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St. Sebastian's Church - Sea Street | සා. සෙබස්තියන් මුනි දේවස්ථානය - වැල්ලවීදිය image
St. Sebastian's Church - Sea Street | සා. සෙබස්තියන් මුනි දේවස්ථානය - වැල්ලවීදිය
Catholic church
20th-century Catholic church featuring neo-Gothic architecture inspired by France's Reims Cathedral.
4.50 (456 reviews)
Arpico Super Centre Negombo image
Arpico Super Centre Negombo
👍👍 House hold items, kitchen items, groceries, furnitures,electric items, mini commercial bank, resturant area,liqure,
4.30 (3.4K reviews)
iDevice Negombo image
iDevice Negombo
Cell phone store
👍👍 Amazing place... Very friendly customer service. Super quality products and very reasonable price. Excellent Mobile Phone Service Provider in Negombo Amazing Customer Service 100% Satisfied. Theire Service and Business System Awesome Staffs Very Good Price Value For Money. Genuine products. Best For...
4.80 (114 reviews)
Randi Home stay image
Randi Home stay
Bed & breakfast
Down-to-earth guesthouse featuring straightforward rooms, a terrace & free breakfast.
4.60 (140 reviews)
Rio Ice Cream image
Rio Ice Cream
Ice cream shop
👍👍 Widest array of sundaes and ice cream in town 🍧🍨 Very clean and restful interior after a hot and humid day of sightseeing around town ! Very friendly and attentive staff and prompt attention 🙂 Quality ❤️
$$ $$
4.20 (1.2K reviews)
Metropolitan Mcentre image
Metropolitan Mcentre
Computer store
👍👍 Helpful & Energetic customer service given to me by Mr. Samith. Even at night take all the calls when i need information. Good Laptops, Printers and accessories from many popular brands for affordable price. Good Team...
4.40 (223 reviews)
Rukmani Devi Park image
Rukmani Devi Park
👍👍 Good place to relax with family. Children park available inside the park. Benches available. You can take food from outside. Ticket price for adult is Rs. 50. Toilets facility available and they are average..
4.20 (841 reviews)
Miyasiya Music Parlour image
Miyasiya Music Parlour
Musical instrument store
👍 I want to know if we can play the instruments before we buy them? For example if their is a particular electric guitar we'd like to try out, whether we buy it or not, aren't the staff obliged to plug it up and let us play? Because an electric guitar ain't something you buy everyday. We have to know...
4.40 (197 reviews)
Brother's Kitchen image
Brother's Kitchen
👍👍 My wife and I called in for a meal recently at Nunu's. Such a lovely atmosphere. The food is delicious and you have a good choice of dishes with reasonable prices. The services are friendly and we received everything we asked for, and absolutely no complaints. I highly recommend this family run food...
4.80 (78 reviews)
Hive 68 - Hotels and Resorts image
Hive 68 - Hotels and Resorts
👍👍 Our firs stay in Sri Lanka! Very nice host. Breakfast was good and enough! The rooms was clean and had a balcony with a really cool view over the canal.
4.40 (162 reviews)
Rajapaksha park image
Rajapaksha park
👍👍 Nice and calm place to visit with your family , friends and loved ones. 🍃💚🩵❤️ You can capture beautiful pictures with nice views. Best for wedding photography, birthday parties Etc. 📸🏞A very calm place to stay relax. Very nice and clean park. 😍💚 If you love the natural vibes highly recommended....
4.30 (229 reviews)
Asylum Restaurant and Sky Garden image
Asylum Restaurant and Sky Garden
👍👍 Highly recommended place. Neat and eye catching environment and very friendly staff. plus kid-friendly environment. They gave us some great recommendations and we were so satisfied with those. Meals are great and best burgers in the town. ❤️🔥 Update (2022/Nov) : And also thier pizzas are awesome....
4.40 (158 reviews)
Dialog Arcade image
Dialog Arcade
Telecommunications service provider
😠 I believe its a newly built arcade because the arrangements are nice. There's something in common, you need to know about dialog arcades before you go. It's always full. Not because of they have the largest coverage in Sri Lanka. Because, I would simply say they don't care about customers. As you c...
4.20 (382 reviews)
Kalpana’s Batik & Souvenirs image
Kalpana’s Batik & Souvenirs
Clothing store
👍👍 Really nice selection of handcrafted paintings and wooden souvenirs for a great price. Family was very gracious and took the time to explain local design and craft. Highly recommend a visit- you will not be disappointed.
4.70 (83 reviews)
M. D. Gunasena - The Knowledge Store (Negombo) image
M. D. Gunasena - The Knowledge Store (Negombo)
Book store
👍 A lot of books in there.little busy in afternoon.
4.20 (325 reviews)
Catseye Gym & Nutrition image
Catseye Gym & Nutrition
Fitness center
👍👍 Super place to build your body
4.70 (78 reviews)
CIB Shopping Center - Negombo image
CIB Shopping Center - Negombo
Clothing store
😠 I have been a frequent customer of CIB, however it is saddening to see that the customer service standards are shamefully low now. I went to buy some draping and window curtains - the service crew wasn't helpful at all. They vaguely answered all questions and pointed at many directions making me go...
4.10 (705 reviews)
CAFE ONE image
Coffee shop
👍👍 Excellent place to sit and relax and to read a book or to work with your laptop while enjoying a coffee. Lunch is average. Not low quality, but average. The coffees are superb. The staff is friendly. There’s no wifi inside. So you’ll have to take care of that if you're going there to work with your...
4.50 (106 reviews)
Fabric Spa Laundry & Dry Cleaning Centre image
Fabric Spa Laundry & Dry Cleaning Centre
👍👍 This is a place I will highly recommended, those who wants to clean their cloths around Negombo. The services you guys providing is admirable. Specially need to mention that fragnance of cloths after wash. Superb management keep it up.
4.70 (69 reviews)
Damro Showroom - Negombo image
Damro Showroom - Negombo
Furniture store
😐 They have good quality home and office furniture, so many variations available. Unfortunately the staff is not friendly they are not showing much attention to customers.
4.10 (412 reviews)
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