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  • 1/5 Christine D. 6 months ago on Google
    The night I checked in with my child, the front desk person was horrendously rude. She had no customer service skills. Finally after we got our room, the toilet was dirty, with urine on it. The tub was dirty with the last person's soap smeared on the wall. I bought cleaning products to clean up. I took a video of the room. They have the nerve to ask for a $50 deposit. The curtains are hanging on a couple of fasteners. They don't provide blankets or bedspreads. The television doesn't work, the lady said there's wifi, but it has poor service. It seems we can't complain, because the won't do anything about it, no refunds. The door doesn't took the floor and you can see outside from under the door. The pillows are a illowcase with a lump of stuffing in them. There's no room to move around in the room. The site I booked with had beautiful photos that don't reflect the actual room. The swimming pool looks like a swamp. The site said there were supposed to be microwaves and refrigerator, no microwave only a hidden refrigerator in a cabinet. Be careful when choosing this establishment. One more thing. The laundry room is locked with no access. Poor business here.
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  • 1/5 Matthew M. 6 months ago on Google
    I thought I was tough, thought I could handle just about anything. Turns out, this is my limit. My daddy always said "We may be poor, but at least we're clean." Well folks, these people aren't even clean. The shower is stained and there is a bit of hair about the place. My floor could have been swept as well. There was a solid one inch gap under the door. Consequently, I am unsure whether the AC was fully functional. It certainly couldn't keep up with the heat coming from outside. In any case, the fact that the front of the machine could not be secured and would fall off at the slightest provocation is quite inexcusable. The entomology in my room was strikingly varied. I was able to identify one of the insects as some variety of roach. I gave up after that, figuring Darwin and the crew of the HMS Beagle would have had their work cut out for them. I survived three nights. On the second day they shut off the water. There is no way to contact the front desk from the room and no published phone number. By the time I got back in the evening the water had come back on but my room key did not work. The door to the lobby was locked and there was no one behind the desk. I had to bang rather hard on the door to get someone to come out and fix my key. There is a fridge in the room, but it has a few insect carcasses in it and seems to be for decoration only, as it is not cold. There is also a TV in the room. It does not function. Further, there is an extremely scruffy runt of a man who hangs around the office pretending to be a policeman or security guard of some sort. He seems to think it great fun to slyly uncover a badge attached to his shabby pants. I assume he hopes it will grant him some undeserved respect. The lady at the desk will ask for a cash deposit. Be wary. It is unlikely you will get this back. Their ratings average only one star. Let me tell you, they have worked to get it down that low. In this case there is no brigading, no review bombing, it really is just that bad. Also, I never did get any toilet paper.
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  • 1/5 Judith B. 7 months ago on Google
    I booked online and was supposed to get 2 nights for $83 and a deposit of $50. When I got here I am disabled ( had a total hip replacement and could not offer me a ground floor room. They put me on the 3rd floor). So when I get there I have to pay an additional $32 plus a deposit. No Tvs, no microwave, and no elevator. Then I got out to get some food and I come back a couple hrs late to find out AC don't work. I proceed to office to tell them and they said they can't move me. So now I am on third floor without any AC. It's 112 outside and I was sweating in the room.
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  • 1/5 J W. 5 months ago on Google
    Worst place ever!!!! I reserved a room awhile back toward mid part of the year and when I arrived the clerk said my room wasn't available because it had been rented to another person. The clerk wanted to put me in another room that had no TV or necessary things and they wanted me to pay $50 more after they gave my reserved room to another guest. There were 2 female clerks and they were very rude and arrogant and they put me out and refused me to stay after i told them i would be speaking to the owner and after I told them I was not going to pay extra money for nothing in a room and about their attitudes. I will never go back to this hotel ever again, especially with those 2 employees if they are still there. The clerks really made a negative impact on me ever staying at that hotel. Never again. If I could give a Zero on tne rating I would.

  • 1/5 Ana Dee H. 5 months ago on Google
    Tried to check in after we made an online reservation. The clerk told us that the rooms were being renovated and didn’t have a microwave or refrigerator. He then proceeded to tell me that our service dog was not allowed on the property. I told him to cancel the reservation. He then charged my card for a no-show when I indeed showed up. They basically stole my money and refused to refund it. The clerk even stated he didn’t understand there own policy. Beware of this place.

  • 1/5 Amber 6 months ago on Google
    If I could give this place ZERO stars, that would be too many. I will preface this by saying I have traveled all across the country and usually stay at Motel 6 because it’s inexpensive. They aren’t always the best but they work. This place makes even the dirtiest motel 6 look like the ritz. The staff was awful, completely ignoring my repeated requests to either speak up or look at me while talking. I have a hard time hearing, especially with a busy highway in the background and they try to talk to you through a plexiglass window. The morning staff was no better. The phone staff is SUPER pushy. The biggest issue is there’s no way that place is fit for occupancy. The stairs are so rusted, I’m shocked they haven’t come down, the locks on the door didn’t work, the pool itself is an absolute hazard. Literally every other hotel and motel in an hour radius was booked and we HAD to get the baby out of the truck for a while and we needed some semblance of sleep but good lord. Never ever again. Oh, and there’s NO safety equipment in the event of a fire. We stayed at 2 hotels on this trip. This place made la Quinta look like a 5 star resort.

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