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Lower Duden Waterfalls image
Lower Duden Waterfalls
👍👍 🔴This park was one of the most beautiful parks I have ever seen. A very quiet place. 🏞After passing the park, you will reach the beautiful waterfall of Antalya, which is one of the sights of this city. 🎷A number of musicians breathe life into the beautiful atmosphere of this park. 📷Some are also...
4.70 (28.8K reviews)
Fener Plaji Halka Acik ( Kayaliklar ) image
Fener Plaji Halka Acik ( Kayaliklar )
👍👍 It is really beautiful this place, ideal to go to spend the day, but be careful the rocks are not soft, take something to be able to sit down and please DO NOT LEAVE YOUR GARBAGE, let's take care of this beautiful whereabouts🌐❤🙏
4.60 (434 reviews)
İnciraltı Plajı Falezler image
İnciraltı Plajı Falezler
👍 It used to be much calmer and more decent. It's very crowded nowadays even on weekdays. The only cliff beach with an elevator. Prices are very reasonable compared to private beaches. Good thing they banned jumping. There were people jumping on us while we were swimming. There is a lifeguard. It's h...
4.50 (344 reviews)
Mermerli Plajı image
Mermerli Plajı
Bustling city center beach accessible by rock steps offering a variety of eateries & boat tours.
4.10 (1.4K reviews)
Adalar Beach Club image
Adalar Beach Club
👍👍 Honestly one of the best places you can spend your days. Right on the waterfront and only 60TL £2.70 entrance and your sun lounger and umbrella is included. The staff here are honestly some of the best you’ll encounter in Antalya. Friendly, welcoming and attentive and all done with a smile. They als...
$$ $$
4.20 (305 reviews)
Unterer Düden Wasserfall image
Unterer Düden Wasserfall
Tourist attraction
👍👍 Beautiful place, it is also a magnificent, large park, it has nearby parking lots, admission is free. I wish you could swim there 🤣 everything is perfect and you can eat delicious ice cream. Recommended flavors: blue sky and bubble gum
4.80 (32 reviews)
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