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Discover the best places in Muratpaşa, curated using our unique algorithm blending 'Top Rated' and 'Most Reviewed' establishments. Uncover the city's gems and must-visit locales for an unforgettable experience. Please note that certain places categories are intentionally excluded to ensure a refined selection. Ratings are based from 1.5K places in the city.

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DNC Fitness image
DNC Fitness
😠 There is no air conditioning and fresh air in the gym it's super hot and equipment is old. I do not recommend. Comments are FAKE!!!
5.00 (3.9K reviews)
Barut Lara image
Barut Lara
Chic quarters in a high-end all-inclusive resort with a private beach & a spa, plus 8 restaurants.
4.80 (5K reviews)
Yivliminare Mosque image
Yivliminare Mosque
Place of worship dating from the 13th century & featuring 6 domes & a 38m-high fluted minaret.
4.80 (2.5K reviews)
AG Hotels Antalya image
AG Hotels Antalya
Sleek hotel featuring minimalist rooms & an airy restaurant, plus a cafe & parking.
4.80 (2K reviews)
SPX image
Sportswear store
👍👍 Отличный магазин, есть продавец с русским языком. Я купил в октябре шорты для плавания, в то время как везде уже продавали пуховики) ту много всего для активного отдыха, плюс программа лояльности и бонусы!
4.90 (501 reviews)
VR Arena image
VR Arena
Amusement center
👍👍 Her insanın hayatında 1 kere bile olsa bu teknolojik eylenceyi yaşaması lazım çalışan ekip çok güler yüzlü ve eylenceli herkese vr arenayı öneriyorum ben ve arkadaşlarım çok eylendik bu deneyimi muhakak yaşamalısınız teşekürler vr arena ekibi 🙂
4.90 (492 reviews)
Food Mark Vegan Falafel Gurme image
Food Mark Vegan Falafel Gurme
Vegetarian restaurant
👍👍 One of the best restaurants I've tried in this city by far. The ingredients are super fresh, service is quick, staff is extremely friendly.. and the food is just absolutely delicious! Can't wait to try their falafel and hummus again. I highly recommend this restaurant. 👌🏼
4.80 (869 reviews)
Antalya Kaleiçi Ancient City & Marina image
Antalya Kaleiçi Ancient City & Marina
👍👍 A must see when exploring the old town with seafood restaurants and tours of the marina.
4.70 (13.7K reviews)
Antalya Archaeology Museum image
Antalya Archaeology Museum
Archaeological museum
Large Anatolian history museum, from Roman & Phrygian archaeological finds to Byzantine mosaics.
4.70 (11.9K reviews)
Akra Hotel image
Akra Hotel
Seaside lodging offering posh rooms, upscale dining & a bar, plus tennis courts & outdoor pools.
4.70 (9.1K reviews)
Hadrian's Gate image
Hadrian's Gate
Historical landmark
👍👍 All of Turkey boasts with many historic sites on its territory, and this one is absolutely the best and most important one you can visit in the sole city center. As you walk the main Ataturk boulevard there's no way to miss this imposing marble gate built almost 2000 years ago in honor of the great...
4.70 (8.4K reviews)
Bartelo Cafe & Burger image
Bartelo Cafe & Burger
👍👍 Absolutely delicious, and very good prices. I was in 4cities during my trip to Turkey but this was the best burger i had loved the place their coffee is very good too. We had 2 beef burgers but ordered chicken burger after and it was also very good. Defo recommend anyone going to Antalya and want a...
$ $$$
4.90 (400 reviews)
Duden Park image
Duden Park
Grassy park with a towering waterfall, shady benches & panoramic sunset views over the sea.
4.70 (5.8K reviews)
Antalya Saat Kulesi image
Antalya Saat Kulesi
Historical landmark
Stone landmark from the 9th century, with a pentagonal base & crenellated tower with 4 clock faces.
4.70 (5.5K reviews)
Murat Pasha Mosque image
Murat Pasha Mosque
Mosque commissioned in 1570 during the Ottoman Empire, with 3 domes & famous calligraphy.
4.70 (3.8K reviews)
Rokka Pizza Falafel image
Rokka Pizza Falafel
Falafel restaurant
Relaxed restaurant providing familiar snacks, including falafel dishes, wraps & pizza.
$$ $$
4.70 (3.1K reviews)
Manjoo Burger Üçkapılar image
Manjoo Burger Üçkapılar
Hamburger restaurant
👍👍 This is the best burger place in Antalya. I've been to this establishment over 10 times and have always been satisfied. And he took food with him and ordered delivery. I bring all my friends and acquaintances here, because I'm sure it will be delicious. My favorite burger is El Classico, nothing...
$$ $$
4.70 (2.5K reviews)
Yalım Parkı image
Yalım Parkı
Palm tree-dotted clifftop park with a cycle path & views of the sea, plus a dog training area.
4.70 (2.4K reviews)
Old Town Restaurant- KALEIÇI image
Old Town Restaurant- KALEIÇI
👍 The service was great, I am happy with it. The lentil soup was also excellent, I'd definitely recommend it. Adana Kebap was just OK. Overally it's a good decent place, but nothing super exceptional. Safe to go and eat
4.70 (2K reviews)
Grand Friends Fish & Steak Restaurant image
Grand Friends Fish & Steak Restaurant
👍👍 The food and ambiance are amazing. The head waiter is amazing; he made sure that everything was okay for us and he was smiling and just a big ray of positivity! The food was amazing, the steak went really well with the sauce and the mashed potatoes. The veggies were beautifully flavored and not the...
$$ $$
4.70 (2K reviews)
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