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  • 1Malsha T. 3 months ago
    Had a horrible embarassing experience when I tried to redeem two gift vouchers I got. People from the store has not sealed the voucher when it was sold. When I wanted to redeem I was questioned in depth to see whether I have stolen it.😀 Vouchers had the barcode stickers and they were numbered also. Then they wanted the bill of purchase to prove the purchase of the vouchers (from the same store location where I tried to redeem) .It is a mistake from the store’s end whoever sold it. But there should be a way to rectify at least to check the barcode whether it was really sold or stolen ,rather than embarrassing a customer and the person who paid for the vouchers. Re think if you want to buy a voucher from here.

  • 5Тёма �. 4 months ago
    Usman, excellent service and friendly staff, thank you!

  • 5Sisara G. 4 months ago
    You can find some high quality garments here.

  • 3Malik A. 5 months ago
    Always low stock in Moose Boring place 🥱

  • 1Chathuri W. 5 months ago
    Have some quality clothes for men . And i got clothes for 6 peaople value of Rs 29500 as gifts for my family but they denied to give extra bags and i should give them by hand or in a shopping bag 🤣

  • 5Malik S. 8 months ago
    Quality cloths. Also they have good collection

  • 1Nipuni P. 8 months ago
    The sales staff was not supportive at all unlike the Thimbirigasya one, factory outlet has lost its nice customer service it used to have

  • 1K V. 8 months ago
    Good verity of collection for reasonable price..Only problem is it's hard to tolerate the attitude of the cashiering staff. They always looks and talks annoyed whenever customer inquire about something.

  • 3Travel D. 11 months ago
    Got some trousers from here. Experience was not good

  • 3Pramudithe (. 11 months ago
    If you dig around you can find some good items here for a low price. But unfortunately, they have some of the strangest policies that I've ever seen in the whole world. Strictly No Refund Policy. That's how the management has trained their staff to act even if it was their fault! I bought around 30k worth of items today from this store and paid for the whole thing while one of the employees are adjusting the belt that I bought. While adjusting he found there were some issues and the belt cannot be adjusted. So he went upstairs to bring another one but unfortunately, that was the last one of that type. But he brought back a similar one and it was all good. I said thank you and I was happy with the new one. This is where the problem started. While he was looking for the belt, I have already paid for the whole thing. Then after he came back with the new belt the cashier informed me the new belt is cheaper than the previous one which I already paid and there is some balance amount but they can't refund it as it is the store's policy. I had to explain to them that the broken belt, no more stocks, non of them are my faults and had to ask them to call their management, explain the problem and arrange a refund ASAP. Finally, they did as I asked and after 10, 20 minutes of waiting they arranged the refund. but I am super disappointed about their management strategies and not sure about visiting this place again. P.S. the sales guy who assisted me was super friendly and helpful. The employees are just following the orders from their upper management and cannot blame them for this issue. Thanks to your sales person you are getting 3 stars from me. It's not the employees. It's the management who needs training.

  • 1FIRAZ M. 1 year ago
    Poor custemer care.toomuch expensive..

  • 3Buddhi W. 1 year ago
    Quality is good but not much collection.

  • 2Aruni N. 1 year ago
    Poor custermer care in gents section , one boy was in a phone call and he even didnt bother of selling the clothes, when we asked the items even he didnt want to attend much.

  • 3Tej K. 1 year ago
    Good place to buy branded clothes. But very time consuming as you have to search for clothes. It took me 3 he's to find few.

  • 2Iro s. 2 years ago
    Most of the items are out of stock,

  • 5Charana R. 2 years ago
    They have a good hot wheels collection there. Probably the only decent collection in Galle. Please keep that updated. Cheers!

  • 3S. 2 years ago
    Quality has faded in recent months Poor customer care...specially sales assistant are speaking on their problems

  • 3Bovithantri Chamith wikcramasinghe N. 2 years ago
    Better place for clothing.

  • 5Suchetha S. 2 years ago
    In TFO everything has been spot on, styles are really trendy. I'm really appreciate the fabulous customer service received from @Galle Outlet. Keep up the good work ❤️

  • 3Артем �. 3 years ago
    I didn't find nothing for me and my family. Maybe this store good for locals, i don't now🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏻‍♂️

  • 5Yowie D. 3 years ago
    Good selection of clothing and toys with helpful staff. Keep your eyes peeled for some authentic seconds. Just check the garment as the normally have a small imperfection.

  • 4Saminda P. 4 years ago
    Not much parking space though. Just street parking.

  • 4Ajay J. 4 years ago
    I am from India. Visited the store midweek. Very few customers.. helpful staff. Clothes are good quality and reasonably priced. Large collection for kids , women and men. They had brands GAP NEXT and Zara for men. Plus local brands. I bought two GAP trousers for LKR 1800 EACH. The brand label was cut. Local brands are slightly cheaper. Make sure you try the garment for size before buying. In case of foreign brands there will be minor defects. Please examine the garment carefully. They also have a store in Colombo. 192 Havelock Rd, Colombo 00500, Sri Lanka

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