8 months ago
    A very beautiful landmark, worth going up the hill. The price has increased recently, is about 55 lira at the moment. Going up to the tower there is an amazing 360 degrees view of the city. A lot of shops and coffee shops around. Quite a safe neighborhood for walking around including at night.

  • 4Yavuz H. 6 months ago
    Kafesi çok daha iyi düşünülmüş, üstüne yorulmuş, en az bir ilke sahip kafe olmalıydı. Galata kulesi lan bu. Daha dün yapılmadı. Tarihi eser

Last updated: 2021-02-23